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Author(s): Ray Croft
total rating:7.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 8 7 6
Drakan 9 9 9 9
Gorty 5 6 4 3
Jay 9 8 8 8
Jorge22 9 8 8 8
Moonpooka 9 8 8 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
category averages
(7 reviews)
8.14 8.00 7.57 7.29

Reviewer's comments

"Well, what a pleasant surprise to find that the first part of this adventure has been thoroughly revised to realise its potential. Plus the second part is even more enjoyable so you're in for a most entertaining raid here. It's well rounded gameplay - not heavy on the enemies, but pretty much something for everyone. It looks good too (I particularly liked the jellyfish room) although there are a couple of odd sound files at times, especially in the water. Definitely recommended and, given this builder's rate of progress to date, I can't wait for his next level." - Jay (14-Feb-2017)

"Now, this is what I merrily call evolution! Having played the first level in its first version I was expecting more in the same vein. But I was wrong. Except for the first part, that is, as it's the first level repeated. Or is it? Most of the issues have been fixed and the changes in gameplay show Ray knows how to listen. Wrong animations have been corrected, more time was given for a timed run with a blade, the harpy appears only after Lara gets to the final ledge and then back to the ground floor instead of making the monkeyswing crossing above fires nearly (although not exactly - but unnecessarily) impossible and I also *think* there used to be a red scorpion coming while Lara was crouching under a low ceiling, there may have been a timed run with a torch that wasn't timed anymore now and there may have been a blade precisely after Lara falls from a high distance. My memory may be playing tricks on me with regards to these last three aspects though. Not all of these changes were actually needed but the fact remains the ride probably became much smoother for all players. Of course, some missing sounds weren't corrected (I think) and there's a strange sound, like a door closing, throughout this level and the next everytime Lara bumps into something. Well, but the second level... Really. I wasn't counting on it but it was one of those of which I was sorry to see the end. Long but not boring, looking good, varied, full of exploration, with a definite TR3 feel to it. I really liked it. So, 7 for the gameplay in the first game and 10 for the second part and I give it a 9. Way to go, Ray." - Jorge22 (19-Jan-2017)

"I reviewed the first level as an updated Tomb of Yarok so I pick up when I left. As the second bit begins I got disappointed to see not Tibet but Tinnos, my number one foe among the texture sets, the only I wholeheartedly hate and force myself to play any level containing it. I even had this feeling in Ice Age and Frozen Past and it's no builder's fault except from the original creator of Tinnos, may his head be hit by a magic meteorite, may he search for elemental masks for ages, may he turn into a mutant Willard spider, may he never guess a food chain puzzle, may he fail the secret timed run through the swinging blades for irreversibly planting such disorder allergic reaction in my head, like if there was not enough things which annoy me already... OK, now I feel better indeed - what was I reviewing? Oh... I wasn't stuck and things were pretty straighforward again however as long as I was careful - I don't agree with certain things being totally out of focus yet required to open something distant, for instance the stray jumpswitch before the bridge, a lonely torch underneath it which somehow works together with the ones in the waterskin room - in some cases you fail to spot something on the way to a distant target, you see it inactive so you need to go back... I appreciate this in case of secrets but not in main gameplay. Enemies are finely used again, none of them unfair, however I cannot say this about the underwater rotor blades, my number one hated trap, whose original creator is responsible for half of misery we encounter in this class. Since the origins, every single user I remember didn't bother to fix the collisions to prevent health loss, but all of them just used the crappy version as it is available - again, lots of betatesting but zero quality assurance, and I needed two half-medis to go through it. At least for that moment, and some other moments, the visuals swap to Maria Doria, the only such combination I remember. Meanwhile we also get bits of RX Explorer, a nice break. But my favourite piece is the bridge, which is not directly copied but referred to in smaller version, and the infamous timed door secret is now refurbished into a separate puzzle sequence - old memories, new usage, no wonder the game is one of those with the anniversary loadscreen. Getting closer to the end I noticed some flat ledges which are accessible in no way, I also remember one from the first level - I think these are pointless, my thinking is if you can stand on it, let it have a purpose. Also, there are still occasional, however not so many, wrong samples, and somehow the game is the only one I remember including both the flare bug and the ledges requiring flares to progress, so I have no idea how this was overlooked. The last build-up feels very strong with the battle sequence for the disk, though the pushable could be shorter and the ending itself is - again - my number one disliked finale with a finish trigger immediately following the goal pickup. Always the same tip: make it feel important, highlight it, so it feels powerful - all in all we're hunting for treasures. SUMMARY: Better again. Still far from perfect, but this trend of improvement can mean something great in the next order." - DJ Full (17-Jan-2017)

