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Author(s): Gabriel Croft
total rating:7.71 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 7 8 9
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Gorty 7 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 9
Jorge22 7 6 7 7
Jose 6 8 8 9
manarch2 5 7 8 7
Manymee 7 8 9 10
Orbit Dream 7 5 7 9
Phil 8 9 8 9
Ray Croft 6 9 8 7
Ryan 7 7 8 9
sonnyd83 8 9 9 10
TheStig 7 8 8 8
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.93 7.57 7.93 8.43

Reviewer's comments

"What a lovely game this was to play! This builder (Gabriel Croft) clearly appreciates the amazing things which can be found in this world and this shows. This is actually a 'house' type of level, but it feels less like a house and more like a maze with so many more rooms leading of from each room. The building is surrounded by a hillside and some landscaped gardens with natural streams flowing throughout. It is full of colour and the gentle rain creates a pleasant atmosphere. You have to light some fires to begin with and it's quite a lengthy back and forth style search to find the tools you need. You then have to find a gemstone, then some pistols, and a staff, and this leads you to a secret area with a greenhouse, and finally into the library where a letter is waiting for you. This is very much a Tomb Raider level because there are a lot of switches which open doors in quite odd places. There are plenty of camera clues to help you along, and a couple of nice flybys. The audio tracks are well chosen too. Completed in 1 hour 20. Excellent adventure." - sonnyd83 (10-Aug-2017)

"This is a bit difficult for me to give points as I still remember quite a lot from his first version. This one however is shorter. Nevertheless you will have a good time playing. Remember where you have seen something, as you for sure will need it later in the game. Hence my running around quite a lot. The ending is a bit sad I thought but that is life." - Gerty (06-Jun-2017)

"Nice to play with beautiful environments, but no puzzles to solve. The difficulty is about search for the receptacles to place objects and find another objects which can be shooted; pull some switches, use the torch, certain backtracking and no much interesting tasks to perform. I liked the texturization and the musics, the decoration and the objects, but I missed some more camera shots showing the places to use the items. Anyway a peaceful level to take a relaxing time. Good work." - Jose (08-May-2017)

"This isn't a straight remake of the original Land Beyond Dreams, but you'll easily recognise the location. This was a pleasant enough level in good-looking surroundings and has Lara searching for different keys, pulling some levers and using the torch briefly. The level ends rather sorrowfully, although I get that was the builder's intention. My condolences to the builder about his father, BTW." - Ryan (26-Apr-2017)

"A peaceful level here from Gabriel Croft. I'm unable to recall if I've played the previous level which some other reviewers have referred to but this did feel familiar. Gameplay basically involves a fair bit of back tracking whilst exploring the interior and exterior of the manor. Lighting an texturing were good, and there's some interesting (but appropriate) music choices. The story itself is a little sombre. All in all I netted almost an hour from Land Beyond Dreams 2. Recommended. Stiggy" - TheStig (05-Mar-2017)

"Short revisit to the well known manor of LBD, with a touching backstory and a few nice additions - especially the use of sound tracks -, yet all in all merely a reimagination of the first level with little variation and much running around searching for items and levers and quite a bit of backtracking. It's for sure sweet and emotional, but offers little new for the player. 20 minutes, no secret found." - manarch2 (04-Mar-2017)

"This has an undeniably sad ending, which may impair your enjoyment a little. However, it really is a pleasure to revisit the house from the initial section of the builder's previous Land Beyond Dreams level. It's light, bright, enemy free and beautiful with its ravishing gardens full of ponds, wildlife and flowers. There is quite a lot of running around and backtracking, but frankly in such a pleasant environment I didn't object at all. Sometimes it just makes a really nice change to have a gentle raid and be able to see where you're going. I loved it." - Jay (26-Feb-2017)

"As other players have commented, you have this feeling of having been here before, but you haven't really been. It has much the same feel as Another Present, but I don't mean that in a disapproving way. Both levels are enemy-free and boast gorgeous surroundings with excellent lighting, and I'm loathe to criticize any such combination. The constant backtracking became a bit annoying, and the ending was somewhat jarring in dampening much of the Christmas spirit, but maybe that was intended. After all, death does not usually come at pre-announced or convenient times. The most important thing is to be ready for it when we inevitably experience it. A well-done raid, even if the outdoor areas were familiar to us." - Phil (17-Jan-2017)

"From previous observations,I'd never found Gabriel's level architecture(although invariably well lit and textured)to be particularly impressive.In fact,the beautiful house in his original Land Beyond Dreams was the only time I'd ever been really impressed by his scenery - which just goes to show that if something works well,there's absolutely no harm in re-using it! The lighting is everywhere bright and colourful;as are the textures - and,from a scenic aesthetic,this is a jolly pleasing experience.Unfortunately,it's that old 'House level' chestnut - the esoteric and 'round the houses' gameplay - that works somewhat against the adventure.If you know the correct sequence of events(where to go and what to do)you'll probably be through in no time;but I spent an awful lot of time doing what I normally do in these types of levels:I stood around staring at all the objects and textures,and wondered what (if any) gameplay significance they may or may not have had.Eventually,you'll work out how to open up all the new areas and be able to reach the surprisingly downbeat ending. The actual tasks required to progress are pretty straightforward once you know what to do,but are creative enough;and pretty easy.Enemies are entirely absent (hence the reduced rating),but the lack of any threat is never missed.Music has been incorporated well (even if the songs may be a matter of personal taste);and objects (although occasionally missing collision) are very creatively placed. Overall,a pleasantly relaxing,if occasionally vague,experience.Gabriel seems to be running his own veritable Production Line of custom levels - and this is up there with the best of them." - Orbit Dream (17-Jan-2017)

