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Author(s): Topixtor
total rating:6.71 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 6 5 6 7
DJ Full 7 8 8 7
Drakan 6 7 7 7
eTux 5 6 6 6
GameGlitcher77 6 8 8 6
Gerty 4 6 6 7
JesseG 8 8 7 6
Jose 5 7 6 9
LarangL 4 4 6 7
Lara_Fox_Croft 4 5 7 5
manarch2 5 6 6 5
Nuri 9 8 7 8
Orbit Dream 6 7 6 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 6 7 7
sonnyd83 6 7 6 9
Torry 7 7 7 7
Treeble 8 8 10 9
category averages
(18 reviews)
6.17 6.72 6.89 7.06

Reviewer's comments

"A level tr2 where there is a lot of enemies that come to 2 or 3 but not very difficult to kill, we have a lot of weapons and ammunition. A timed trapdoor quite difficult to the end. I liked." - Drakan (24-Nov-2018)

"Hardly a demo with all the components of a full scale level here. This TR2 adventure will certainly keep you on your toes. Many, many rooms to explore and you will be visiting each quite a few times in your quest for the relative access cards. I quite enjoyed this and my only real complaint is there are insufficient health packs and insufficient flares. Health packs due to the numerous enemies you must best and flares due to the dark areas you need to explore. Fix this and it becomes a really good level." - Torry (28-May-2018)

"Although this is called a demo, it is more like a complete TR2-level for me, including many rooms to discover, some puzzles to solve and of course many enemies to kill. I enjoyed this one, because it's not that simple like other TR2-levels mostly are. It is a little bit challenging, especially those timed trapdoors near the end." - Nuri (23-Feb-2018)

"The author states in the readme his goal was to create a level with the TR2 engine that could provide as much fun as a TRNG level, and in my opinion this goal has been met. The engine somehow helps evoking a good nostalgia feeling to this Rig-styled level and you set off on a quest for a number of keycards. There is perhaps a bit too many enemies to fight, but resources are plenty and spaces are mostly big enough so you can come up with combat strategies. One things that caught my attention, and which I don't think I've seen before, are the slightly off-centered buttons and card slots, so while not exactly ground breaking it caused a good impression on me. Ambience and texturing is pretty fitting for a base level and there's a rather challenging trapdoor sequence towards the end, it was rather rewarding to finally master it. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 05/17" - Treeble (04-Jun-2017)

"This looks like a complete level instead of a demo. In this one there are a lot of goons to kill, in a room there are even many flamethrowers! Also a very challenging jumps sequence with timed trapdoors, indeed it was very hard because you had to make a tricky jump with hard curve to grab the edge of the other trapdoor. But it was quite enjoyable." - alan (21-Jan-2017)

"Even for a demo this is a very competent little game playing around the Offshore Rig setting from TR2 with all this entails. The occasional clever moment aside, where a crane moves a box, so you can climb to a higher area of the pool room, two thrilling timed trapdoor sequences keep you on your toes, some jump sequences offer pleasant variety, and two secrets offer a nice distraction, you have to calibrate your expectations before starting this game up, and calibrate it firmly in the shooter segment of the potential gameplay spectrum. Depending on how efficient you are at exterminating your fellow man (and the occasional doberman) you can find this anywhere from thrilling, to dull, to frustrating. You get plenty of supplies to fight back on whatever onslaught you encounter, but I had an unusual glitch (that no other reviewer seems to have mentioned, so maybe that was just me?) where neither Lara's health bar nor oxygen bar showed in the game, so my use of medipacks and diving sessions ended up less strategic and more played by ear, which made me a little uneasy every now and then, but ended up being a surprisingly manageable issue. I used to despise the flamethrower guys in the original game, and was a bit anxious about taking on four at a time on occasion here, but they provided pleasant variety and a number of surprise scares from the other guys you encounter - not to mention an easy way to diagnose Lara's chances of survival with the health-bar issues I had. The biggest gripe with the game would be that the course you're set up to traverse makes you cover the entire map a number of times, resulting in a fair share of backtracking, and I would've preferred the structure of the tasks at hand to be more transparent, with more rhyme and reason rather than just extending your play time. The looks are competent, and with little errors, but rather on the forgettable side; there are some nice uses of cameras; and while it was nice to have some music without being required to use the TR2 disc, the playback seemed to stop after each time I saved the game. Not a deal breaker by any means, just another oddity that could be shrugged off in my case. Yet, there's no denying it is a well constructed game of about 30 minutes, but could've used more variety in the tasks and looks alike to stand out more." - eTux (02-Oct-2016)

"This is a real gem of a level, I mean you should never judge a book by it's cover and this just affirms that. It took me an hour and a half to complete this game according to the stats but because of the 'load/reload' factor, it actually took me all afternoon! This takes place in some sort of military base which resembles the oil rig levels from TR2, but with greater details. The quality of texturing is the levels best feature I think, I imagine it is quite difficult to create anything realistic using such an out of date editor, but this achieves it. The level is good particularly because you cover the same areas several times as you progress, and this helps you remember where to go. Looking at the gameplay, it is most definitely a shooter type of game, you initially need to collect red, green, blue, and yellow access cards to get around, and shooting up all types of baddies including those with flamethrowers, and a few dogs too. There are some slopes with fans which was fun, and a large room with several timed trapdoors, one of which was unnecessarily difficult to jump from. Initially in the game, there was a lot of flickering of objects, not sure why, maybe because the visibility is not set correctly, or the ground was raised up and see through textures used. The beginning of the game had a nice camera view of baddies coming at you, but clues as to what to do were not always provided. All in all, a very good demo, and I certainly look forward to the full game." - sonnyd83 (02-Oct-2016)

