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Author(s): vinraider
total rating:9.90 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
Gorty 10 10 10 10
Hedteur 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Lokky99 10 10 10 10
Manymee 9 10 10 10
McRaider 10 10 10 10
Moonpooka 10 10 10 10
MrJavi94 10 10 10 10
OverRaider 10 9 10 10
requiemsoul 9 9 10 10
Thiago 10 10 10 10
category averages
(12 reviews)
9.83 9.83 10.00 9.92

Reviewer's comments

"I write this review reluctantly, because I never finished the game myself. There was a certain point in the Inferno level when I just exited the game and didn't pick it up again. Instead I watched a playthrough on youtube which made me not regret my decision as I watched the player struggle through the last parts. However, I played a fair amount of the game and feel I can review what I played. 1. Level, Paris. This is what made me stick to playing in the first place. Amazing atmosphere, textures and rather laidback gameplay - I loved it! Needless to say, when the next level kicked in, I was hooked. 2. Level, Templar's Library: here's where I realised I had maybe bitten off a little more than I could chew, but with patience (not my strongest point) and some help from the forum I made it through. I did not enjoy the atmoshpere very much, but I had fun organizing a skeleton party in a pool. :D 3. Level, Har Meggido: Loved the atmosphere again. It is beautifully crafted and very well executed. 4. Level, Vatican: Tons of fun exploring the museum, but man did I not enjoy the dragon. It was great when I made it out of there, though. 5. Level, Inferno - I felt the story was getting darker and darker by the minute, and that, to be honest, made me lose my enthusiasm. As mentioned, I did not play any further. I have to give high notes throughout, but I am taking off 1 point in gameplay because I felt it was at times just too challenging to be enjoyable. Apart from that: Textures: masterful. Puzzles: infernal. Sound & music: masterful. Jumps: infernal. atmosphere: masterful. etc, etc, pp. Awesome game. Maybe one day I'll pick up the courage to finish it properly." - Manymee (16-Jan-2017)

"After "Another Business Day" I was afraid it's another builder who's technically flawless but quite boring in return, and I love to be wrong - this time, full care is taken about locations, on-spot storytelling and bits of pioneer gameplay mixed with reasonable amount of casualness, even a little 20th Anniversary tribute. Platforming progresses from easy to hard, but the tasks are entirely logical and solvable, so DON'T even think of the walkthru. Included double meaning is real spice, like the line "bad experience with my doubles", only fully understandable in the very end - I call it poetry. Secrets are my kind as well - I saw a place, I thought "it would be a nice secret" and it was - always prominent, challenging or rewarding. Here, we also learn how to mix different wads so nothing feels out of place. Save from flickering, deliberately far keyholes and shatter vs identical non-shatter in the city, few pesky beetles in the desert and uncannily distorted tiles of the Sistine Chapel, it's one of adventures insultable by calling a "levelset" - I took it in one go, it tastes like chicken only made of Atlantean meat, and you will like it... I think so." - DJ Full (14-Jan-2017)

"This is not gonna be a long review in itself but I just want to highlight the marvel Vincent has brought to us. This is an unique levelset containing six completely different levels each other where the author has paid a high level attention in each detail. It's been a really long time I didn't enjoy a custom game as I did with this one, so I can only suggest you to try this masterpiece as it should enter your "must-play" list. This is definitely the best level of the already past year and I'm sure it won't last too long to get a place in the deserved Hall of Fame. Highly recommended to everyone!" - MrJavi94 (14-Jan-2017)

"Brilliant game and i can only agree with what others have said. I had a great time playing these 6 levels.. even though some parts were tough for me but that's the challenge. Each level is unique, well decorated and with puzzles, traps and storylines.. one thing is for sure, you won't be bored. Highly recomended." - Moonpooka (12-Jan-2017)

