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Author(s): Coco Gamer
total rating:1.50 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Angel_K 3 1 0 1
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 3 2 2 3
Gerty 1 2 1 1
JoeTheCrazyGamer 1 0 0 0
manarch2 2 1 1 1
MichaelP 2 3 3 3
Orbit Dream 2 3 0 2
Rambo 2 2 1 2
Ryan 1 1 1 2
category averages
(10 reviews)
1.80 1.60 1.00 1.60

Reviewer's comments

"The good thing about this level is that it is less reliant on hardcore moves (I actually never had to use DOZY anywhere here) and the usage of South Pacific textures do give it a certain something. Nonetheless, only for those who choose to try every level out there. Nothing original to mention." - Ryan (24-May-2019)

"Why do i bother?" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (24-Jul-2017)

"A bit more gameplay but it's still not my cup of tea. It looks like a rush job and how can I take this builder seriously if he doesn't take us serious." - Gerty (21-May-2016)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: The puzzles and timed tasks are reduced but there is a bit more normal gameplay here. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Enemies and object placement is a bit more senseful than before. No secrets. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The builder still doesn't know what to do in this category at all. Lighting & Textures: Just as "good" as in the last level, not totally random but not good too. Total: 1,75/10, except of the objects almost the same quality as before." - Rambo (06-Mar-2016)

"Somehow these games require more courage to attempt than epic quests of multilevel scope. But I still prefer meaningful bad games over pointless bad games, even though in this episode the point starts to fade a bit: there's nothing new hardcore to learn, unless it was hardcore for the author or I did something out of order - what could happen as collisions of this one are sometimes unexplainable. Texturing is a step back but this time Coco Gamer granted us with shading, and unfortunately with insufficient amount of flares. But the level is too short and simple to get us frustrated with lack of light. +1 for static cameras, another +1 for a definitely unexpectable polerope. SUMMARY: The easiest one so far. I got the eye pieces and moved on without a problem. But am I ready for the next part? No, of course not..." - DJ Full (20-Jan-2016)

"This level is only based on jump avoid traps, kill soldiers, and run as fast as possible for few timed runs." - Angel_K (26-Dec-2015)

"It's not the most glowing compliment a reviewer could give;but,stripped of all the buggy moves and pixel-precise jump sequences,this level is (by default) the most enjoyable of this builders levels so far.Aside from a tight-ish timed run,there is no challenge anywhere here;but the enemies keep things spiced up;lip-service has finally been paid to the placement of objects;and there is actually a suggestion of a visual theme.Nonetheless,by electing to tone down the challenge,the builder has revealed that they actually have no original ideas to showcase;and this is therefore a less than satisfying ten minute adventure." - Orbit Dream (15-Dec-2015)

"Even less hardcore vs part 3 this one makes a mild effort at creating an Environment of sorts, but in doing so loses the previous trademark that gave the levels at least a certain uniqueness. This one is another 10 minutes of fairly linear Progression and should only be tackled by those who want to see it all in the trle universe." - MichaelP (14-Dec-2015)

"First of all, there's nothing impossible in this level; the two timed runs are solvable without any cheats (try to sprint left around the pool in the second one). But I'm still rather disappointed on what the builder has presented here. The looks are still fairly random, with only very little effort in terms of atmosphere (a few cameras and one or two rooms with use of lighting), even the gameplay doesn't contain hair-pulling sequences for which one could halfway recommend the earlier games - but it's still mildly entertaining as such and not totally without its moments. Not that technically bad as some of its precedessors, but way too run-off-the-mill stuff; I finished this level in 5 minutes." - manarch2 (13-Dec-2015)

"You'd think with the near month and a half long gap, that Guillaume would have started to put some more actual effort into his projects. But unfortunately, this is not the case(with all the same problems from 'Hardcore Project 3', still being very much present and accounted for), with the only real serious differences being the inclusion of an unfairly-timed door sequence(that I could only ever manage to reach in time through the use of the fly cheat) and the utilization of textures from TR3's South Pacific levels. So much like Guillaume's other levels made available this past year, you'd be better off simply avoiding this one altogether. And for future reviewers who decide to tackle this one, there is a finish trigger. So it isn't like its completely unbeatable or anything." - Ceamonks890 (11-Dec-2015)
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