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Author(s): Gabriel Croft
total rating:8.18 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Adriel 10 10 10 10
Allicya 9 9 10 9
DJ Full 7 9 9 8
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Gorty 7 8 8 7
Jay 8 8 8 9
Jorge22 7 7 7 8
Jose 8 9 8 9
manarch2 6 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 8 7 8
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
SeniorBlitz 7 8 8 9
Torry 7 7 8 9
Wikus Croft 10 10 10 10
category averages
(15 reviews)
7.73 8.27 8.33 8.40

Reviewer's comments

"Sonara Desert: This is the first level in this game that actually progressed logically and without any back tracking. Much better design although at 30 minutes it could have been a tad longer (never happy are we players?). The only enemies here are wolves, snakes and a couple of soldiers. No real puzzles to solve just find your way to ElDorado. The second Level ElDoroda was much more confusing with again swim through tiles for secrets. Enemies here are Raptors and poisonous pterodactyls plus the odd native here and there. Getting the mask off the central pillar in the pool room took some figuring. The music in this last level is terrible and monotonous and never ending, the same horrid tune. This level lasted around 45 minutes. So all in all much confusion reigns in this level set and without a walk through close at hand you will never find your way through this unfortunately. What annoyed me most about this game is it does not play as a game. It consists of six parts and each part is loaded separately so you lose your accumulated ammo and health packs but curiously, you carry forward your weapons and objects that you picked up." - Torry (01-Aug-2018)

"Having only reviewed the individual fourth and fifth segments of this series, I thought I'd take this opportunity to provide my thoughts on the remaining parts, so I only played parts one, two, three and six as the others are still fairly fresh in my memory's. Part one is the tried and trusted Mansion layout - the usual tasks occur (finding a lot of keys, exploring the Mansion and finding the respective open door), so nothing really news or exciting on that score, but at least the surroundings are sleek. Part two is in a jungle setting, so get ready for the tigers. It's actually a bit of a shooter, this one, as there's rather an overuse of guards which got a bit wearying despite plenty of ammo being provided. The boat ride did spice up proceedings though. Next up is a pleasing ship setting, so although the gameplay in the vast ocean was definitely not to my taste (searching for lots of small holes with very little guidance and being dogged by sharks) I really liked the overall atmospheric look of it all. The final part, Mexico was probably my favourite after Penglai Shan. The gameplay does pick up again (while not providing anything particularly difficult) and is smooth-flowing and linear, with some nicely spaced enemy attacks and fun progression in an attractive setting. Overall, it's probably best to play this as a full series as then you can see the improvements from level to level and I do commend the builder for putting this mammoth adventure together. I would probably class Part 4 as my favourite, followed closely by part 6 and part 3. In the parts I played, I spent roughly three hours." - Ryan (23-Mar-2018)

"Tomb Raider Salvation certainly is a very good and diverse package, full of a variety of levels with different themes, it’s also very nostalgic ride on its own, and the atmosphere is really impressive on this levels, the same I could say for the texture work, no complaints here. The gameplay is very simple but diverse; I also thought that the final level was a bit anti-climactic. Recommended if you’re looking for a nostalgic ride with decent gameplay and good visuals." - SeniorBlitz (05-Nov-2017)

"Also reviewing the last in the series namely Mexico. Like I already mentioned in the previous level, “the Shard”, I still do not like this Lara figure. For the rest it is a rather easy level to go through. Some enemies to slay some puzzles to solve and enough pick-ups to find. The ending was somewhat abrupt though. Will go through them all when I have a bit more time as I already reviewed them." - Gerty (09-Jun-2017)