"I played the 2 levels as a result and it must be said that the 2nd level has a great improvement. The author has made great progress and I think the next one will be eagerly awaited. The 1st is pretty basic with cleopal textures mainly. On the other hand the 2nd is quite huge with a very good gameplay (can be too pushable). Thanks to the solution I was able to recover all the secrets, otherwise I do not think I would have searched all (well hidden). The texture is not perfect but correct, there are some parasitic sounds that could have been repaired with the software of Magplus (SFX Manager). Otherwise I liked it and I recommend it to all fans of tr. Congratulations" - Drakan (09-Jan-2017)

"I enjoyed playing the first level in this series (which I understand is soon to be withdrawn as a separate download) when it was first released, but the second level is a vast improvement. The builder worked patiently with me over a period of several days as I made my through at the same time I was writing a walkthrough, and I was impressed with the much-improved gameplay that went along with ample lighting and consistently eye-pleasing surroundings. The two secrets in the second level were quite cleverly hidden, and both required action in one area before you could claim your reward in another area. The second level takes at least twice as much time to play as the first one, and I would guess that a total playing time of about an hour and a half feels about right. There are a few significant changes in the first level (the harpy waits until you finish the monkey swing before initiating its attack, and the timed run/swim is more forgiving), and my scores here reflect my impressions of the work as a whole. Highly recommended." - Phil (05-Jan-2017)

"After seeing the previous reviews I was expecting something more. The level design was very very basic and looking very beginner-ish. Big empty blocky monotone rooms everywhere. Textured on some parts with not much care. Also, many stretched and wrong applied textures that just pick in the eyes while playing. Possibly, not beta tested. The light was also very very basic. Here and there a shadow or light bulb was placed. Underwater rooms had the same light as rooms above water. Again, big empty rooms with no light dynamics looking very chaotic and long monotone corridors to run. Objects had many times wrong applied lighting. For me, it seemed that there is a lack of imagination and skills by the author. I encountered some weird fixed cameras and buggy monkey swings. For me, there was a gameplay killer. In the first level after pushing a switch the blade stopped just under the climb wall and I couldnít get up, so I had to load a previous savegame and play a big part again and hoped for pushing the button at the right time the next try. Gameplay was also, very basic and non-innovative. There were some harder timed runs, tricky jumps, very well hidden switches Ö I just didnít enjoyed playing this game. Seemed overall very basic, rushed and overrated. Had nothing new or good to offer. Sure, there is some potential for Ray Croft, but the author needs more practice and take more time in creating a game. Not recommended." - Gorty (05-Jan-2017)

"This level follows on from Tomb of Yarok and there are two things you need to know. 1, the 1st level; Tomb of Yarok, has been updated and some changes have been made. 2, if you only want to play this 2nd installment, you can get a save from the end of the 1st level via the stuck in a custom level threads, just look under Tomb of Yarok thread. Ok so on to this level. This is a Tinnos type level with textures according to that. All seem nicely placed but some of the snow areas were a bit tacky in places. I also had strange sounds when in water and also in some areas, i could hear centurian horse sounds when i moved Lara about. This doesn't hinder play. Gameplay was great, lots of traps, timed runs and exploring. There are two secrets to find and they were well placed. Enemies are huge aliens, tin men, divers and a few other smaller beasts, Health is scarce, so hold on to what you can for the bigger battles near the end. I could have done with the binocculars where the invisible ledges are and even my flares didn't show them, so that meant asking for help. I also didn't find the small waterskin, which you need for the scales.. but i did the scales with just the large waterskin, then was able to slide flip past the spikes and i still don't know where that smnall waterskin was lol. All in all though, i loved this level and look forward to another game from Ray." - Moonpooka (04-Jan-2017)
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