"What an amazing creation from Vinraider, an author I havenít heard before. Iím definitely going to remember the author and wait for his next project to play. When the first reviews with high ratings came in I was a bit skeptical, as Iím always because many reviews these days are just without any criteria. A huge project like this requires a longer review. Letís start with the texturing and lighting. All levels were just flawless with beautifully dynamic light. Maybe few parts needed some little diversity, but overall, the light effects are one of the most beautiful ones I have seen in TRLE. I think I havenít found any texturing errors ( actually I remember, in the room where I picked up the divine oil was a wrong rotated texture on the floor edge ). Maybe some textures were not the same quality or resolution ( whatever we call it ), but it didnít bothered, just mentioning it. Atmosphere was also amazing and it got better with playing each level. Sound had no problems. Some flybys werenít that smooth how they should and looked a bit clumsy. Too fast at parts. Some objects in the first level were pitch black ( too dark light adjustment ) and some others ( also in the first level, like the street names ) needed more adjustment as they were clearly not fitting in their surrounding. Maybe some new objects or enemies would be really great as this is clearly a huge project or it could be just me not noticing that they are new ? Not a big deal. Now a few words about the gameplay, which was for me the worst part, but not bad. At times it was very hard to figure out where to go or what to exactly do. The forum threads were a life saver many times. Some gameplay elements were just unfair and not good. Iíll mention a few. First, the climbable wall in the Paris subway. There is no way on earth I would ever figure it out that Iím supposed to climb over that wall to the other side, especially because the wall on the other side was NOT climbable, but they have the SAME texture. This is just something that need to be avoided in any tomb raider game. A texture needs to look like itís climbable and if it has this attribute on one side or part of the level, than it needs to have it everywhere. Even after reading it in the forums I was confused how to climb over to the other side. Without help, I would stop playing it. Making the pistols with limited ammo was an unnecessary move. At one part 4 enemies attacked Lara with only 40 bullets in the backpack. If I would shot before the encounter on something ( to see if it is shatterable ) or miss the enemy with the shot Ö I would easily run out of ammo and fist fights are not an option. Many areas are just huge and easily to get lost. The dairy was many times not helpful and gives no directions where to go. The wall for the fuel was easily not to notice, maybe a hint of any kind would be nice. The first level was too long with repetitive actions ( puschblocks, puchblocks, pushblocks Ö ). In the second levels some jumpswitches were ridiculously good hidden, again, without any hints. They are hidden in the last corners of the map under a slope facing the end of the world. The jumpswitch for the 4 th gem was also unfair hidden in a room for another gem. When entering the huge area too many skeletons attacked and I had no shotguns Ö so it was very annoying getting rid of them. The absolute highlight of this game was the inferno level. Thatís the part what I will always remember about this level. Original, unique, atmospheric, brilliant, modern, interesting, inovative and so on Ö pure perfection. It might seem that Iím just complaining about the gameplay, but Iím not. Just feel the need to say what I didnít like about it. Just have to mention that there was a bug with the detonator. After activating it if Lara would step again on the square it would get activated again. Also, I encountered a two faced Lara in the inferno level. This projects tries to be something big and epic, and it succeeds ! I canít remember that a TRLE game had so many epic moments, so many rooms I entered and just admired the creation. It must have taken months or even years to start and finish this project. Just a shame that there were not more new enemies, but the existing ones did fit in really well ( the hell dog in inferno, no doubt it belongs there ). It seems that the first level, Paris, was the worst one for me and every next level was getting better and better. Good that I didnít stopped playing on some early levels. This is going to be a hall of fame level, thatís for sure even now. An author who spent so many hours of his life making so many amazing levels for the TRLE community needs to be rewarded with a ˝10˝review and I wonít let some flaws in the gameplay make me give anything lower. The gameplay could be more easier, more fair in some parts or with some more hints, but maybe itís just me who had these problems. It represents mostly classic TR elements with a very good graphic environment. The gameplay feels like a modern, but classic TR game. A level set that needs to be played by every Tomb raider fan. Recommended !" - Gorty (12-Jan-2017)

"Do you know this feeling of playing a game so great you completely feel empty once you beat it ? That's happening to me right now, because Holy Grail (see what I did there ?) this map was incredible ! My review could spoil out things, so you shouldn't read it if you want to discover things by yourself. Anyways, everything in this journey was absolutely brilliant; the level designing is amazing, textures are magnificent, puzzles and general progression are challenging yet logical and the atmosphere is perfect depending on your current location (dark and mysterious in Paris, calm and windy in Africa..) mainly, every sounds/musics are from official Tomb Raider but they are used just right (especially for the Lara Croft GO soundtrack in "Inferno" that suited perfectly) Moreover, this custom map reunites a lot of things I love in a videogame; stealth based moments (the museum), references from previous games (alternative worlds) and a dark/apocalyptic/hell atmosphere. My favorite moment was when you have to protect Lara's clone from litteraly blowing up by acting quickly, Vinraider toke the idea out of Cleopatra's Palace and made his own thing ; I have never seen that before and that's a huge plus in my book. Finally, the storyline is worth an official Tomb Raider game, and that final level was pure epicness. Franckly, that was the greatest level from 2016 I have played, good job to you !" - Hedteur (10-Jan-2017)

