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Author(s): BtB 2016
total rating:8.33 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Drakan 10 9 9 9
JesseG 8 8 9 8
Talos 8 10 6 6
category averages
(3 reviews)
8.67 9.00 8.00 7.67

Reviewer's comments

"Very good level with a race with the horse very well realized. I did not quite understand the puzzle of the scale and I did to the feeling. The carpet trip is amazing of reality, (it reminded me of the final of my btb steampunk yes) . Excellent!" - Drakan (22-Apr-2017)

"Lara embarks on a quest to rescue Aladdin. This level was good in gameplay length and was interspersed with enjoyable moments throughout, although you may find yourself backtracking for several minutes due to the structure of the level, especially before the horse becomes available. There are many timed run sequences, nice but not overly challenging. The large city block has quite a bit of places to wander around in. A nice amount of traps await Lara. The scales puzzle was a nice touch (though I feel like I kind of guessed the solution) but I would have liked at least one more puzzle. Enemies are used sparingly but at effective moments from beginning to end. Decorative objects are used well in some areas, but are lacking in others, I bet the underwater areas would look better with some more decor there. The world abruply ends after a few short cliffs when Lara is outside, making the level feel a bit smaller than it could have, but the city block itself is structured well and fun to get lost in. The music is well used throughout the level. Cameras are used effectively, especially for the carpet ride, but one flyby outside of the city in particular should have been marked as "one shot" because it kept making the camera wave around for no reason each time Lara walks through. The texturing is overall well done, there are a few slightly warped textures on the walls here and there but that is minor, as well as the "walk- through" window that confused me for a second. The lighting is good, but could have used more color variety, it is a little too much blue as it is. Overall this rescue attempt is a nice, varied adventure that will demand keen eyes from raiders at times. 1 hour 6 minutes." - JesseG (21-Apr-2017)

"Inspired by the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights combined with the City of the Dead of classical Tomb Raider 4, Lara is looking for Aladdin. Ride a black horse must enter the desert citadel, struggling with a calibrated test time. A citadel, a little 'poor with regard to the environment and light: with the set available, you could "furnish" certain rooms much better. Aside from the graphics, we are also here on a level with some rooms with a little 'too large and useless for their purpose (submerged tunnel) with some textures errors, as well as some wrong colors in objects. I want to remember, however, that the editor of the BtB is very different than the classic NGLE (with many limitations), and create a timed level is very complex. For those who have not tried it, you do not think and can understand the stress and anxiety that assails you. So a round of applause to all LDs for their work, can not be perfect (perfection does not exist), but that offer hours of fun and entertainment. Going back to the level, apart from the setting a bit ' "poor" and with some too big room than the intended use, Finding Aladdin I consider it very original and very intuitive. I had no particular problems to finish it (except some blockage). Two hours of fun for everyone :D" - Talos (18-Apr-2017)
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