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Author(s): Greywolf
total rating:5.41 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 6 6 6 6
Gerty 4 6 5 6
manarch2 3 5 4 5
MichaelP 5 6 6 7
Orbit Dream 4 6 6 7
Phil 5 7 6 7
Rambo 4 5 4 6
Ryan 4 5 5 6
category averages
(8 reviews)
4.38 5.75 5.25 6.25

Reviewer's comments

"The fact that this vintage level has so far garnered only seven reviews is indication enough that it must have some serious issues. It's fundamentally a maze of gargantuan proportions;with only a handful of creatively designed rooms to break up the monotony of identical,epic length,corridors. I followed the Walkthrough assiduously;but,as with Phil,got as far as the room with the burning Cartouche,only to discover that the fire had not been extinguished. The very thought of starting this level again and doing things differently to the Walkthrough was,frankly,terrifying and dis-heartening in equal measure. I apparently played 3/4 of the level,so I feel reasonably qualified to state that it would appeal only to those of a severely masochistic bent,who enjoy huge and confusing labyrinths. It must be said,though,that the enemy placement was highly effective (especially the random dog attacks);and the Bull is always a terrifying beast,especially when it chases you through the corridors of this oppressive maze. Every once in a while the gameplay comes alive,and provides you with two or three fun gauntlets;but it's simply not enough to allay increasingly growing feelings of frustration. Usually,I would end these sorts of reviews with the caveat "play with the Walkthrough close at hand";but,in this case,I can offer no guarantee that even that would be enough to get you through." - Orbit Dream (12-Jun-2019)

"The other reviewers have already elaborated on the majority of the aspects of this level and I have little to add. The gameplay is mundane and monotonous, the backtracking is tedious, the layout is often confusing (even with the walkthrough nearby I had difficulty remembering the different locations and the maddening spiral staircases didn't help matters) and the connecting tunnels are dark and nondescript (a shame as the settings weren't too bad elsewhere). A couple of enjoyable gameplay moments crop up (the beginning slide into the underground and the timed run across raising blocks) but mostly progression is unexciting. As an early effort it's not bad, but it's quite dull and rudimentary if I'm honest." - Ryan (23-Feb-2018)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: There is some good gameplay, but this level is a huge maze and it's very boring to run between the tasks. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies are well used in here, the few objects are standard but the secrets are nice again. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Not so great atmosphere here with only a few basic rooms. The sounds are mediocre and cameras nothing special. Lighting & Textures: Textures are at least well placed and there are lighting usages that fit. The same textures are used too often. Total: 4,75/10, a level that is just too much a maze than anything else." - Rambo (06-Sep-2015)

"I missed a bit of camera hints but then I realized even if they were applied, it wouldn't help, just because of the level construction - basically it's one giant maze. Searching for multiple hourglasses interrupted with few clever traps and enemy encounters (all hail scarab killer trigger) in decently painted rooms is kinda entertaining, and it's also quite satisfying to eventually understand how the corridors go together so everything becomes clear, but trying to memorize everything it's still very tiring. Surely Grey has better memory than me and it's wonderful to see how much she progressed since her initial releases, but I'm simply not into mazes, even when I'm already inside. If you think the opposite, please come in and explore." - DJ Full (20-Aug-2015)

"As the builder states this are early levels and yup there are invisible doors and a few very stuck moments if you don't do things a certain way. There are lots of maze-like areas where you easily can loose your way big time. Especially as there is no camerawork to speak off. Had to replay this level a few times because of those very stuck moments but hey, it is still a game" - Gerty (07-May-2015)

"Considering its age this really is not such a bad, very classic Egyptian adventure. The looks are generally pleasing, except of course for the many lengthy, uniform and dark tunnels you seem to be running through most of the time. And unless you turn out to be really lucky you will be running a lot indeed and often be repeating your trips until you finally manage to collect all the timeless sands and other artifacts you need to complete this raid. Enemies often show up in batches of dogs or mummies but are easily dealt with. One for those who like lots of exploration in the good old Egyptian pyramids..." - MichaelP (04-May-2015)

"I echo manarch2's sentiments, but my scores are not as harsh as his. Way too much backtracking, too few clues, nearly nonexistent gameplay, and much much too dark. I'm surprised upon reflection that my scores are as high as they are. Still, there are some redeeming qualities here, notably a timed jumping sequence along blocks to cross a lava pool. I used manarch2's walkthrough to keep myself on track, and I need to point out that when I reached the shallow pit to pick up the third timeless sands, I found that it was set on fire. Having no idea how to remedy the situation, I had to use a savegame editor to quench the resulting flames after picking up the artifact. After that, things proceeded in fairly normal fashion, if you can consider running up and down endless stairs normal. I spent about an hour and a half here, much of which could have been shortened by more attention to developing a reasonably functional game map. I make allowances for the fact that it's an older, hitherto undiscovered level by a builder who has since gone on to bigger and better things." - Phil (01-May-2015)

"There are some nifty little ideas in this level, such as the rather creative use of traps and a few nice puzzle rooms, but generally the level feels underdeveloped and in fact the gameplay is heavily corrupted by the insanely long passages and especially stairs that never seem to end; backtracking is a very prominent element here, there are some nasty mazes and since there are no camera clues at all you can guess this is not really a fun affair, tactfully said. Too bad that there are actually three possible dead end situations in here (described in the walkthrough), unimportant shortcuts and many rooms that serve no purpose that make this game even more frustrating. The use of enemies is quite appealing, especially the use of the bull and beetles is quite nice. and the secrets are well hidden. The architecture of the rooms is mostly very basic with plain two-click high passages and simple larger rooms, with only few exceptions, although I think that the texturing itself is rather clean. The lighting is often bland/missing, yet here and there is some good use of colours and shadows. Overall it feels like there could be more up to this game but the builder didn't care enough for playability and could've somewhat condensed the map size to around ... maybe ... 10%? Anyway there are already hints of the talent that was fully revealed in her later levels. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (27-Apr-2015)
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