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Author(s): Sabatu
total rating:7.41 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 7 7 7 8
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
eRIC 7 7 8 8
Gian Carlo 7 7 7 7
Gorty 7 8 9 9
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 7 8 7 8
manarch2 6 5 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Raider99 6 7 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
smcandrew 7 7 7 8
Torry 7 7 7 7
category averages
(14 reviews)
7.00 7.14 7.57 7.93

Reviewer's comments

"Catacombs a bit different from the usual as there are more diverse enemies with demigods, harpies and crocs giving an hand to the more usual skeletons and small beetles. There is also some different sfx. The atmosphere is pretty good and i generally like the texturing , quite convincingly done. I deduced a point in Gameplay and one in Objects for the poor Lara model/animation as she seems to 'peddle in the mayonnaise', and the buggy binoculars. Also a couple of things did not made sense or perhaps the level was not completely in its final version for lack of time. Many of the tasks are rather easy , yet the game succeeds to never become predictable, that's very good. I got a bit of trouble only in the end after the flooding to find the final area. Overall , a good Catacombs experience i enjoyed despite the flaws." - eRIC (01-Jul-2019)

"Just as the name suggests this is a classic Tomb Raider level. Nothing new here just a good old fashioned enjoyable raid. The only issue I saw with this is that Lara was moving in molasses. It just appeared that all her movements were slowed ever so slightly but enough to be noticeable." - Torry (08-Mar-2018)

"In this level there are a lot of stars to collect, they all work as puzzle items. A different item would have been fine, indeed the Horseman's gem is a different one, it opened a door near the very beginning of the level. A camera would've been nice for that, because I thought it was going to open the door in the same room where I placed it but no. I'm curious of what was inside there... The 3 secrets weren't hard to find. I found them all, something that rarely happens. Textures are well applied, and some rooms are darker than others, they have different lighting colors so there's varied lighting. Enemies are varied as well, some harpies that throw fireballs, the demigods, scorpions, annoying wraiths... I think skeletons don't die with nothing. The blade trap on the floor is something new to me, I hadn't seen those before. I didn't like the running animation, it's slow when Lara starts to run. The sound when pushing/pulling things is missing. I didn't experience crashes when shooting at vases, but I did at the end of the level. I quite liked the gameplay because it is easy at times, not too confusing. Total: 7.2/10. Recommended, it'll keep you entertained for an hour" - alan (24-Jan-2017)

"This is a classic Catacombs level in every sense of the word. There were a few dodgy bits here, particularly Lara's juddering running animation and the game crashing at certain points. Aside from these downers, I enjoyed it, even if it was a bit too easy. Lara needs to collect a few Hand items (labeled 'Load'), defeat a few demigods and use the torch. No work of art, but it's worth a look." - Ryan (12-Jan-2017)

"Sluggish Lara alert - you know, the one who sounds as though her boots are full of custard, which might well explain the odd bouncing slo-mo run. Anyway, that aside, this is a very classic catacomb raid, with all the usual suspects in the way of enemies. Lara's main occupation appears to be picking up a succession of 'Hands of Load', whilst proceeding in a fairly linear manner through huge rooms. The gameplay is simple and within the capabilities of most players, but there is a sneaky invisible platform moment that had me fooled for a while. I also found that if I tried to use the binoculars or shoot vases from a distance in some of the rooms the game crashed to the desktop, so be a bit careful that way. Perhaps not the most exciting raid you'll find in the catacomb section, but solidly made and worth taking a look at certainly." - Jay (05-Jan-2017)

"I've always enjoyed playing levels with the catacombs theme, as they're generally light-friendly and appealing to the eye. This one is no different. You get about an hour of relatively stress-free play, although my game crashed fairly early when I drew my pistols and stooped to fire at a small pot. After that I made no further attempts to shoot jugs and pots, and according to Jose's walkthrough I thereby missed a number of relatively insignificant pickups. Plenty of flares and weapons with adequate ammunition are available in plain sight, and I enjoyed doing battle with the familiar enemies: harpies, scorpions, crocs, demigods and even a few skeletons. Knowing where to go next was sometimes a matter of confusion, especially near the end, so I was glad to have the walkthrough handy. In summary, a competent and fun raid." - Phil (30-Dec-2016)

"A decent enough first pick in the competition, with gameplay that while fairly classic is varied enough to entertain for 35 minutes. The first pushable puzzle is barely hinted at all and I really didn't like the task that involved jumping to three alcoves, then dropping down and returning quite a way to the rope, but the rest is more fluent and logical. One think I also disliked was the slowed running animation and it was so annoying on some jumps that I deducted a point in the second category for it. While the few enemies are decently placed and the object design is solid too, I had to finish this level with 3/5 secrets because the trigger of the gem didn't work after a flipmap and another one didn't register at all. While the visuals are sometimes a bit uncleanly applied with occasionally ugly textures, there are really nicely designed rooms with good lighting and effective texturing. A few sounds are sadly missing here, but otherwise cameras and sounds are decently used. Overall an enjoyable yet somewhat flawed level that might've needed some more polishment." - manarch2 (26-Dec-2016)