"The first thing I did was downloading this once from treditor and twice from here, because I couldn't believe everything is still in separate parts. Before you say it's for a single download, just imagine TC14 doing this to his Gold Edition - simply a thought not to even cross mind. If it's intended as a whole, make it a whole - not only it would keep us immersed all the time, but also allow the inventory to hold all the artifacts, open more combat possibilities and solve ammo shortage issues which are still unfixed, just like all other errors known from the earlier releases - nonsense interaction spots, unfair health loss, walk-through walls and tons of glitches, also the downhill I described in my partial review still exists: the manor-India introduction is better than later parts. The last one is again good and a worthy conclusion though the readme mentions combining and destroying the artifacts which I didn't even expect to see. Instead, for the sixth time, we approach the final gem and jump straight to the helicopter catwalk - however it's still a sign of evolution the author thought about including a post-pickup getaway. In the meantime I found no serious errors except one jump shortcut for the mask, allowing to bypass both the idol and the medallion, and I did so because the medallion hole is masked better than secrets, except from the last secret which, in the very last minute, manages to return the walk-through floor when I already thought nothing bad can happen anymore. SUMMARY: Not a "revised version" but a pack of separate episodes plus the last one - feels like cheating for greater scores but even if so, I take the bait because it works: the game feels more varied, a 9-hour marathon over the known path gives a better storyline picture, familiar errors don't surprise to generate less frustration, so in the end I gave that one extra point, but keep in mind I would give more if the trouble was fixed." - DJ Full (21-Jan-2017)

"A nice level set by Gabriel Croft. It was very hard to give one rating and one review for 6 different level sets included in this package. First of all .. I think it's a bad Idea to release all levels in one package because you can't play them from one exe ... every level set is played from their own folder and tomb4.exe. Which is weird and odd. In this way it doesn't really feel like they belong together in one story or the same concept. The second thing is that there are mostly gradual improvements while playing through the levels ( starting from part one to six ) and that the, let's say, quality of the levels is uneven. Some things I wrote for the Lara beyond dreams 2 ( LBD2 ) review can be applied here too, so I won't repeat myself. I noticed that on most levels the fullscreen didn't work. I had to play it always in windowed mode. Part 1 - Starts in the croft manor garden and reminds me alot of LBD2. Has this beginnerish look all over. I encountered few texturing errors, mostly in some underwater areas. I'm not sure if this is a replica of the croft manor from TR2 or 3 ? Can't say for sure. But looks very similar to the original croft manor, so the question is if this is just a modified croft manor or original work ?. Lighting was very flat, monotone, too bright, no dynamics ... Gameplay was the worst in all 6 parts. Part 2 - Was much better than the first part. The ambient and atmosphere was nice. Real improvements visible compared to the croft manor. There were again many texturing errors. Flybys were good and the music reminds me again of LBD2. The environment looked just too boxy but the good object usage covered this unnatural boxy architecture. Some objects were placed wrong ( going through walls or floors ). In some parts when getting a different point of view, the environment gets very, again, boxy. The underwater parts looked much worse than the parts outside the water. Overall, this looked much better, but more work needed definitely. Part 3 - Starts in a very nice underwater landscape with some nice peaceful music playing in the background. Texturing has obvious imperfections when taking a closer look. The gameplay was catastrophic in this part for me. It was very hard to orientated, everything looked very similar. Those 2 or 3 sharks were very annoying as they followed mw through every possible hole. There were just too many holes, paths, piles, switches and keys to explore. Found one key just by pure accident. Si it was very chaotic and frustrating. Some objects were pitch black that I thought they were untextured surfaces. Some object had no light adjustment and they were like white glowing stones. Overall, a nice ambient with bad and confusing gameplay. Part 4 - My favorite part of the series and here Gabriel Croft reached a peak for the quality of his levels. A very nice snowy and foggy environment, but still it's very boxy like the second part. Found many stretched and wrong applied textures. A very careless texturing on some pats. I'm starting to notice some repetitive gameplay elements. The light was the best so far. Some more camera hints after switches would be nice. I encountered crashes of the game after dying. Part 5 - Now the quality of his levels is getting worse. After some nice levels ( part 4 ) this one just looks totally different. Like it was not made by the same person. It starts with a terrible title flyby ( or a low pixelated picture ). The light is bad as in the first level. Barely made it to the end. Part 6 - Now we have a level that looks exactly like part 2 but just with less objects to cover the imperfections in the architecture. Still looking very very boxy with bad lighting, even terrible at some parts. Overall, a bad design of the level. First time that the music choice was bad. Just didn't fit. Again, many careless texturing errors. In the end, there was only one ( or maybe two ) levels that I liked and that very slight above average in all categories. The other levels were just not as good, not impressive, many errors, beginnerish in some parts, repetitive .... The mexico level looks like it was made in a big rush. When playing all levels together, the gameplay gets, as mentioned above, very repetitive, uninventive and even boring in some segments. Nothing new or exciting is offered in this game. Tomb Raider Salvation ( and single level releases ) would probably have even lower ratings if his Brazilian friend wouldn't be pumping up his ratings with the unrealistic reviews. Overall, I'm recommending only the part 4." - Gorty (18-Jan-2017)