"A rather solid debut release which has a decent usage of shooter elements as it's never impossible to get through without losing all your health kits if you have a certain strategy on hand to tackle all the (numerous) enemies. That aside the gameplay has a few shining moments, most of all the great timed trapdoor run (more of that please!), but the rest is a bit boring and simplistic in its design and the backtracking occasionally gets annoying. While the architecture is a bit boxy at times I liked the interlinking rooms, the larger scale areas and several of the fixed cameras, especially the one at the start. Texturing and lighting are okay but the textures feel a bit wallpapered on the walls and the looks are fairly monotonous. Both secrets in this level are well hidden, I spent 35 minutes in here." - manarch2 (11-Aug-2016)

"Wow, I love TR2 but do I hate shooters, as I am more an exploring type of a girl. Oh well, been there and done that. There is backtracking here so remember where you have been (I am lousy at that). The timed runs were the pits. Glad I had my nephew around who could do them for me. Could have done with more medipacks, as it is a bore to reload and do the shooting again (and again) due to health problems. Don't be afraid to include more flares so people can explore the dark areas. As a first there is still is time for improvement to built a level that all can enjoy and finish." - Gerty (10-Aug-2016)

"This is quite hefty for a demo, and in my opinion should be classed as a standalone level. I quite enjoyed some of the gameplay such as the box puzzles and the swimming passages, and the less said about the timed trapdoor run, the better. But, the general shooter nature didn't appeal to me all that much, which is the main reason I didn't fully enjoy it. It is not bad at all for a TR2 level and I may play the full version if the difficulty is toned down slightly and if the enemy ratio was fairer." - Ryan (22-Jul-2016)

"This may be a Demo (albeit a very substantial one) but make no mistake about it - at its heart,it's an extremely hardcore 'Shooter'.Aside from a push-block puzzle and a couple of tight timed run/jump sequences (the most invigorating part of the game) there is little that will make you stop and ponder.Instead,you will spend 90% of your time shooting,shooting and shooting some more.It's not that it's even particularly enjoyable shooting,as many of the baddies come running into a room while blasting flamethrowers at you,giving you precious little opportunity to actually fire back before getting fried.The progression ends up feeling distinctly circular as you keep retracing your steps past increasingly familiar places,on the way to another newly opened door and the inevitable multiple Baddy confrontation.In fact the first few minutes are distinctly buggy,as one Baddy collapsed between two barrel objects and thus made his crucial key pickup impossible to collect.The texturing and lighting is absolutely fine for a TR2 level,while object placement is well up to par.It doesn't really matter much anyway,as most people will only be playing this for the vicious non-stop bloodletting.Fine for what it is,but not really recommendable for anyone with a heart condition." - Orbit Dream (17-Jul-2016)

"I found this to be an excellent TR2 level, and my scores are therefore based on TR2 standards. The gameplay is vigorous but fair and requires a minimum of backtracking. The enemies are profuse, but playing in god mode renders them a mere nuisance. I used the ammo and weaponry provided by the builder and never came close to running out. Jose documents two secrets in his excellent walkthrough; if the silver dragon is here, neither he nor I found it. The two timed runs near the end were difficult but by no means verging on the impossible (and god mode is of no help here). Plenty of time is provided by the builder; the trick is making the necessary jumps to navigate the timed platforms. I saved often in different slots as I made progress, and I had this invigorating sense of accomplishment upon completing each timed segment. If this demo is a precursor to a complete TR2 game, I look forward eagerly to the finished product." - Phil (09-Jul-2016)

"TR2 style level which should have pleased me a alot as TR2 was my favorite TR game. Unfortunately, gameplay can be seen as one bad surprise after the other. I mean, you press a button or you open a door and you have to deal with so many enemies that you almost die each time. After two surprises like that you put yourself in mode "I move forward two meters and I save", messing up the fluidity of the level. Timed trapdoors are the cherry on the cake, as it is almost impossible to pass them. Dozens of attempts are required to succeed. I consider that after 5 attempts, this is not entertaining but frustrating. Then, all the good points of the level are completly erased from your mind. There are cameras that show you where to go indeed, but when cameras are so closed to the point where you have to go, I think they are useless, especialy when places are almost all the same. Speaking of atmosphere and sounds, this is really fun to be in a TR2 like base with some good lighting and musics, but please remove that alarm sound as soon as you can, for the sake of our ears ! Despite all those negative points, we can see that the author created a solid architecture. The level map is not very large, so you'll have many backtracking between all those rooms. Fortunately, some shortcuts are provided. In conclusion, a difficult level in which many things should be improved or adjusted to create a good level for everyone, not only expert players. BTW, would you mind creating a level in English ?" - LarangL (06-Jul-2016)

