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Author(s): Coco Gamer
total rating:1.29 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 1 1 1
DJ Full 1 1 1 1
Gerty 1 1 0 0
JoeTheCrazyGamer 3 0 0 0
Lara_Fox_Croft 1 2 0 2
manarch2 3 1 0 1
MichaelP 3 1 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 0
Phil 4 4 5 5
Rambo 2 1 0 1
Ryan 1 1 0 0
TimJ 3 1 0 2
category averages
(12 reviews)
2.08 1.25 0.67 1.17

Reviewer's comments

"If you want to perfect your finebjumping skills then here you go, but otherwise there's not much to like here. It seemed like the builder just wanted to show off every single jumping quirk of the editor, without a thought going into making it player-friendly. I suppose I should commend the builder very, very slightly that he put this together (that's assuming he could play it all the way through), but I can't find anything else positive about it. The textures are really sloppily placed, illegal slopes are just placed anywhere, maybe intentionally to try to get Lara to see if she can pass them, and enemies and objects are just thrown in. Once you finish the level, there's no end trigger; it just goes on and on until you decide to quit. Only for completists." - Ryan (12-Aug-2018)

"A great way to pratise jumps but it looks like the builder spent one day on this at most. But i do love jumping. I think my suggestion would be to spend more time on a level. For me i could not find any music (Unless my ears are bad so 0 there) and Textures look like they were just put together and rushed." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (19-Oct-2016)

"If you want to practise tricky jumping, be my guest. For the rest... this is not my style." - Gerty (09-Jan-2016)

"I'm not quite as unforgiving as the previous reviewers, but there's not a whole lot to like here. There were four separate occasions on which I was unable to progress without use of the flycheat, all of which I've documented in the walkthrough that I put together solely for the purpose of achieving 100% coverage here (if only for a fleeting moment). Much of the game deals with negotiating illegal slopes. If you miss, you don't die but you have to reload in order to continue. The only enemies are sporadic ninjas. You don't need flares, so I suppose that by my standards the lighting is good, but that doesn't at all make up for the woeful gameplay. Not quite on the same level as Lara in a Box, but not much of an improvement either." - Phil (31-Dec-2015)

"G&P - This 'hardcore' level is mainly a series of jumps above lava pits that quickly tends to be boring. Anyway it shows some interesting jumping mechanics where you have to keep the action keep pressed to reach your target. Your main ennemies while playing this level will be illegal slopes were you are trapped forever so watch out. I had fun with the pack of flash grenades to blind the ninjas before killing them with the pistols. I've nearly quit in the maze but fortunately DOZY wasn't disabled. E,O&S - Nice palm trees near the 'end'. A,S&C - There's no atmosphere, nor sound or cameras. FYI You can find cameras in the "Effects" menu in the editor. They can be triggered like any other object. L&T - Textures were interesting with the water texture giving a camouflaged effect on top of the slopes pillars. The contrast with the lava was nice. I've seen worse in Cain levels." - TimJ (04-Oct-2015)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: A few good jumps but also very buggy (but that raises the difficulty). No puzzles and no real fun tasks. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: A few ninjas and strange placed objects, no secrets. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Nothing to write about, there are no tries to improve this category at all. Lighting & Textures: Many missing textures and almost all are misplaced, a few nice lava textures here and there. No use of lighting at all. Total: 1/10, minimally entertaining and with bad looks." - Rambo (01-Oct-2015)

