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Author(s): 911
total rating:6.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 7 7 5 6
DJ Full 6 8 5 4
Gerty 5 6 6 5
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 6 8 6 6
KBoaz 8 5 6 7
manarch2 5 7 5 4
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ray Croft 5 6 5 3
Ryan 7 7 6 7
category averages
(10 reviews)
6.40 6.90 5.90 5.80

Reviewer's comments

"Sorry to say that although this novel idea the levels didn’t do it for me. First of all I hated that the shortcuts, namely F5 and F6 are not working so saving and reloading all go through the ESC and took a while to do its work. The second level, where Pierre Dupont played the lead roll was pretty confusing and the last one where you play Lara was also very confusing. Missed a lot of camera shots and there were so many levers to pull, hence the confusing. Some levels are just a big trap galore and although I don’t mind traps, this one got boring after a bit. A pity though as this could have been great and now it just falls short." - Gerty (08-Dec-2017)

"This game has you assuming the role of the various protagonists from the Tomb Raider series: Larson, Pierre, the doppelganger, Natla and Lara herself, and I actually thought this worked rather well. OK, there are flaws: A few missing sounds, music cutting out when entering the inventory, a bit too much running around and few camera clues. But the idea was good, and really brought out a nostalgic feeling in me. There were definitely too many teeth doors, lions and wolves, but it's definitely worth a look for something different and was better than I thought it would be." - Ryan (18-Jun-2017)

"This builder definately has potential, but he also releases levels in a hurry (for what?) and those and even some of his intentially actually this severely effect the overall enjoyment. For once, I really liked the overall concept which is an extended idea of the builder's second release. Perhaps the "original" locations should've been looking more like those in TR 1, but still there are quite a few cute ideas. There are really a few nice gameplay elements like interesting traps and timed runs but on the other side even if all levels are quite short most have a quite pedestrian nature. Please never (!) do this annoying "only save/reload from inventory" again as it's just painful; the reloading times are also longer as usual for no obvious reason. The object design is sometimes quite nice and especially the playable characters are well done here, but the rooms are often quite empty. The atmosphere mainly lives from the story concept and not from the look of the areas, which are often quite plain with only few exceptions, the lighting is very bland and the texturing is not very clean either. The repetitively playing audios in some levels are fairly annoying. That said, it's a level with some good and some less good things but on the whole I'm a bit disappointed as the builder is really capable of more. Found 5 secrets in 2 hours of net playtime." - manarch2 (16-Jun-2017)

"Not bad this set of independent levels where you'll play with the outfits of old Lara's TR1 enemies (and Lara herself in the last level). You'll revisit well-known old locations like Greece, Egypt, Peru... No human enemies to shoot except Lara at the end of each level; the levels are full of classic traps (spiked walls, rolling balls, teeth doors...) and classic tasks (timed runs, gymnastics...) but I couldn't see some fresh ideas or innovative puzzles; there's an abuse of pulling a lot of switches to open doors and sometimes repetitive tasks (too many teeth doors). Objects and secrets are the best of the levels, but many times I missed some flybys or camera shots to show what I was doing when pulling a lever which triggered objects in distant rooms. The texturization has many defects, but usually the areas have a nice appearance. Good levels for TR1 nostalgics, but don't wait for extraordinary features." - Jose (25-Apr-2017)

"It's really imaginative and interesting to have a levelset which is about Lara's enemies in TR1. It feels both familiar and fresh, and it makes the oldschool player smile with the details where this game and the original intersect. The graphics are very low-res and the lighting is flat, however I'm not rating these low because it's clear that's a stylistic choice. The game is supposed to look like TR1, and it does a great job at that, except for some missing and misplaced textures (wolf footsteps all over the CEILING of a cavern, really?). The gameplay is varied enough, with the difficulty progressing slowly -- the challenges grow as the game progresses, but without being frustrating. Casual players will enjoy this. My complaints are minor, such as the lack of cameras to inform the player about what each lever does, cheap jumpscares with enemies coming from nowhere behind you (anticipation and suspense is almost always better - instead of wolves jumping out of nowhere, letting the user anticipate the confrontation via hearing the howling from a previous room, for example) and the slow loading times." - KBoaz (05-Apr-2017)

