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Author(s): BHM Productions
total rating:5.84 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 5 7 8 8
DJ Full 6 6 6 6
Gerty 4 6 5 5
Gorty 5 3 6 5
Jay 7 7 8 7
JesseG 5 6 7 6
Jorge22 3 3 4 4
Jose 3 5 6 5
KH_1400 6 9 10 9
manarch2 3 5 5 4
MichaelP 3 5 5 5
Mulf 4 3 5 4
Orbit Dream 4 7 6 6
Penne_Pesto 7 8 9 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 5 7 6 6
sonnyd83 6 7 6 7
category averages
(17 reviews)
4.88 5.94 6.47 6.06

Reviewer's comments

"Another of those ‘Mummies in the Arctic’ levels from the Neolithic period of TRLE history, only this time the mummies roam through a modern school...wait, what? This level dates from 2016? No way! Somebody must have made a mistake somewhere. The builder clearly states in the readme that he’s using the tut1 wad supplemented by some of jliboy’s objects (collision miles off, as usual) and the City texture set, and that the level was finished in...2016. Huh. Apparently they still make them like that. Who would have thought. Well. There are one or two neat traps in here (the mummy bothering you while you’re negotiating flame emitters"manageable, not frustrating"and the boulder trap, which requires swift reaction, but can be survived on first attempt); otherwise it’s pretty much what you would expect from a game of this genre. The setting fails to convince of course, because how could it not? The concept seems pretty much doomed from the start, and according to the readme, the Editor itself tried its best to stop it from manifesting. It’s easily playable though and mildly entertaining for the short while it lasts." - Mulf (23-Jan-2018)

"For some reason the author decided that it's a good idea to use classic tomb raider music and objects in building his ˝purgatory elementary˝ level. Gameplay was easy, some exploration involved though pitch black areas, shooting vases, collecting some keys/puzzle items, avoiding some traditional Egypt traps and so on. Nothing special, nothing new. The author did try to play with the light and didn't left it flat like in some levels, but more work is needed to make it look better. Some parts were just too dark, pitch black. The overall design was basic and even weird. Objects didn't fit in this environment of a ˝school˝ and had very often wrong applied lighting on them ( glowing in the dark ). Enemies also didn't fit. Texturing errors were often very obvious and careless. Probably not a beta tested level. Overall, I would say, a failed attempt in bulling a school level, mostly because of the wrong used objects that just didn't fit with the authors idea ( a school in the united states ). Just by replacing this Egypt objects the level would be much better. Just some more work with the light and design and the next level will be a very good TRLE creation." - Gorty (12-Feb-2017)

"The author says I helped making this game - what? I don't remember, and the "keep in mind" note confirms he didn't nag me enough - this is the first time I hear about the issues this project has brought, and they're what I would definitely have a solution for - so I hope BHM kept the uncut project and when he sorts out the college he returns to release it without trimming or so much trouble as before. The current state is already quite a nice cut, with much of content fitting the topic aside of still present Egyptian objects, and though I didn't have enough opportunity to give higher marks than I granted the previous game, I can no less than agree the learning curve is going up. SUMMARY: A brief yet satisfying mission worth to try between anything." - DJ Full (17-Jan-2017)

"I'm definitely drawn towards horror stories and games, so this level caught my interest. I'm pretty pleased with it! Definitely the strongest part of this level was its atmosphere and story, which you can see definite planning went into both. The gameplay was for the most part a bit basic, with just collecting things and pulling levers. But it's the way the author pulled the gameplay together with the story and gave the puzzles/collectables a clever and purposeful existence. For example, the five cursed notes that caused the school to be so nightmarish must be collected in order to leave. I liked that. Also, the sequence of running through the red corridors with all the closing and opening doors was interesting and unique, and definitely added to the "purgatory" vibe of the whole thing. The level overall needed more things to do, more complex tasks, and some polishing. It's surprisingly cohesive considering all the software troubles the author mentioned having while making the level, but you can tell the overall depth and polish of the level unfortunately sank a bit because of it. Still, a nice, quick level with some good atmosphere, creepy visuals, and interesting concepts." - Penne_Pesto (11-Jan-2017)

