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Author(s): BtB 2016
total rating:9.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gorty 7 10 10 9
category averages
(1 reviews)
7.00 10.00 10.00 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"A beautiful designed game with confusing gameplay. It starts in a nice looking cave-sand pit that really encourages to play the level. The first frustrating moment starts right at the beginning of this adventure. I was running around in that pit like a decapitated chicken looking for a way to get up. I was wondering if I had some intellectual problems. I found the answer in the comunnity forums. It was a bit cryptic to put something like that right at the beginning. It didn’t looked like I was supposed to do that grab jump because Lara could normally pull up and stand on that cliff platform. Another thing about that jump was that it had to be very precise on the right edge or she wouldn’t even grab up. The texturing around the first part was very good with sometimes noticeable errors. That rope was totally unnecessary for the little jump. I feel that the level doesn’t give the player a little warm up, but instead hits it hard from the start. I noticed a disappearing spider web object. After climbing up the ladder a beautiful designed architecture with amazing texturing opened up. Really impressive, but I do which some more work with the light was done because it was ˝worse˝ than some other this years BtB entries. A great object placement is very noticeable. The next frustrating part was the killing of the pink baddys and, again, wandering around like a mad person. I guess this one is on me, as I didn’t read the comments and the examine object in the inventory, but still, this is a huge thing to let a player enter a dead end and make him start the game over. That was my case because I didn’t had a save game with the baddys alive and I normally don’t look right away in the inventory to see what just excited landed in Lara’s bag. Every dead end in a level that can occur with normal playing is a mistake done by the author. The baddys should be either invincible, not bleeding or not in a baddy_slot. There are objects looking like people in the puzzle_hole slot who receive money from Lara and work fine. After finally giving them the coins, like they were a keyhole, stabbing them with the gold, the gate opened up. I noticed by now that sometimes the game lags ( frame drops ) and that sometimes camera hints are missing. After finally getting up to that jump switch another frustrating thing started … activating that switch was a nightmare. I needed like 20 tries, Lara was sliding on that switch with her hand spread wide, but just wouldn’t grab on it. The angle placement was very bad. Another thing that I didn’t like is that there are sometimes huge areas to explore, like that part searching for an underwater switch in a bright, hard to watch, underwater environment. After collecting the kebab and using thes word a really impressive, beautiful and breathtaking area opened up, but soon it gets again very annoying to explore these huge fields stacked up with so many objects and corners. I spent like 1001 nights to get to know the area, look into every corner, find every door and switch. It did got really annoying. That crack in the wall was very hard to notice. Also, I found a roof that suddenly combust Lara, which is an odd way to mask illegal slopes. I remember running in circles many times through the same area and after few times finally finding a sneaky hidden door with a switch in it. So, not to make this review any longer, as a conclusion I would say this level has an extremely good architecture, texturing, object use and very good light. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t enjoy the gameplay so much as I did playing some other entries. Maybe giving it a too strict rating in the gameplay and submitting the lowest review it will get, but in the end it won’t matter for the competition as the lowest rating gets removed from calculations anyway. Highly recommended, but pack enough patients in the bag." - Gorty (19-Apr-2017)
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