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Author(s): BtB 2016
total rating:8.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gorty 8 10 10 9
Talos 6 10 8 9
category averages
(2 reviews)
7.00 10.00 9.00 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"The first level of this year’s BtB competition I picked based on the screenshots ( seemed to be the best one ). It is really a masterful level and a great choice to begin with. It starts in the sand dunes that look really good textured and lit, but fail to completely mask the ˝end of the world˝. Suggestion would be to lower the floor, rise the hills or build more around them. I had some problems figuring out the skull was pushable as I did approach it from several sites but Lara just didn’t recognize the pushable for some reason. After the dunes I entered some beautiful designed caves. Some really good usage of fog objects there. After that I found myself again in some caves and dunes that did look a bit odd in texturing. I entered a side crack in the cliffs and landed in a magnificent, stunning and beautiful designed caves … breathtaking ! Great combining of architecture, textures and objects. Also, I have to admit praise the good usage of music in triggered events. Gameplay was interesting with no cryptic hidden key segments. After a while I discovered the beautiful designed huge room that did had some objects with non-proper light. This problem with the object light continued further. After entering the big room the gameplay got confusing and too cryptic in some parts. The room with the 3 jump switches gave me real headache. Also, the room with the pushable mirror … I lurked there around ˝for hours˝ trying to figure out what to do, push every wall and jump on everything. You know you are frustrated when you draw the pistol and shoot around like a crazy person to eventually hit something shatterable., but the answer to my agony was on the opposite side of the level. I enjoyed many gameplay parts and some ideas were really interesting ( the cage in the middle of the room, some really nice climbing passages ). The boss fight were triggered very nicely and effective, but the boss in the golden cage was an example of bad placement as I just standed still, while boss was just firing out of direction, aiming for ghost. Some beautiful environment revealed itself again after placing the hours glass. The level did continued for a bit too long. Took me more than 2 hours ( recorded time ) to finish, which is too long for a BtB level. Mostly I progressed through the level smoothly until some of the very unlogic planned parts. Overall, an amazing level with a bit too long and sometimes confusing gameplay. Highly recommended !" - Gorty (19-Apr-2017)

"Start review of the levels of BtB Persian with this. Lara is in search of the legendary Ubar (or Iram of the Pillars), known as the Atlantis of the Desert. Following the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, our heroine reaches the ruins buried by the sands. Exploring the ruins of the city there is immediately made aware of the vastness of this level, and the rooms nothing short of huge. And these are the real problems: the sheer size of certain rooms (why create such large rooms? Why?!) And the gameplay too long. Too much, really. I took 3 ½ hours to complete this level, and it's a lot. A whole part of gameplay seems useless, only inserted to stretch (and nervous) player. Everything is great until the enigma with the sand and the hourglass. Then he starts to become a bit 'too excessive. Up to go nice when you grab the torch, until the end The beginning and the end instead are very beautiful, but it's what's in between that often tired. Which it is a shame, because the level is very nice, but it is exaggerated. Dispersive and much backtracking, and with huge rooms is even greater. Some rooms have an architecture quite implausible (Assyrian and textures along with those Moorish style) The puzzles and objects instead are magnificent, not trivial (I love them, I want them !!) and intuitive (if you know Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones are benefited with this BtB), but it is the excessive length of the level and the extent of the real problem areas. In conclusion: a valid level, but vast and dispersed. Still worth a play. I really enjoyed that, despite this." - Talos (18-Apr-2017)
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