"I liked very much the level. It is not flawless but taking into consideration that i didn't review lots of levels in the pack i will rate based on the good points of all the levels and the work that the author had to do it. Hope to see more levels from you." - Adriel (08-Dec-2016)

"So far this game is my most favorite of all. Its creative, unique and very fun to play. I'm playing this game over and over. I love the cake baking part of lara's home, the boat in the island, I am totally in love with the snow level and all its amazing and creative rooms. I love the big ocean level and especially the boat part, it was awesome. I'm so glad you added the spy type level those are one of my most favorite kind of levels and love the new mexico level. Great job gabriel I'm very proud of you and I admire your work." - Wikus Croft (25-Nov-2016)

"I started re-playing the older ones which I'd already played but, after a while, I went on for the Mexican levels. There was nothing particularly demanding in any "physical" and mental - terms and there was a total change of scenery from the previous instalments. But visiting different areas and a TR3-looking ending isn't enough to even remotely placing it alongside The Adventures of Lara Croft as this series of games seems to lack visual cohesion and, most of all, atmosphere, perhaps the strongest TR3 achievement. I was hoping to find a few issues solved in the Mexico levels but alas!, nope, not at all. So, is it the builder's choice to make Lara move in slow motion or else something that should have been fixed but wasn't? Visually, I think the Mexico levels, instead of being of the Sonora type or something, end up being a cocktail of different things that actually belong to different TR places. And we all know a good cocktail is never the one to which we just keep adding stuff, right? As for the musical background, well, I guess it's all a matter of taste - but, personally, if I want to listen to music on my PC what I do is visit Youtube. Not that I think the music was badly chosen, that's not the point. I just don't see TR games as a means to shove musical preferences down other people's throats. I think this kind of mistake was done by a few renowned builders in the past and I still didn't like the idea. Not any more than visiting a shop and having to put up with their loud music just because. Having said all that, I actually liked this set of levels and the Mexico levels, even though the next to last may have been my favourite in the series, and I hope to see much more inspired things from this builder in the future as I'm sure he's able." - Jorge22 (21-Nov-2016)

"And so the series comes to an end. Overall, I've enjoyed it - admittedly some parts more than others - and although I have no reason to change my opinion in my review of Penglai Shan that it was my favourite part, this Mexico set adventure is possibly my second favourite. This is, as usual, pretty linear and readily accomplished by most players. It's an attractive setting, the gameplay is sufficiently varied and the enemies seem appropriate. It's certainly a worthy end to the whole thing and, if you haven't played the earlier parts, you really should consider doing so." - Jay (18-Nov-2016)

