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Author(s): Greywolf
total rating:8.43 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 8 8 9 8
Gerty 7 8 8 7
janachorider 8 8 9 10
Jay 8 9 9 9
Jose 8 8 8 9
Larabiker301 9 9 10 10
manarch2 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 9 9
misho98 8 9 9 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Rambo 7 7 8 7
Ryan 8 8 9 9
sonnyd83 9 9 9 10
young Lara Croft 9 9 9 9
category averages
(15 reviews)
8.00 8.27 8.73 8.73

Reviewer's comments

"This hour long Easter level is quite involving and consequently more puzzling that you might expect. I particularly enjoyed the concept of exploring both of the paintings inside the museum (although I felt that the flower puzzle dragged out a bit, but it probably doesn't have to if you choose to go for the Easter Egg only. The surroundings are close to striking and I loved some of the textures that were used here, as well as the music. Tightrope walks aren't my favourite, but this actually didn't present too much of a problem. It was the subsequent timed run that was trickier for me. If you're looking for a slightly different, but peaceful raid (the guards stood blithely by while Lara shot a ticket machine), then this is it, but you might want the walkthrough nearby." - Ryan (20-Oct-2017)

"This is a classy offering.A peaceful museum and five egg objects to locate.If only some of the tasks hadn't been quite so obscure (the movable section of bookcase,when all the other sections were static;the one important plant amongst all the less significant ones) I wouldn't have needed to consult the Walkthrough quite so often (which always seems to take some of the fun out of a level-playing experience for me).It was also a level of gameplay contrasts - the five underwater levers appeared to present a puzzle,but were actually nothing of the sort;while the timed run/swing was surprisingly tricky.Not that I found the level anything less than enchanting!The choice of textures;the use of music;the elegant fly-by' fact,the overall concept itself was quite brilliant.It's refreshingly different and innovative,and for that alone it deserves special praise." - Orbit Dream (03-Aug-2016)

"Another Easter level I never got to play at the time. Initially I didn't expect any gameplay at all, spending way too much time enjoying the paintings! The aim of the game is to find 5 Easter eggs, and there's some interesting puzzles to enable you to get them. The puzzles I particularly enjoyed were the 2 paintings Lara can jump into and bring to life, very clever. The first one has some pushable flowers where only one is correct, and the second one has some underwater levers, which allow a bridge to be built, a little obscure as to which levers to pull though. The actually setting of the game is an art gallery, something which I appreciate. This took me a long time at 1 hour 15." - sonnyd83 (14-Aug-2015)

"This has to be my favourite easter level of this year.The challenge of finding 5 eggs scattered around the museum,the music,the layout and the posibility of going into some of the museum' paintings make this level a must play." - janachorider (10-Aug-2015)

"A very nice seasonal offering here, where you have to find and place 5 Easter eggs in a well designed Art Museum setting. I really liked the overall mood of this 40 minute adventure, with its peaceful art work on the walls and the nice idea to step into some of the pictures and explore the small world behind/inside them. Gameplay overall is at times a bit too obscure and that tightrope near the end was indeed a bit of a pain to navigate, but with a walkthrough nearby in case you get somehow confused, this should be a relaxing and enjoyable level to get through." - MichaelP (03-May-2015)

"Another nice Eastern level, this one starts in a museum. Your goal is to get 5 Eastern eggs and take note in what you gathered while finding the eggs. There are also secrets to find and that will take a bit extra work. All in all there are a few puzzles and not much shooting, as the guards of the museum are friendly. Best played with eyes wide open though." - Gerty (23-Apr-2015)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: The gameplay aside of the puzzles is not that good, but the tasks to find the eggs are very great except one which is boring. Puzzles are really well done and creative. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: No enemies, okay. The objects are nicely done, very charming. The secrets are nice to find but not that well compared with other levels of the builder. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: There is no great architecture but this level doesn't need it, the rooms are well designed still and there is enough differently created atmosphere (realistic settings, magic picture worlds). The cameras are nice and the sounds are well done but are a bit repetitive. Lighting & Textures: The textures are mostly good, liked the set, but there are areas with bad and also a bit simple placement. The lighting is quite interesting but not very great either, but the level is colourful and artistic. Total: 7,25/10, a sweet little level." - Rambo (17-Apr-2015)

"This quaint little level begins and ends with strains from Simon & Garfunkel's classic song from the '60s about the virtues of sturdy stems. A little seasonal Vivaldi follows, then something upbeat that I didn't recognize, and finally some pirated Beethoven. Thus is the quest for five Easter eggs introduced. Manarch2's comprehensive walkthrough was indispensable for me, particularly in solving a pushpiece puzzle in a flower garden that I would not have recognized as a pushpiece field at all had he not alerted me to the fact. After getting the vital Easter egg I stuck around and went for the nearby secret and the pickups behind two of the doors. However, getting that pickup behind the third door proved much too tedious for me, so I eschewed what turned out to be only a measly small medipack. The oft-maligned tightrope walk in the final room was not all that difficult. All you have to do is apply basic tightrope walking technique. I fell off near the end on the first try, cussed a bit, and then made it without incident (and without saving) on the second try. The timed run that follows was much more challenging, but I made it after several attempts. This is a charming Easter level that took me a little less than an hour to complete, but unless you're a brave soul don't attempt it without the walkthrough close by." - Phil (15-Apr-2015)