"g&p= this level is not the kind of leveel with puzzles, but there is a gameplay, it is set around jumps to avoid lava and "illegal slopes". So the level is not really for fans of exploration, and fans of puzzles. This is a really simple level even with such a name. I found a bug with lava pits, if you save your game before to jump to one slope to another then you can fall in lava without dying. I did not found any "finish trigger", I came back at the beginning at the end. E,I&S, enemies are from the usual, ninjas, nothing else. Objects were not really placed with care, I saw ammos on the ceiling, and palmers half in the ground. that was not good at all.secrets? No secrets I suppose (I did not found any) A,S,C Sounds, objects did have their sounds, and the level has a soundtrack from TR4, no musics. Cameras? No cameras. the atmosphere is quite sterile. lighting&textures: there is no work on texture, no more in lights this is not a level with a proper design. I can't recommand this level at all, this is a debut level, the builder should try to create a context around his level, a story, an atmosphere etc here everything looks false and sterile. You have to build a scenery around you level, to pay attention not to have stretched textures or missing textures. Put some lights, suns, shadows in your rooms to make it look better. you can also put some puzzles, even if they are basics (levers to open doors, or keys etc). It could make the level much better. All in all the level is like a lot of "newbie" level, with not that much work behind and that desire to finish it as quick as possible." - Lara_Fox_Croft (26-Sep-2015)

"Now, while I'm sure that the builder had some good intentions in mind initially while designing, this so-called 'hardcore' level, is just not very fun to play in actuality. Gameplay involves a lot of repetitive platforming off badly-placed slopes(with the odd ninja to kill in-between sections), level design can get quite confusing to navigate around in practically no time at all(not helped in any real fashion by the outright lack of a proper finish trigger), objects merely feel thrown in with no real rhyme or reason for their general inclusion and the lighting, texturing and overall sense of atmosphere is just flat-out atrocious, in terms of quality. So in conclusion, not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (25-Sep-2015)

"It seemed like another level designed particularly for me, but even I got bored with it. Not with the quite tricky exercise prologue but with the following maze which is just a series of batch-lowered floor corners, what makes it arguably the most challenging place in comparison to the building effort taking up 6 clicks in total (yes I checked). I see the level is supposed to continue after that section, but an unluckily odd triangle prevents Lara from reaching the following rooms. In case if anybody finds the way to the finish, I will bother to revise the gameplay rating but I doubt it will go up by single unit. SUMMARY: Not recommended." - DJ Full (25-Sep-2015)

"We could be generous and call this a 'concept level' of sorts. Advertised as being one for harcore gamers, this is a 20-30 minutes linear raid of mostly slide jumps around triangular shapes with a few ninjas to kill along the way. This could be interesting if you like these kind of challenges, but unfortunately the builder chose a massive amount of illegal slopes to be a 'design element' and spent virtually zero effort on the look and feel of the place by just adding textures in a fairly random way (and only using very few in the first place and missing many as well) and not adding lighting at all. I did not find a finish trigger and left the game when I ended up where I had started. Only recommended for those who want to practice a few tricky jumps..." - MichaelP (24-Sep-2015)

"This 'jumping challenge' level repeatedly gets itself confused with the difference between 'challenging' and 'buggy'.If jumps demand split second timing,then that is a challenge (of sorts);if they rely on buggy moves,then they are simply irritating and annoying.Much of this level therefore is,as a consequence,irritating and annoying.I have a degree of admiration for the dexterity of the builder (assuming he was able to navigate through his own level);I have none for his artistic abilities,as the whole thing looks absolutely terrible.Although the occasional enemy provides an element of variety,at least one object has been placed with no other intention than to be impossible to pass.Not that this matters,because you will (like me) almost certainly have resorted to DOZY by that point.There is no Finish Trigger;you simply arrive back at the slide/jump sequence at the beginning and thence go around and around forever.Serves you right for downloading it." - Orbit Dream (24-Sep-2015)

"Okay so some of the jumps are really quite challenging and there are even some creative takes on illegal slopes (while most of them are just painful, especially in the slope maze), so there is a sight of raw talent in building demanding tasks, but the looks are "functional" to say it positive and not anywhere decent at all. Missing textures (some even gameplay affecting), no lighting at all, horrible architecture and no sounds save for the default background audio are what you get here. The few ninjas are a very little challenge with the grenade gun in the backpack. All in all 10 minutes that are worth to play if you're searching for a bit of a challenge and don't demand anything more." - manarch2 (24-Sep-2015)
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