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Author(s): The Mark
total rating:8.50 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 7 8 8
Drakan 10 9 9 8
Gerty 9 9 9 8
Jay 9 8 9 8
Jose 8 9 10 9
manarch2 7 7 7 7
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 8
Thiago 9 8 10 9
category averages
(9 reviews)
8.56 8.33 8.89 8.22

Reviewer's comments

"Nice level that had me scratching my head quite a few times. Thus exploring is high on the list and do remember where you have seen something as you have to go back there. The lighting was a tad too dark for my taste, so not enough flares, medipacks were also a bit short in supply I thought. Textures could use some TLC, quite a few squashed and there were also cracks, but hey the whole place (architecture wise) was very well done. The swimming timed run was the pits though and had me reloading way too many times. Lots of clever traps I have to admit. Enemies were nice placed throughout." - Gerty (20-Oct-2016)

"I liked this level. Although some defects. Some areas are 100% dark, the enemies horsemen are annoying as hell, but nothing to debunk the fun. I liked all the puzzles. What I admired most at this level was the sound and atmosphere. Approved and recommended." - Thiago (21-May-2016)

"I start to suspect if you play one Greek level of Anniversary type, you have played them all. I also think porting Crystal Dynamics into TRLE makes absolutely no sense, because games of Crystal Dynamics were good to play once and then forget about them forever; 2) trying to mimic visuals of 2006 in an engine from 1999 is futile unless your skills are incredible indeed. Otherwise you get blocky grey corridors lit with monochrome sunlight, a scenery no Greek architect would bother to build but you would rather experience down in your basement. The accompanying soundtrack which could suit a game as braindead and short as TRA becomes tiring after hours in a custom level which requires some thinking. This kind of misapproach also existed in TheMark's previous release and if it goes on I'm starting to fear after the Egypt and Greece this guy will give us something Peruvian of the same kind. But maybe I'm wrong as some improvements are visible, for instance we have binoculars (yay! hooray!), also more flares though still none in the second level so if you want to check all the corners you're back to binoculars. Thankfully this release is not that dark, the shaded corners don't store anything important so if you're not obsessive to check them all you will not suffer (I did). The distant fog also finally helps instead of disturbing. What I possibly liked the most was nice combat handling, as I never lacked bullets and all the fights were perfectly fair maybe excluding the quicksand encounter - I have seen exactly the same idea in dnf's training and I really don't know what makes you builders think such setups are good. In simplier words: they are awful. Or maybe they're just like Crystal Dynamics, good to experience once bat never again. As always I don't approve secrets which are clueless, unmarked or force long backtracking to a door you had to remember half a level ago. In simplier words: secrets should reward not punish, you need to make a player WANT to collect them not count down to when the nonsense will end. SUMMARY: A solid Greek level, less annoying than Catacombs of Anubi however still very typical. This author has a lot of building potential but he should get more crazy about it." - DJ Full (29-Apr-2016)

"This was a very enjoyable and well put together Greek adventure. However, it can be quite dark at times although plenty of flares are provided. There are some good puzzles, such as flooding a couple of rooms and agility tests. The music was excellent too. Highly recommended." - Ryan (26-Apr-2016)

"Whenever I play a level for the purpose of writing a waklthrough, I inevitably pay a lot more attention than usual to what's going on around me. And more often than not, my sense of appreciation for what the builder has done is increased rather than diminished. In this case we have a two-part adventure, each part of which takes the better part of an hour to complete. The gameplay is inventive and challenging enough for most seasoned players, the lighting is quite good and shows off the well-crafted surroundings to their best advantage. The rather drab connecting passages didn't bother me much, as they serve only to take you from one scenic area to another. The secrets were cleverly placed, and two of them in the first level require a little backtracking and so can easily be dispensed with if you're not a completist. The clues for the chain room were too obscure for my clouded mind, but the needed tasks aren't hard to accomplish through trial and error. The final secret behind the omega door in the second level stumped me until it dawned on me that there were more than three possible combinations in the three-switch room. But then again, no one has ever called me the brightest bulb in the lamp. As easily impressed as I am, I found this to be a thoroughly delightful adventure that all raiders should enjoy." - Phil (05-Apr-2016)

"This is quite an adventure and kept me quiet (well, apart from the occasional bout of cursing) for just over two hours, net gaming time. It has some lovely settings but is undoubtedly very dark at times and I had to play in a darkened room - ah for the days of being able to give myself unlimited flares. The gameplay is super, with lots of timed runs/swims and puzzles. You will definitely need some experience under your belt, but I managed everything unaided so it's not aimed at the elite players only. Enemies are very effectively used and comprise a good mix of bats, lions, crocodiles, tinmen, skeletons and, at one point, a horseman (I think I'll gloss over the four hydras). Enormous fun." - Jay (12-Mar-2016)

"Continuing from the style of his debut level, the builder has made another modern style interpretation of a classic theme. There are some quite atmospheric areas in this game - particularly the hub room where you go on search for the three keys in the first and the main area of the second level, but generally also some nice architectural elements. The sad thing is that the areas are always connected with long, dark, grey and very shabbily textured hallways that don't spread much charm. The texturing is very unclean and leaves a lot to be desired, the lighting is often good but has a few irrealistic shadows. Thankfully the flare bug didn't appear in this one. Still the general impression of the visuals is not too bad, somehow. The gameplay is actually better than in his previous level, with a few rather interesting trap rooms, good timed runs and decent puzzles - but once again, there are a few parts which aren't that creative (especially the progression through the mentioned hallways) and should've been cut down or changed to the better. There are a lot of enemies again, all quite nicely placed - but that ice wraith at the end in combination with three horsemen (one mounted) was at least a questionable idea. Overall the time spent here was fun because of the better parts. Spent 55 minutes in here and found all four nice secrets (though the last one has an incorrect hint - it should've been 24 instead of 14)." - manarch2 (11-Mar-2016)

"Very nice level of The Mark. I like this kind of levels and gameplay. There are some bugs (spikes walls in the beginning, the final battle with the rider (especially not backup before passing the gate), the author forgot to remove the dowy. Some defects in texturing. There are some timeruns but all very easily feasible. In the first level, some nice puzzles to find the 3 keys needed to pass the 2nd level. Excellent!" - Drakan (11-Mar-2016)

"Excellent. Good architecture with some interesting puzzles, but I couldn't find the hint for the 5 chains puzzle; well placed enemies, I think the author could give us some more medipacks, but the guns and ammo were enough. The atmosphere was great, with well placed cameras and cool musics in correct locations. There are some defects with the textures in some places, and also some rooms are too dark, but usually the environments are nice. No difficult tasks to do, there are some defects 'cause the game is not properly beta tested (bad placed doors near the beginning, not "one shot" for the music in the main room in second level...) but alltogether an adventure worth to play and highly recommended. Thank you for that hours of fun." - Jose (11-Mar-2016)
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