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Author(s): kaufi-lc
total rating:9.27 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Gian Carlo 9 9 9 10
Gorty 8 8 9 7
kabal 10 10 9 9
Orbit Dream 10 10 10 10
phms2010 9 9 8 9
Raider99 10 10 9 9
requiemsoul 7 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
smcandrew 10 9 10 10
The Boo 9 10 9 8
category averages
(12 reviews)
9.17 9.42 9.33 9.17

Reviewer's comments

"This is undoubtedly one of the most atmospheric levels I ever played. From the starting room, I was immersed in the TR2 reminiscent atmosphere of this level, thanks in no small part to the music, the background audio and the beautiful lighting and texturing. I found the gameplay to click with me real well, with some devious timed runs, traps, puzzles, exploration, use of the boat, items to find and a boss battle. When Lara approached her helicopter, I felt really proud and felt like I had accomplished something. Took me 2 hours 11 minutes and found 4 of 7 secrets. One of the best levels I have ever played." - Ryan (15-Jan-2017)

"Fantastic! This is a fascinating game to celebrate 20 years of TR. Though having the aspect of a TR2 game, it still has a varied gameplay with puzzles, difficult jumps, deadly traps, riding a boat and so much fun. Enemies are varied as well, as you don't only kill leopards, but mad mercenaries, and evil knights too! Atmosphere is stunning, especially the long, wooden bridge overlooking the long way down! I loved the blue fog in certain areas, and the slight darkening in some of them. It really looks like that place is so cold. Secrets are very well-hidden, I only found 3 of 7. I had no idea how to get the greande launcher behind the door, I had to leave it behind and fight the knights with other weapons after picking up the Sun Seraph. This was a fun 2 hours raid, highly recommended!" - kabal (09-Jan-2017)

"This adventure really defined what "20 Years of TR" is all about. I truly felt like I was playing an extension of TR2/TR3 while playing this level. The feeling of nostalgia is amazing - I didn't put the game down until I beat it! This author did an incredible job of creating an environment that feels and plays very authentic. The gameplay is a perfect mixture of TR2/TR3 elements. There is lots of platforming, exploring of large, believable areas, and combat with both animals and humans. There is a boat segment as well. I kept wondering to myself how this could all fit into one level! There were times that I lamented a few gameplay elements (a frustrating rope slide with a carefully timed jump near the end of the level is one example) but overall it was great to play. I felt that the enemies were well done and corresponded to their original in-game likeness (some, like the yeti, have newer, better features). The puzzle objects are believable and in-line with the level theme. The secrets are very hard to find. I discovered two with careful searching. I spotted areas that I now realize I did not explore by the end, but am not sure how I will access them in replay. The atmosphere is incredible. It is exactly like TR2 (particularly the Golden Mask) would play. The heavy blue fog was too intense at times (in one early underwater segment in particular) but, overall, I think it added to the impressive atmosphere. I especially liked how, at the end when Lara claims the Seraph, the room goes from warm and "sunny" to cold and icy. I disliked that multiple audio tracks would play at once (background and situational music) and I think a few more songs would have been enjoyed. The lighting was done well and in a consistent manner. I think the level could have benefited from a few stronger sun bulbs (ironic in this level) to give the level more of a "glow." As it is, most of the level is somewhat flat. I only noticed a few textures that were stretched (because of an angled wall) and took no issue with texturing otherwise. I thought it was brilliantly done and combined textures from multiple games. Overall I spent 2 hours on this romp and plan to replay so I can see the other rooms in the bonus level that I missed out on. What a great contribution to 20 Years of TR. Many thanks to this author!!" - phms2010 (30-Dec-2016)

"I really like the style of this game. It manages to combine my favourite settinges from TR2 and TR3! The gameplay is rather good for a classic one - sometimes even challenging, especially the fights if you missed one or two medipacks. I didn´t enjoy the distance fog color and there are some wrong placed textures to find. But alltogehter a game to recommend if you like the classic TR ... well I guess we all love them. Play it!" - The Boo (21-Dec-2016)

"I've loved the cold theme and it's a very good and well made level. It combines the essence of TR2 and TR3's atmosphere in a big way. I didn't like that much in the beginning, but it gets way better as the level goes, since it flows really nice. By the way, the secrets were very well hidden since I couldn't find any of them!" - Gian Carlo (21-Dec-2016)

"As soon as I collected the Sun seraph, sadly, I knew it's going to end eventually, especially as I hoped to uncover more areas and obtain more weapons, I ended up having only pistols and shotgun without ammo, haha! Apparently I'm not that good at finding secrets also meaning they were really well hidden! Gameplay felt really classic, it was flowing nicely until the very end with nice puzzles, traps and lots of jumping. There was a nice choice of enemies, and each of them worked correctly with no error, both AI and sounds. However, I think music could have been added in few more sequences, just to make fights more enjoyable. The design of rooms, textures and lighting were really nice, however, lighting did seem repetitive at some point, especially with quite thick fog, but it did work together with the atmosphere of level, dark and cold. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy the bonus level that much as I missed 5 secrets, yeah, I'm bad at it, but from what I've seen, it was a really nice touch, so faithful to classics, kudos to the builder for this idea! Highly recommended!" - Raider99 (17-Dec-2016)

