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Author(s): BtB 2016
total rating:6.72 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Adrian 6 7 7 5
Gorty 6 6 4 3
Jay 7 7 8 8
Minox 7 8 8 8
MrJavi94 6 6 7 7
Mytly 7 7 8 7
Revenge 7 7 7 7
Talos 6 10 6 5
category averages
(8 reviews)
6.50 7.25 6.88 6.25

Reviewer's comments

"This is a level that is actually far from being bad. I mean, it might look not visually impressive, but it has many things I liked about it, although some others that I didn't, just like the hunting for the first key. which was really hard to spot because of the patterned floor. There are not too many objects but the few that have been added were fit in a really nice way so I congratulate the builder for it. Enemies were also nice, except for those annoying and hard-to-avoid underwater snakes that needed to be lured away from a long distance to let you breathe and pull the levers without taking serious damage. Secrets were not hard to find as I found the three of them, that also were hidden in a clever way. As a whole, an entry probably made by a beginner that definitely wants to keep improving on his/her skills. Recommended for everyone." - MrJavi94 (25-Apr-2017)

"Not a terrible level by any means. Just not as polished as some others. Rooms were spacious but boxy and mostly empty. Lighting was off in places. Some different objects than I have seen in the other levels I have played to date which was nice. Gameplay very linear and not particularly imaginative. One key was hard to spot on the garish carpet and another didn't appear first time shohe sphinxes/bulls." - Adrian (24-Apr-2017)

"Level fairly easy, you have to search and visit all the areas to find the necessary keys to continue" - Minox (24-Apr-2017)

"Unlike previous levels played, Bandit's Keep is the only one who I found with no lights. And that's a bad shot, because the level is smooth and not at all boring. Indeed, for now I think it's the cutest one of this Back to Basics! And what that made me much pleasure, was seeing (finally) a choice of textures consistent (I know that can be silly, but I love story and ancient Arab art, and I can't see in the same room Assyrian-Babylonian textures mixed with Arab Moorish one's and other styles. Placed without a logic! There are differences of centuries between them. And many "layers" of sand). We pass to the gameplay, simple and straightforward (maybe too much),also suitable for beginners. Sore point, apart from the lights do not exist is a testing uncared for: I seen a mistake due to not so much attention (a chandelier leaving on the ground, for example), maybe with a final test that could be fixed. Some room too bare, but these are tastes personal. All the objects of all levels of competition are from vote 10. They are wonderful! I've never been a slayer of secrets (I don't care not even include them in my levels), so don't bother looking for them. The only one I found, was ahead my eyes. An hour of pleasant game :D" - Talos (24-Apr-2017)

"This is one of the gentler entries in the B2B competition, with enemies being few and far between, but effectively used. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, although a couple of objects are easily overlooked and may have you wondering what to do next. Mainly though it's comparatively linear and should be accessible to all players. The textures and objects may not have been quite as expertly used as in some levels, but it's decently built and pleasant to look at for all that." - Jay (22-Apr-2017)

"The gameplay in this level is fairly straightforward, mostly involving hunting for keys and switches. I liked the caves area where you have to find a way to drop two boulders. There are only two obscure moments in the whole level: one where it’s not clear where you have to place the coins, and one due to an almost-impossible-to-see key lying on a patterned floor. Enemies are mostly the ‘people running around with swords’ mentioned in the story, plus some snakes and leopards, and two manticores as the final boss.
The colours are kind of nice, but on the whole, the level is visually not very impressive. The textures are rather haphazardly applied, with every room filled with a mishmash of clashing textures. There is almost nothing in the way of complex architecture – all the rooms are plain cubes, and that too, empty cubes, with very few decorative objects.
Overall: A pleasant and mostly simple level, but not particularly memorable." - Mytly (19-Apr-2017)

"After playing Tales of brothers, 40 thiefs and Lara of Arabia, a strong contrast is very noticeable to this level. I’m guessing this one is from an author who has not made many levels before this competition. The beginning area is very beginnerish. The rooms are pale, flat, big, empty and simple. I can’t even say something about the light because I don’t think a sun was even used. Gameplay is mostly, very simple and easy. One thing I noticed is that the level gets better in light, texturing and design how I progressed through it, which means that the authors is actually evolving in his skills while he was creating it. Since this is a competition and levels need to be compared to figure out the winner, ratings will suffer on that logic ( not much ). Entries like this one will drown in the tough competition since there are probably more than 3 levels knocking on the hall of fame door. Overall, a very basic contribution. Recommended only for players who want to write a review." - Gorty (19-Apr-2017)

"This level is easier and not as nasty as the two previous ones on the list, though I still enjoyed it. The tasks were pretty simple and the level was linear but there was a good amount of interesting stuff to do (I had the advantage of knowing the package, as well x) ). Once again I thought because of the title that there would be lots of ennemies but it wasn't really the case, overall it was quite relaxing actually :) Architecture-wise, the first part of the level was a bit blocky, however the underground area was better designed in my opinion. The lighting was fitting with the setting although it was a bit too bright in general. Nonetheless, a nice level :D Statistics : 1h05 and 2 secrets found." - Revenge (17-Apr-2017)
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