"Even when there are slightly amateurish aspects in here, the imagination and creativity of the builder covers up those things and it's a very successful adventure in the end. Complete with a well thought-out storyline (that directly sets the goal in this level, very nice thing), lots of nice objects and characters and a very charming atmosphere. Technically there are some things to complain, like a bit of empty feeling in some rooms, the end of the world not being properly disguised in the painting levels, a few areas designed in a bit too simple way and unrealistic / not correctly placed lighting, but the choice of objects and textures as well as the quite stylizised look of the level - that feels just like the builder intended - make up more than enough for those things. Climbing into two paintings to get embedded into the worlds is a fantastic idea, as well as how the puzzles in these levels are created around the originals. But even more, there are even some other parts of the museum that have to be visited and I thought finishing the room with the polerope and the timed run was highly rewarding. Maybe there are a few dull parts like the cloakroom egg and sequences in the Waterlilies level, in which the lever puzzle has definately a way too simple solution by the way, but the entertainment factor is high enough throughout. The three secrets are as usual very well hidden, although the one in Irises to open was more than cryptic - there's no logic standing behind it in any way or it completely eludes me. Anyway, the 25 minutes here are certainly a treat just as all Greywolf levels and if you're searching for something different you should definately check it out." - manarch2 (09-Apr-2015)

"Simple but entertaining tasks in a beautiful gallery and two pictures. I feel like the puzzle with the underwater switches could've been more complicated and the long tightrope was a little frustrating because Lara kept losing balance step after step but other than that everything is on spot. I really liked the surroundings and the area with the waterfall, exploring the gallery was also fun with all these characters and the puzzles with the flower was clever too. Found two out of three secrets and it took me like half an hour. Lovely level!" - misho98 (08-Apr-2015)

"An unusual hub level which surely provides Easter climate the best way of all releases from the current Aspidetr calendar, if it's not the ONLY one which succeeds at all. Beginn among some usual museum visitors to first visit the very heavy bottom of the building, and in the next minutes drop all dense sewer mood for two little miniquests spreading from the art gallery the magical way. The author using such a great contrast surely knows what a valor is, just like the painters showcased did. It's better to enter the Waterlilies after already having explored the Irises (apparently not a different view on "Escape with the Iris"), to leave the best for last. No, these locations aren't epic and huge, but they don't need to be - each of them has a small-sized yet sufficient keypoint. I only would wish for some more furniture in the museum (sometimes it's just empty walls), I don't get the point of the last secret and the book egg was a bit hard (again I'm not fond of one interactive object among many similar ones) - and of course one could complain about too many toilet cabins to check and too long corridors to crawl - but the rest is very fine... and the shatters really surprised me, it's already hard to make a good one. Is that Your way to deal with doormen and repair computers? SUMMARY: Yes, this is Easter. But it's universal, it could be Advent as well. The Iris level reminds me a bit of Lima's miniquest for the mushroom element. The author has a touch for locating little things even in vast spaces. I think she should develop this skill beyond the limits. Recommended." - DJ Full (08-Apr-2015)

"What more beguiling way to spend an hour at this time of year than in an art gallery, admiring the beautiful paintings and searching for Easter eggs. This is a most charming level, full of wonderful objects and the idea of extending the search into a couple of the famous artworks seems particularly inspired. Apart from one slightly tricky timed run, this delightful level should be accessible to most raiders and perfect for the holiday period, being enemy free and most definitely likely to make you smile. Lovely." - Jay (07-Apr-2015)

"A charmind Easter level with beautiful graphics and excellent atmosphere. What I liked about this , was the fact that the action takes place in an art gallery and in two alternative wolrds (paintings), a great idea and beautiful execution. The puzzles were easy to solve without any complications. A timed run may require a lot of plotting to do because of minute and precise position but it can be beaten through strategy. Relaxing and fun, highly recommended!" - young Lara Croft (06-Apr-2015)

"Well I got to say the Easter team out did themselves once again as we're given a nice and relaxing custom set depicting a strange visit to an art museum themed with photographs and paintings of different flowers. As calming as it sounds, Lara isn't entirely there for the artwork as a the Easter bunny stole a picture from the gallery and it's the player's job to find 5 Easter Eggs hidden throughout the custom set. This is done through a series of quick and well-thought out gameplay. You have to use a bit of intuition in order to progress mainly because some artifacts are hidden but usually in plain sight. Objects are hidden in the room and it's your job to weed out those little crevices. You'd be surprised what you can hide in a little museum. However, gameplay does get a little less paced at the end and just ends up giving you the last puzzle pieces. Of course, this is only a little discrepancy such as the score up above. There are no enemies which is deemed fit for this type of level but objects were very out of placed in terms of lighting. In very lit areas, some objects appeared nicely fitted but in darker areas or areas with more complex lighting, the objects were bland and seemed out of place. However, there's only a little bit of this and everything spiced up the museum. Secrets were nicely hidden as I found all three. Lighting was alright; I really have no discrepancy there as well as texturing. Overall, this is an absolutely must play if you're in to those one to two hour adventures in calming and a relaxing environment. I must admit, I love visiting the art galleries in real life so I actually walked around this one for a few minutes before actually getting to work. Awesome work!" - Larabiker301 (04-Apr-2015)

"Another good level from Greywolf. This time your goal is to look for 5 eggs from several locations; three in the museum and another two in another places. I was confused with the note I picked up when finding one of the eggs, but when I saw the pictures in that note I realized what to do. No hard tasks, except the walk onto the tightrope and the tight timed switch at the end of that tightrope. There's an effort with the paintings (the "Spring" by Sandro Botticelli is the paint I have in my living room; not the original one, of course!!!). I liked the moveable flowers puzzle, very original. Even when I'm not agree with the musics, you can take a try; you'll not regret. Good work!" - Jose (04-Apr-2015)
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