"Well, this is one of those games that takes classic tomb raiding to new heights. Definitely. Undoubtedly. Imaginative, innovative, action, puzzle and exploration- filled, taking place in different locations (with small, nicely picked hommages - this must have been one the very, very few times when I felt someone had more or less grasped the Nevada look), eye candy even in its darkest hours. Have I encountered, gameplay wise, any detail that felt too hard? Yes, one certain timed run with lasers. Have I encountered any minor glitch? Yes, but I can't even recall it anymore. Still, the game is epic from the start to the end, as it evolves and gains momentum, and becomes quite something else after Lara gets the Graal until the unexpected ending when... sorry, I won't tell you. Just know that this, to me, despite its differences, is up to par with any of the classic *professional* games. Keep them coming, we certainly need more of this special breed." - Jorge22 (10-Jan-2017)

"Wow what an adventure and such a great game so far i think this has too be one of my favourite trle i love the AOD feeling i get from this and also the texturing is just brilliant in my opinion. this game does remind me quite alot of AOD and that is a very good feeling. Everyone should give this ago it has some classic elements and some newer elements too it." - Lokky99 (03-Jan-2017)

"I started this adventure in 2016 and complete this excellent level in 2017, nothing better than that... a level with multiple tasks and that makes it fun, map is really big with many exploration in different environments. Highly recommendable without a doubt, a great work of this author! double thumbs vinraider, congratulations..." - McRaider (02-Jan-2017)

"There are not that many levels released this year (even if I always say quality over quantity) but quite a bunch of them have been released in last month of the year and that is a nice closure, especially with this game! Vinraider has proved to us that new and creative ideas are still possible, which are masterfully implemented in every single level, which are varied by the way and that is also very important aspect in multilevel games. There is not a single boring moment, every task has sense and every puzzle has logic behind it, even if sometimes "out of the box" thinkings are required but those just make it even more varied and rewarding. I also expected some kind of bonus reward for finding all the secrets but uncovering all of them is a reward of satisfactory itself. There is so much exploration in this game, so much details to notice, so much beauty to admire and atmosphere which immerses you into it, even if I could imagine different background sound effects in this or that level, later as I progressed further into level I understood the "atmophere plot" and author captured that very well. Yes the story of this level is very strong and exciting with quite a few unexpected moments but then the ending...well, there is a choice between bad and good ending, but the good ending is for me rather "good" than good, but as long as our imagination works there is always a way because she is Lara Croft after all and a candle of hope eagerly waiting to be lighted somewhere sometime... Curious? Yes of course you are, go and let yourself immerse into this masterpiece and experience an unforgettable adventure. I have not played all games released this year but I do dare to say that Tomb Raider Requiem is the top game of the year 2016, and a truly deserved Hall of Fame entry, which I believe will not take too long to get there. My statistics: playtime 5:43, secrets 10/10, medipacks used 0. 10/9/10/10" - OverRaider (27-Dec-2016)

"The best level of this year?. Every task is challenging (some jumps are very precise) varied and creative ( I love Sistine chapel). Every map is unique with a different gameplay style and outstanding aesthetic. The ending is epic and unexpected :). Highly recommended!.Candidate for the Hall of Fame." - requiemsoul (25-Dec-2016)

"Wow... An awesome game with impressive indoor and outdoor surroundings, diversified interesting gameplay with quite a lot of varied tasks to perform. It's quite hard sometimes and obviously some players will get stuck easily. Atmosphere, lighting and textures are an amazing work. The rainy night in Paris, a buried library, hidden temples in Israel, a museum and even "not of this world" level make this project one of the best I have played. An infernal boss, and then in the end his greatest enemy will be time. And when it's over, you feel exhausted, as if you had experienced this adventure. Detail to end which is very beautiful (no spoilers). Totally recommended. Congratulations to author." - Thiago (24-Dec-2016)
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