"A short level which main objective is to find 5 notes, then go to the exit. It's located in a mysterious elementary school attacked by ninjas, mummies and scorpions; and some deadly traps too like fire and rollingballs. I think there's not so much gameplay, and there should be more after Lara places the puzzle item to open the door." - alan (18-Dec-2016)

"Another quick one for me to get back into the swing of playing custom levels and it had a bit of action with scorpions and ninjas to kill and some mummies to avoid, but by and large was a quick 15 minute run from one opening door to the next and not much else. The one area with the many doors at least showed some hint of design thinking and the finale spices things up ever so slightly, but it still is not an adventure that you will be remembering for very long." - MichaelP (01-Nov-2016)

"I prefer to play shorter levels such as this, which clocked in at 35 minutes, including secrets. One of the secrets was an uzi which makes quick work of the ninja's near the end. The game takes place in what we're led to believe is a school, and I was kind of convinced to a point what with some of the 'classroom' type objects used, but it did appear to be kind of Egyptian looking, I don't know if this was intentional or not, I guess it's different. if it wasn't intended to look like Egypt, then the objects just need to be retextured in strpix. Looking at the gameplay, you're searching for 5 objects which resemble pieces of paper, and once this is done, you have a big fight with a few ninjas. The highlights were the scorpions which appear in the airducts, the nice room with the flames, the corridors with gates which open/close on a timer, and of course the zombies. I feel this level is a bit underrated to be honest, it's a nice easy level and I enjoyed it." - sonnyd83 (26-Sep-2016)

"A short romp through an elementary school twisted by an evil cult. There isn't too much gameplay to speak of, the bulk of it is shooting different vases opening some doors. A few traps and enemies provided at least a little action in the level. The objects seemed eclectic with the school furniture sitting alongside Egyptian pedestals and other decorative objects, although I guess you could use your imagination to make that fit the story. The two secrets I found were very easy to find (although the extra gun was much appreciated). A camera cue for that stone door opening (after finding the five notes) would have been appreciated. The audio was used pretty well, if not slightly overdramatic in some cases. The lighting has some coloring which is good, but too much of that is done via ambient light which just doesn't look as good. The level is also a bit dark overall and I found myself using flares and binoculars in just about every room. Overall the level could use improvement in each area. However the story and atmosphere driving the level is good, I hope the builder will keep using that as a backbone while they hone their skills. 26 minutes." - JesseG (28-Aug-2016)

"Nice little story that could have been much more creepier than it is portrayed. Missed a bit of camera work and the ending was rather abrupt but still as long as you shoot everything in sight and explore every nook and cranny you get to the end without being stuck." - Gerty (24-Aug-2016)

"I feel with the builder on the computer problems he encountered (had some heavier issues in the past weeks as well) and I feel that the builder had a little more on offer here. I think that the sinister atmosphere is rather decent but it's never really effectively mysterious here, the enemy encounters are harmless so to say (and why is there crossbow ammo and no crossbow?). Also the rooms are very small and simple in their design, at least there are a few decent object usages, and there's really not that much to say about the gameplay - a few vases to shoot, some mildly challenging traps, a bit of exploration for the five notes - and all is finished after 10 minutes. I felt the zoo level was the better level of the three released by the builder; hopefully, if he comes back to building someaday, he can find out what's really possible with the editor. As a short, "relaxing" ;) break between other levels this is an okay choice, yet nothing really groundbreaking. Found two secrets." - manarch2 (13-Aug-2016)

"This isn't a badly made level at all, it is just a shame about the simplicity of the gameplay and the level ending abruptly, at a time when there seemed to be more to do. Pity the builder wasn't able to expand on it as I am sure it would have been very good. I suppose the builder's readme explains the reasons though. Maybe treat this as a demo/work in progress and wait for bigger things." - Ryan (12-Aug-2016)

"I think the problems this author got when managing the level editor could be 'cause a previously use of another tools (wadmerger, meta...) to modify/add/delete objects to a base wad. I think there are a lot of good wads which are already published and working good (like the BtB wads). This level is not bad, but except the initial puzzle there are not interesting tasks to accomplish. Also the author should place some cameras when triggering doors in distant places (ex: the door up the ladder and after the fire emitters in the floor). All in all I want to encourage to this builder 'cause his levels are enjoyable anyway." - Jose (09-Aug-2016)