"G&P: First I must say that I don't speak a word of italian...Sometimes I saved instead of reload..Enlish please for everyone to understand.. It starts well but turns into a "mess", with a lot of backtracking, an almost impossible timerun with trapdoors... I think it took me about 100 try to reach the top of the "tower"... I'm not an expert player, but I can tell you that these two trapdoors timerun are too hard. About the story? I read the story in the readme...if we can call this a story...We don't have any cutscene or documents during the level that explains anything about tibet, or bartoli's crew or about anything in general. The choice of the level builder to use TR2 engine is his choice ok..But wait, you must know that you can do a much better flamethrower with ngle LOL. Oh I almost forget the crashes, the games did crash about 4 times with no reasons...Do you have beta testers or someone to test it? E,O&S: Enemies are a lot of flamethrower guys, with not enough space to fight properly..and this game is a shooter more than a tomb raider...You have a fight in every room of the leve I think...Objects are almost all from TR2, almost as ugly as they were in TR2, almost 20years after TR2...Well...Secrets are quite nice. A,S&C: Atmosphere is really good, sounds are quite short for musics and quite boring for samples, there is a serious lack of cameras to show were to go. L&T: lighting is very nice for a TR2 level(with no colors in lighting), but textures from TR2 applied in wallpaper in some rooms (with some details) is not what I prefer contrary to some "reviewers", TR2 is old and its textures grew old badly, I'm affraid. To sumup a quite decent level with a lot of issues that a good beta team could avoid. Hope the sequel will be more polished." - Lara_Fox_Croft (06-Jul-2016)

"A rather solid debut level which obviously shows the author cared, primarily with extensive amount of shortcuts provided for fast return to the destination place. Interaction is of course less varied than in newer engines but in return we can exclude from our search all the jumpswitches and dark crawlspaces. Both secrets were rewarding and useful, they also provided a little challenge, and the local audio is used very well. The only downsides are: lack of complete plot because the demo chunk is so far out of context; and unbalanced combat because the ammunition necessary to face hordes of enemies is provided during the fight instead of before it; certain collision glitches. The first two are very easy to deal with so if the author does that the full version will get instantly better. However as for collision issues I cannot tell as I never touched the unofficial editor. And like in any case I recommend some extra care to add to this game some unique elements which can be remembered for long. SUMMARY: A satisfying battle training in pleasant Offshore scenery but be patient and try tactical thinking - otherwise you'll just die :)" - DJ Full (04-Jul-2016)

"Overall this was a fun hour long or so Rig-like level with plenty of switch pulling and backtracking... I found both secrets which are easy to miss if you don't look around carefully enough. I personally would of liked to see more HD textures, but the originals still sufficed for the atmosphere. I swear that i got ambushed by every flamethrower thug in the level, so watch out for them. Great enemy placement BTW. Lighting considering the limitations of TR2 was done really well, shadows and everything. The progression was well done and the enemies will keep you on your toes, as well as decent camera hints of where to go next. Recommended ;-)" - GameGlitcher77 (02-Jul-2016)

"It says "Demo" in the name, but as far as I'm concerned it's pretty much a legitimate level. Gameplay and combat are both strong components of the game, with some tricky timed runs and blade trap sequences interspersing the many combat moments. The weakest part is the textures, which simply suffer from a good amount of wallpapering in the taller chambers; and the lighting which is a bit too dark overall. In terms of atmosphere it is decent, although some "stretchy black triangle" glitches broke the immersion, and the sound of the alarms in the various rooms got pretty irritating. Overall this is a solid TR2 level with some good, challenging gameplay. 51 minutes." - JesseG (02-Jul-2016)

"The gameplay: it's usually good, entertaining and with variety of tasks, even with the backtracking sometimes; I was thinking to give at least an 8 in this section, but the couple of timed runs in the last pool room with the central tower completely ruined the gameplay; they are excessively hard, even for expert players so, if you want most people around the world play your adventure, you should give more time or change the position of the trapdoors so the running jumps from trapdoor to trapdoor are not so tight. Enemies, objects and secrets: I saw the readme file and I expected plenty of enemies, but in this case I think there are excessive enemies to shoot; even when there are enough guns and ammo, usually it's not very funny for the players find an enemy in every corner (I should place only half of the enemies you placed); objects are well placed and the two secrets I found were nice to find; even when the medipacks were enough for me, I should place more medipacks so players can advance with no much problems and reloading savegames often to save health. Atmosphere, sound & cameras: the cameras are very good, always pointing the places so players know where to go, but the musics are too poor, I should place more CD tracks here and there when entering in some rooms or when triggering something important. Lighting & textures: this was the best feature of the level, the texturization is quite good, and the lighting is well worked; even so I should place more packs of flares to better explore the darker areas; there are also a couple of ladders near the big fan I couldn't climb (it's not necessary to climb them, of course, but if you place a ladder texture you should be consistent in that sense). I think it's a very good debut, and I liked the style from this builder, but it will be his choice to listen or not the opinions from the players." - Jose (01-Jul-2016)
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