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Author(s): Lara_Fox_Croft
total rating:3.17 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 2 5 1 1
Angel_K 1 4 2 1
Ceamonks890 1 4 2 2
DJ Full 1 3 3 4
Gerty 1 8 2 2
Jay 2 7 4 4
Jose 1 5 5 5
manarch2 0 3 1 1
MichaelP 1 7 2 2
misho98 1 5 3 1
Mulf 5 5 5 5
Orbit Dream 1 6 2 2
Phil 2 3 6 7
Ryan 2 4 4 4
sonnyd83 3 8 5 4
Tolle87 1 3 5 1
category averages
(16 reviews)
1.56 5.00 3.25 2.88

Reviewer's comments

"As has already been pointed out numerous times by other reviewers, this is purely a novelty level that the builder made for a school project of the time. So aside from admiring the copy-pasted displays, fighting off miniature animal displays/sentient flying hearts and easily dodging a blue boulder, that's effectively your lot in this two-four minute long white-textured map. Only worth seriously checking out if you're a reviewer." - Ceamonks890 (26-May-2019)

"This is for sure a novelty and quite rightly, a joke level. Mainly a chance to blow off steam, but I liked the objects used, and the rather disconcerting ending. As said, a novelty." - Ryan (26-Jul-2017)

"Well, any petition to end the life of Koons gets my signature no questions asked, so bear in mind that I may allow a certain bias to influence my ratings. Still: watch and learn, B. Howaito et al."this is how you make a joke level. A short sharp shock ending with a bang; heavily customised, excellently done; none of it gratuitous, everything serving a purpose. Marry me, Lara_Fox_Croft? Can I call you Anthony? Antoine?" - Mulf (08-Apr-2017)

"The new shatters in form of colored balloon doggies are a bit cute... Anyway here you have to shoot at them, then some kind of wasps dressed as more balloons, I don't know. Then a dead end where a thing smashes poor Lara." - alan (14-Jan-2017)

"I need to warn you I'm rating this right after refreshing my memories from The Last Crusade, so I might be a bit biased... though I guess the author of this one doesn't find it important. But this level is quite similar to Piega's in one aspect = it makes you redefine things. What is "gameplay" anyway? If it's way of interaction to execute a goal then both the goal and the way exist here, and you can choose between killing everything that (doesn't) move or to sprint to the finish for the same result (in the other case the game is shorter than Bullet's legendary Titanic but I don't tend to rate duration). But how does it correspond with the overall fun received from the level and possibly more important than the effort invested in the work on the building? Same for lighting: it's quite good though possibly achieved just with ambience and sunbulbs. Same for texturing: minimalistic but quite resembling the real location found on the google graphics, though in this case I wouldn't be that faithful in picturing and I would rather paint the walls with pictures of Jonathan Meese. Would fit bether instead of plain white walls, as I bet these two authors would understand each other. Also I see the metal roof support is missing, I would add that one as well. Without it, the only objects I can rate are the shatters, the ball and that thing in the end, whatever it is. I tried to imagine a good shooter with these objects and I did, but rather with functions inverted - I would use regular enemies while the heart balloons would do perfectly as health refillers, while the balloon dog could provide immortality. The lines appearing on the screen rather belong to "atmosphere" because they keep you immersed in the game just like in anything you read. SUMMARY: A bright, snow-white level with candylike enemies, by intention or coincidence fitting the Advent. Period." - DJ Full (17-Jan-2016)

"Before I checked builder's profile, I was expecting to see a bunch of levels with marks somewhere between 1.00 and 3.00.I was surprised when I saw this level has actually been made by a skillful builder. Not much to say about a level itself.Two minutes of shooting balloons, before getting crushed and verbally insulted.Maybe some Grinch outfit would go well here for Lara?Music is funny and I even had a feeling that rolling ball balloon was kinda dancing to it.Inventory sounds have been taken from Metal Gear Solid and I find that to be very unusual in a joke-balloon-based level. What can I say more, I really can't give good marks to this level, but there was something with it's pure simplicity that even made me smile...." - Tolle87 (06-Jan-2016)

"Nothing of interest in this very short level except admire the new bright and well builded objects inside some white and cubic rooms. At the end you must die even if you sprint to avoid the strange and big falling object." - Jose (04-Jan-2016)

"Great new objects and I love the animations of the koons exploding. Other than that - 2 minutes of shooting." - misho98 (31-Dec-2015)

"Quirky and very, very short. The objects were well done and it introduced me to Jeff Koons, an artist I'd never heard of, so at least I learnt something. You might find it therapeutic." - Jay (28-Dec-2015)

"This is a small level with no real gameplay, a kind of shooter, here the builder did not work that much, even if objects are well designed, I don't know Koons's work, but it seems to be beautiful. Whatever, a small and simple level. Quite enjoyable." - Angel_K (26-Dec-2015)

"It's quite a sad reflection on me when I read the unfortunate title of this level and immediately laugh and go to download. Anyway, since I've never heard of this artist, I Googled him and found some of his work very beautiful and very unique, and this level, albeit briefly, portrays his work in a fun and entertaining way. You get some balloon animals to shoot, along with sausage dogs and a boulder. Obviously my ratings seem a little unfair, but I am forced to rate it by category. It did amuse me too which is always a bonus. Good work." - sonnyd83 (20-Dec-2015)

"I wouldn't advertise a level with a name like this one in America's Deep South. Or anywhere else in America, for that matter. AVG refused to install the patched executable, reporting a virus infestation, so I used the tomb4.exe from Curse of Gold. Not much to do here. Shoot some dog statutes, then a group of sausage doggies, and finally a quartet of retextured harpies made to look like hearts. Jump past a rolling boulder, trigger a colorful, amorphous conglomeration that I assume is Koons, and there's nowhere else to go or anything else to do. Another one to play to pad your review count." - Phil (19-Dec-2015)

"Of course there is no actual gameplay as such (save for an easily avoided boulder), but the nicely designed enemies and objects you can destroy are enough to put off potential steam and you might enjoy the one or two minutes in this game that also has an "apt" finale..." - manarch2 (19-Dec-2015)

"I learn something every day! Although I was familiar with a few of his works,I had never heard of Jeff Koons myself,so this level prompted me to research him;and what an interesting and eccentric fellow he is.It's only apt,then,that this short level should reflect something of the man himself. It makes amusing use of several of his art pieces by turning them into either shootable objects or enemies;and ends with an inevitable defeat by the man himself. Quirky music and an entertaining concept (and,it has to be said,decent construction for the minimalistic scenario that's required) result in a very short but fun 'joke' level." - Orbit Dream (19-Dec-2015)

"Naturally a bit difficult to rate, but I did enjoy the few minutes in here, as the Koons objects and enemies work nicely. A quick little concept showcase - maybe worth expanding into something bigger?" - MichaelP (18-Dec-2015)

"Koons must die, well good luck with that LOL. It is a very short level and even when using only Lara's trusted guns it took me about 2.5 minutes." - Gerty (18-Dec-2015)
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