"The overall design of the game is great, but I have to say that there were enormous many texture errors everywhere, so the texturing seemed done without much care or in a rush. I don’t think there is a single room with clear texturing. The gameplay, as the other reviews said, feels classic. I hated ( like in some other games of this competition ), that many switches don’t show what they activated, which is very annoying. I also agree that some passages were maybe a little bit too good hidden. The lighting ( and texturing ) could be a bit more diverse. Few parts seemed very epic ( like the bridge crossing ). The distance fog was ok for me. Some flyby scenes were a bit ˝clumsy˝. In general, it was a great experience playing this game and I did like it, but it seemed, as I said, in some parts a bit rushed, unfinished and repetitive." - Gorty (09-Dec-2016)

"A camera hint on the torch would be great, just like wider fog range instead of constantly disturbing thick wall. Other than that it's a masterclass in making sense all the time. Play and understand." - DJ Full (08-Dec-2016)

"My second favorite map of this contest. Very nice visually and excellent tribute to Tomb Raider 2 . The tasks and gameplay are a bit generic. A lot of fun final combat. Some trap-section would have been great in that temple. Recommended." - requiemsoul (08-Dec-2016)

"It's the third level I play of this 20 years competition and I just can say it's certainly one of the best. In this adventure Lara is searching a Seraph hidden deep in the underground. The gameplay is classic and we feel very well the tr2 tibet atmosphere. The game is also not very hard but some objects and passages are sometimes very well hidden. Like tr2, we can find tr2 enemies like baddys, yetis and also leopars very well placed through the map. The adventure is divided in 2 aeras, the first one with the canyon and the 2 bridges and the second one in the underground with the hidden monastery and the river with boat. And my personnal favorite is the second because I have just loved how the builder build the entire giant cave with the monastery, the lost camp and the facilities near the river ... IMPRESSIVE :D . I have also very enjoyed the great battle with the four statues after taking the Seraph and the escape with the elevator to find an helicopter in the end ... End who remember tr3 ending ;) . The final surprise is the "bonus" level and the various hidden place we can discovered if we obtain all secrets. Unfortunelly I just find 6 secrets of 7. So I suppose I will replay the level when a walktrough will be release to obtain the last hidden places in the bonus. I can just congratulate the author for this game. A jewel of tr2 atmosphere and also one of the best level of 2016." - Bigfoot (08-Dec-2016)

"What a simply majestic level.It's staggering how much the builder managed to cram into this - from engaging puzzles (particularly the stalactite melting sequence);the fun boat navigation;the excellent placement and variety of enemies;and the huge and stunningly well crafted (and well connected) areas.The whole adventure simply oozes atmosphere,and the ways for progression have been superbly devised.It's exploration of the highest order;but,in addition,there is a degree of palpable suspense which builds as the adventure progresses - until the Finale;which,although straightforward,is brilliantly set in scene - and then,just when you think it's all over... Objects are incorporated with great attention to detail (extending even to the inclusion of a poignant letter);secrets are so well hidden that,despite apparently investigating every nook and cranny,I only discovered one;and the textures,skillfully applied. I clocked up over 2 1/2 hours (not including the bonus level),but was absorbed from first moment to last.One of the best custom adventures I've yet played." - Orbit Dream (07-Dec-2016)

"Search for the Sun Seraph First of all, what a fantastic level. The level felt so authentic that at moments I forgot I was playing a TRLE game and thought I was playing TR2. The main level was so well designed I felt that it was actually a complete level set. I will try not to spoil anything in the below review. In relations to the ‘Create a Classic’ theme, this level really stands out. The gameplay elements employs aspects from TR2 to TR4 incredibly well and the puzzles and traps vary in difficultly as the level progresses. The puzzle containing the pulleys to lower the platform was very well done by combining different jumps in order to reach the four pulleys. In turn, the puzzles to light the four flames was equally as enjoyable with absolutely no faults there. As the level progressed, the difficulty increases with the stalactites falling and boulder traps that keep you on edge. The final parts of the level when trying to find the Guardian’s Masks was brilliant – at first I struggled to find one of them until exploring further to find it cleverly concealed in an area that I originally overlooked. I enjoyed the rubber boat section of the level and thought the puzzle to get the key to reopen the gates was genius! The final battle was amazing and really brought back the nostalgia before reliving an area that brought back memories of TR3. The enemies were classic TR, some with a new twist being retextured and modified for the TRLE engine but all worked perfectly – the sounds with the enemies worked perfectly, especially when you initially hear the footsteps of an enemy around the corner and the suspense builds until you find out what it is. I especially thought the way the setup with two enemies in particular were very clever, one using it in the Baddy 2 slot to utilise the temporary invisibility animation to make it harder to defeat and the enemies towards the end of the game were even better than when they made their first appearance in the TR series! The lighting and textures were classic TR and I felt captured the essence of the Create a Classic theme. The classic design, both visual and audio made it feel that this level could have easily slotted into TR2 and I would even say this individual level stands out more than TR2 Gold. I found the secrets incredibly difficult to find, only noticing one towards the end of my gameplay – but this is how it should be, it could have been caused due to my lack of fully investigating the area or not noticing specific things that would lead to the secrets. I wish I had found more secrets as the bonus level that is accessed after completing the main game is the perfect way to celebrate 20 Years of Tomb Raider. Overall, the level was a complete pleasure to play and I congratulate the builder on creating such a detailed well-built level. I would definitely recommend this game to old and new fans of the TR series." - smcandrew (05-Dec-2016)
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