"At first, I avoided this set of levels on account of the "long loading times". It turns out out when you've actually seen long loading times in a few other levels the loading times here aren't that long really. So, I'm glad I ended up trying it after all. These are several levels in which we play as Tomb Raider characters other than Lara and end each one up by killing her - interesting. The last one, totally underwater and with infinite oxigen (nothing new actually but very nice and handy if that's the kind of result you want to achieve), we play as Lara herself. I *think* the gameplay becomes more and more complex as we go from one character to the next. The graphics are purposely in the "back to basics" style. Even if those aren't my favourite, I got used to them quickly, especially because everything else evolved rather smoothly so as to keep the player entertained. I did notice the lack of sound from using levers in the last underwater level - but I'll consider that a very minor glitch in the overall context. What else can I say? An interesting concept, very player-friendly and quite entertaining." - Jorge22 (29-Mar-2017)

"This set of levels where each one consists in a different character was a good one. Each character in a different location, looking for a certain artifact or goal. I think there was a lot of backtracking in Natla's level. The audio tracks stop when you open the inventory, so that's quite annoying. Also some sounds are missing like pulling an underwater lever. There are texturing erros where a place is untextured. The loading time is longer, that's annoying too. Please, place more cameras! When pulling a lever I wasn't quite sure about what had happened. There were only like 6 cameras in all the game, and that few ones were good placed by the way. How I loved Lara's level, completely underwater! Nice surroundings, colors and traps. Recommended but get used to save and load through the inventory because the usual keys (F6 & F5) don't work here!" - alan (20-Mar-2017)

"My earlier review of these levels was lost as a result of the recent shutdown and re-install of the site, but I remember most of my remarks and (hopefully) my scores. I had expressed some amazement over the fact that there had been only two previous reviews in the three weeks that had passed when I first submitted mine. This cannot be attributed to the difficulty factor, as there are virtually no stuck thread posts and I found myself able to get through with a certain amount of thought and effort. There are five full-length (at least 45 minutes of playing time for each one) levels that feature five different protagonists, a neat idea that I don't believe has been used before. All of these end with Lara appearing as an enemy and having to be defeated (except for the last level, which is played as Lara). The surroundings haven't been crafted with unusual care, but at least there's plenty of light where the player can see everything that's going on around him. Some may complain about "flat lighting," whatever that is, but flat or lumpy, it makes little difference to me as long as I don't have to stumble along in the dark. Gameplay is not particularly challenging, but it's not a walk in the park either, which in my mind translates as a good raid and a fun experience. To me, that's what it's all about, and it's a large part of why I'm here in the first place." - Phil (25-Feb-2017)

"What really ruined the experience here is the lag and the long loading time when you're trying to pause or load your save. Also i don't understand why the F5 and F6 Buttons were disabled? It forces us to use the laggy inventory instead. Lara having infinite Air in her Level didn't make sense either (Would have been better with a bit of outfit modification). Sounds were good and changed to fit Pierre and Larson. Many Texturing Errors too. It just felt rushed overall unfortunately. This game scores high when it comes to originality though. Play it if you are curious." - Ray Croft (01-Feb-2017)

"Unfinishment apology always rings a bell but it's finished stuff mostly damaging this game: disabling F5/F6 would do fine in easy levels, but these here are suitable for war veterans - first you decimate population of Peruvian wolf, often attacking from behind, sometimes without warning, always without footstep sound, then you redo this for Greek lions, then you evade multiple traps, sometimes marked, sometimes unmarked, sometimes buggy. So inventory takes a lot of time, further extended by lacking camera hints - you aren't stuck but it takes time to find out what opened, and in case of underwater switches you can't tell on/off so better don't take breaks. In the end a game set to 4-5 hours takes 7-8. It's a not-so-fast forward of TR1, a flashback from a different view, showing how it's like to approach a villain's fate - you can either die or kill the Laras to recall all times the bosses had their five minutes in the original game. I think ideas as great as this need execution no other than masterful to cause no disappointment, but I still had favourite moments like the dead T-Rex, the inactive cog mechanism or Larson letting Lara out only to be killed in return - Anniversary in a nutshell, still any doubt who's the antagonist? Certain secrets are well thought, like revisiting the torso platform or pulling an unrelated switch which is in fact related, so I can forgive one secret inaccessible from that falling platform bug. The anti-favourites were the endless slamdoor array and reclimbing the key tower for another dose of bad graphics. The colosseum was both: first it gave me visual cancer, then cured it with laughter at anti-definition looks to land among the most memorable spots of the game. SUMMARY: It feels like 911 wanted to squeeze it in for Lara's 20th birthday, at the price of quality which in any case should be the most important. A great story underdone - the kind you can connect with but still have to imagine a lot of better stuff yourself." - DJ Full (30-Jan-2017)
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