"Same, but different. This is a very personal level by the author, and once you know that, everything is good. I had played Land Beyond Dreams 1 before and was surprised to find myself in very much the same game, until I found the different outside room and ending. The author provides a savegame that puts you in the last room, I don't understand why, but I do understand that this level is meant to be a very peaceful journey with special emphasis on the songs that play. - Gameplay is relaxing and fun, no puzzles are hard. There are no enemies, and objects are pretty and well-placed throughout. The atmosphere is, as is to be expected for this kind of story, subdued, but sweet. The biggest strength of Gabriel Croft has always been lighting and textures, and it's no different this time. Lovely level, very sweet." - Manymee (16-Jan-2017)

"The map and objects were familiar, puzzles casual without side threads or secrets so I was stuckless and only confused for few minutes - all matches the point to keep going, so I did. I thought this game will be much darker, but acceptance and serenity make it even greater - I avoid deeper feelings but I failed to resist and the ending left me calm, quite rare to happen. Tips? The raising block is skippable, the scepter hole shouldn't end a long passage, and keyholes on both sides of the exits would minimize backtracking. For some reason I couldn't grab the underwater flares, may be worth investigating." - DJ Full (16-Jan-2017)

"Another level by Gabriel Croft, just a two months after his release of Tomb raider salvation. The author is obvious hyperproductive with his levels. A serious level builder can't make something very good or above average in that time. Some parts were even taken from his last ˝Beyond dreams˝ level and modified a little bit, but not too much. It's not a bad game, I just think that Gabriel Croft should aim at some higher goals, try to be better than his last levels. I don't think he will be satisfied with the ratings from this level (or even from his last ). Let's start with the level review. The fist flyby could be more smooth and the intro music started nice but ended abrupt. The author was so kind to offer a savegame in the package for players who would like to avoid playing the first 15 minutes of the game. Ironically, of course. It's just a left over from the level testing. Another sign how rushed the author was to post the level. Tasks in the gameplay were very simple. Pull a switch, walk five steps, pull another switch, get the key, run across the level, open door, pull another switch. There were just too many similar and repetitive tasks to do and too many keyholes and keys ( like a keyhole parade ). Many objects had no collision ( the sofas, TV, a bookcase ). This can be so easily fixed, but probably the author didn't even notice it. The textures and objects quality were uneven. Some hints after switches would be nice. The waterfall had an invisible wall. It would be better to place some grates. Some parts were just too boxy for an outside nature level ( cave tunnel, cliffs on some parts ). I was also able to get onto the mountain cliffs and walk on parts where I'm not supposed. Also something that beta testers could find. The music choice was nice, very peaceful. The light was not bad, but it was flat, monotone, especially on the outside parts. More work to do in that part, for sure. Many parts of the game did look really nice, but again, needed more work to make them look stunning. Overall, this level has this unfinished and rushed vibe. It was obviously not tested. I don't see the point of such a rush to post levels as soon as possible. I see no improvements in any categories compared to earlier projects. Take some more time with your levels, try to make every room ˝special˝. More work needed with the architecture, overall design and light. This game was nice, but not impressive. Average. It's just a shame to get lower review because of some things that could be much better with just a little bit more work. The author has big potential to make something memorable for the TRLE community but he doesn't use it. I hope that the next level will be epic. Recommended, especially for someone who is looking to play a beautiful and peaceful level with simple gameplay." - Gorty (13-Jan-2017)

"I haven't played the first part of Land Beyond Dreams but i will do that soon. There were some questionable things in Gameplay. I would've never figured out to shoot the Painting in the House to get the staff for example but i did thanks to the video walkthrough from the author himself. No Enemies or Secrets in this Level but the Object placement was very good. There were enough Camera Hints and the CD Tracks were fitting. I liked the architecture especially in the outside area. There were some texture errors but nothing serious. Overall it is a nice level to play if you need a break from longer games and i recommend it to everyone." - Ray Croft (12-Jan-2017)

"I was actually wondering if this was a remake as in a joke level disguised as something else because everything was so very familiar - I'm not saying it in an ironic way, I really was. So, what of it then? It's a short-ish, peaceful adventure and basically a house level (not Lara's manor, mind). It's nice and luminous. The musical choices aren't disturbing, they're actually fine within the context and not too extensive. Nothing exactly new but nothing bad either. Do give it a try." - Jorge22 (12-Jan-2017)
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