"Another good level from Sabatu. Of course, this is not a great level with fantastic features, but a very good classic level with no backtracking and no hard tasks. A level for everybody, a level recommended for everyone. Even when I found some bugs (using the binoculars, drawing the weapons the game crashed in certain area, missing sounds, the game crashes when finishing...) the level is well playable and very enjoyable. Always a hint to solve the puzzles, well balanced enemies and enough ammo for the shotgun and the uzis; not so enough medipacks so don't waste them! I finished the level without medipacks in my inventory, even when I found medipacks in the three secrets (not hard to find) I found. Correct use of flybys and cameras, I missed a last camera shot to show the location of the star to open the door near the beginning pit. The lights are very well worked, for me the best of the level, but the texturization is not bad too. Anyway a classic level worth to play and recommended for most players. Good work!" - Jose (22-Dec-2016)

"Even though I would say there are quite a few issues that the builder needs to sort with this level, it is a good level to play through. The run animation I found to be rather odd as just didn't feel authentic and created weird stops and starts, but I eventually got over that. It's a shame the items in the inventory weren't named for some of the pickups, instead it just said 'Load' - there were also some sound issues especially when pushing/pulling blocks and the game kept crashing at times when I shot in certain rooms. Regardless, the gameplay is quite good, however some bits seemed very random, like an invisible platforms and thousands of scarabs just to get the horseman's gem that didn't seem to open the door when used. Overall a fairly good level which just needs a few parts tweaking to sort it out." - smcandrew (18-Dec-2016)

"So far I played temple of Isis, sun seraph, Egyptian hand and half of The hiking. The catacomb by sabatu has the lowest rating of these levels, but honesty, I don't see why there is such a difference in the ratings between those levels. The lighting and texturing is great and far better than in the temple of Isis, sun seraph or Egyptean hand. There were close to no texturing errors. It felt like a real classic TR4 catacombs level. The worst part of this adventure is the gameplay/puzzles. Some parts very really unfair and IMPOSSIBLE ! But really impossible to know ( pushing the block under a ceiling which has apparently a different texture and the part with the invisible blocks - I just accidentally light up a flare but was trying for 10 minutes to get over the edge with the rope ). Let's not forget the ˝load˝ pickup and some sound errors, but it's I guess because of rushing things. Overall, I did like it, more than the other games I played so far." - Gorty (11-Dec-2016)

"This was one of those levels which,despite the builders doubtless best intentions,singularly failed to grab me.Perhaps it was the general linearity,with most of the (invariably large) rooms containing no more than one single task.Or the obscurity of the first push-block puzzle.Or the horribly unfair floor blades.Or the supremely irritating final fire wraith.Or the fact that the final gem appeared to open a door right back at the very start,yet no camera hint was given that this was so.Or those really silly 'invisible ledges' - used on two separate occasions.Or because the key pickups were all labelled 'load',and the game crashed to desktop at the very end.I stuck with it,though,because it all looked rather elegant;and the map design was actually rather clever and involved nothing like as much backtracking as you'd expect.The enemy placement kept things spiced up;the lighting and textures were very decently applied;and the whole quest had a definite objective to it. It kept me absorbed for 75 minutes;but it's not something I'd want to play again." - Orbit Dream (09-Dec-2016)

"The level is fun and enjoyable, despite its linearity and some areas being rip offs from the original. I was just a bit frustrated because the gem device does not work (not a big deal though, as it's not necessary to finish the level). Speaking of that, the level simply crashes at the end. Also, I did not like Lara's movements as it's too slow. Summing up, it's no revolutionary, but it's something nice to pass the time." - Gian Carlo (08-Dec-2016)

"I wish the game was half as good gameplay-wise as it was visually, at some point. I came to conclusion this level hasn't been tested properly, or at all. The gameplay felt quite simple, linear. The hints were really poor (first pushable puzzle, invisible tiles...) or there were no hints at all in some areas (traps randomly put on the ground)! It was quite repetitive as it consisted of collecting the same puzzle over and over again and looks like the builder didn't even bother to give it a proper name. I feel like the enemies were added just to make this feel longer as most of them felt out of place in some circumstances. Objects were put alright, but I haven't noticed any static object properly lit, meaning they were off compared with the environment they're in. Found all 3 secrets which weren't hidden that well and they can be collected quite early in the adventure. I noticed some sounds are missing and I don't know how didn't the builder notice that, especially missing block sound when it's being pushed/pulled? Visually, as I stated at the beginning, it was alright, except some areas were pitch black it just didn't blend well with the rest. I expected more from this builder, this level lacked some serious testing that made experience less enjoyable. It is still playable, except, don't be surprised as the game will crash at the very end..." - Raider99 (04-Dec-2016)

"I'm starting with the one I heard the least about (excluding Rome I checked earlier to debunk a false error report). Here we have something seemingly basic but in fact very well planned, including a travel there and back again through the entire map however with an unpredictable transformation which makes us feel no backtrack at all. The fire jump puzzle, the last secret and arguably the best rollingball of this year all compensate for several geometry chunks copied directly from the original game, unfortunately there's nothing to break the color pattern which is browns, reds and oranges all the time - how much I dreamt about any complementary blues or greens! Progress is mostly intuitive excluding one part I cannot imagine not getting stuck in, unless you know it in advance or do trial and error. The adventure appears a proper quest, strongly concluded however without any reward music - heck, so few levels have all bits pressed in this final moment... SUMMARY: If you're looking for a catacomb level here's one which passes the classic test and offers some neat features." - DJ Full (04-Dec-2016)
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