"Considering the purgatory that the builder apparently went through when constructing this little adventure,the resultant effort admirably displays no evidence of the difficulties - except at the very end;and only because the Finish Trigger cuts in abruptly.The gameplay blasts along at a very brisk pace indeed;the enemies are profuse and allow for some vigorous action (particularly in the final minute or so);and the collection of the two secrets spices up the gameplay a little more.Nonetheless,you won't be getting stuck anywhere here;and,despite some amusing use of objects,the atmosphere of a zombiefied school isn't anything like as potent as it could have been.It's all undeniable good fun for the 20 minutes that it lasts;but it ultimately feels exactly like what it is - an incomplete work-in-progress level." - Orbit Dream (01-Aug-2016)

"This is a short (30 minutes), easy and linear level undoubtedly made so because of the software problems encountered by the builder in crafting his creation. Those who bother to read the accompanying text files will know that the builder is on the verge of graduating from college and will soon be entering the real world where he'll have limited time to devote to the level editor. If this is his last such effort, it's not a bad one at all, despite its unplanned brevity. The gameplay is so straightforward that a walkthrough is not needed, although I jotted one down while playing. Your objective is to collect five cursed notes and thereby deliver a haunted school from its spell. Along the way you'll encounter several anomalies: secrets that are required in order to finish the level, and a weapon (uzis) that's useless to deal with the main enemies (mummies). Moreover, the cursed notes were apparently intended to have some use, apparently to open up ways to new tasks, but when all five are collected there's no fanfare and no place to put them. The atmosphere is dark and foreboding but appropriate, and ample flares are provided. Whatever glitches were encountered during the building process didn't show up in the released product, for everything flowed along quite neatly for me. Not a classic by any means, but definitely a fun play, especially if you're looking for something a bit less taxing." - Phil (30-Jul-2016)

"The brevity of this level rather surprised me (less than 30 minutes), but the author's readme may go some way to explain that. A shame that he had to abandon so much of his work. What remains is a strange mix of classrooms etc., infiltrated by Egyptian objects, ninjas, mummies and scorpions. It's straightforward to play, with nothing too taxing to achieve, it moves along well enough and the atmosphere is quite effective. OK, it's no Hall of Fame contender, but the author has tried something a little different and you might just want to check it out." - Jay (30-Jul-2016)

"'Put it this way: the BHM Productions haven't improved the slightest since their last "Back to Basics" instalment. It's not as if I can say I've tried and built something myself but what I do know is that most builders can and do better than that. It's quite short and ends really abruptly, it uses objects, sounds, music and baddies nobody's used in ages... Well, on the flip side, Brandon may be very young (we don't know as there's no date of birth provided) or his choice may be a deliberate nostalgia trip. All I can say is if he does put a lot more effort into future renderings I'll be here to applaud." - Jorge22 (29-Jul-2016)

"I have always enjoyed watching this author's progression with each level release, and this one is definitely the best of his so far. Gameplay is fun and fluid, and has a few moments of difficulty, but lacks a truly good puzzle or something that makes you have to think. It's all pretty straightforward, is usual with his levels. The rest is pretty great. The atmosphere is really eerie and what not, making me feel like I really am trapped in a cursed and abandoned school. Also, I loved the object set used, it was perfect. Texturing and lighting was pretty great and really suited the level and I only saw a few texturing errors. It would've been neat to see custom enemies, but the level's story actually validated the presence of the enemies we see in the level and their placement makes sense. I loved the touch about how the zombies/mummies were people who had wandered into the school and died. Very cool. This is clearly th best level from this author by far, and considering his "Keep In Mind" document, I can understand why a few gameplay aspects were lacking. Also, he states that in the "ReadMe" that this will most likely be the last level he makes. That's fine with me, because I think this a good place for to leave off. His little threesome of levels have shown a nice growth and I'm glad to have come across this author." - KH_1400 (28-Jul-2016)
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