"Most of us have already played and reviewed the earlier segments of this series, so I will follow the pattern set by the other reviewers and confine my comments here to Part 6 (Mexico). It will be a different story, however, for future newcomers to this site. I found this to be a pleasant, eye-pleasing adventure with ample lighting and enough challenges to present a fun raid. Lara's running animation is a bit jerky, but I quickly got used to that and enjoyed myself for the hour that I spent in the two parts. There's one secret in each level, and I needed Jose's help to find them both. You can finish the first level without getting the laser sight, but I tried to do it the intended way and found the rope swing to a block beneath the monkey bars to be frustratingly difficult. Other than that, the tasks here are easily attainable by raiders of all skill classes, and my ratings for this segment reflect my impression of the entire series. Well done." - Phil (17-Nov-2016)

"Finally finished the whole packed adventure. Reminds me of Tomb Raider 3 Adventures of Lara Croft. Thanks for this very enjoyable quest. 9 to gameplays & puzzles because I missed just a bit of inovation in them... 9 to enemies, objets & secrets for the same reason. The atmosphere in each level, among with sound and cameras are very pleasent so I'm giving it a 10. 9 to lighting & textures. Loved the last part of Mexico but unfortunately is shorter than the previous parts. Anyway the Mexico levels design is a beautiful choice to end this series, well done." - Allicya (15-Nov-2016)

"Part 6 - Mexico is one of my least favourite parts of the series. The gameplay is very uninspired even for this builder, with only a few hints of puzzles in the first level and in the second level you can bypass parts of the larger puzzle by simply jumping to the ledge with the mask, which is not very hard actually - most of the time you are just running and jumping around a very linear course without much diversity. In general these levels lack not only serious beta testing but also care. I have a list of a good dozen of larger issues, but since the builder makes the same mistakes in all of his levels and never really improves (no wonder with all those, IMHO really "inadequate" high grades on some of his levels), I'll only concentrate on a few individual ones. First of all the fullscreen fix on Win10 doesn't work on this level for me (not so bad and might have something to do with my computer). A flyby goes through a solid ledge. On a block there are partly missing textures so you can see the black nothingness. The interminable music in the first level is very annoying (muted it). On the other side the builder sometimes manages to capture the scenery well, the choice of textures and objects is good as always (yet with betterable application and too simple geometry at times). Found both secrets in a total of 30 minutes. While this part gets a 4-7-7-7, the rest of the levels which are obviously part of this release wants to be rated as well. On the whole the adventure works a bit better than the individual parts and I also want to pay tribute to a lot of work the builder has put into this series, but not without a side swipe that all could've been so much better. In total I spent 2:55 hours in the various parts." - manarch2 (14-Nov-2016)

"Having already reviewed the previous levels in this series,these comments apply to the Bonus Mexico Adventure..but,perhaps unsurprisingly,the same scores and comments that I gave in the previous reviews would apply equaLly to this one.Anyone familiar with Gabriel will know what to expect here:a very enjoyable,generally linear and relatively undemanding 70 minutes of solid gameplay within a capably built (and well lit and textured) environment,albeit one that takes place within generally rectangular areas. Plenty of enemies for action.A few puzzles to solve.The need to keep your eyes open on occasion,to enable forward progression. It all flows enjoyably and briskly forward;and,although providing comparatively few surprises along the way,is always pleasant and easy to immerse yourself in. As a mammoth series,this would actually stand up to an entire replay.Rarely would you be pulling your hair out,and progress would be pretty rapid but always enjoyable. I look forward to more." - Orbit Dream (14-Nov-2016)

"This review is only for the Mexico levels, 'cause I've already reviewed the remaining chapters of this adventure. In the same line from this author, this couple of levels are shorter, but entertaining enough. Not difficult or tricky tasks, pull some switches, place some artifacts, move some objects and a lot of exploration but no much backtracking (except to get the secret in the first level). Near the end i missed more ammo to deal with the last enemies. It seems that there is a problem with the background music in the first level, but the atmosphere is usually good. The texturization is cool too, with very few defects. Definitely, all the whole adventure is worth to play and very enjoyable; an adventure for everybody and not only for expert players. Only give many thanks to Gabriel for all the huge work this years to make fans happy. Congratulations! Conclusion: highly recommended." - Jose (13-Nov-2016)
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