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Author(s): Franky
total rating:6.69 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 8 7 7
Jay 8 8 8 7
Jose 7 9 7 7
manarch2 5 7 5 5
Orbit Dream 3 6 6 6
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ryan 5 7 6 6
sonnyd83 6 8 6 8
category averages
(8 reviews)
6.00 7.50 6.50 6.75

Reviewer's comments

"I liked the intricate scenery design of this one - it's very rare to see geometry forms other than floors and ceilings, and here we get a spiky alien landscape which looks both disturbing and unique. I would really use more textures though. Throughout the game we encounter a series of weird, constantly varying challenges however I wouldn't force the long shimmy around the initial pyramid and apply dramatic music for the entire game. I would also make death tiles consistent and make it clearer what the climbing challenge in the multicolored tile room is about. Overall same or more value than Franky's latest level, but with less problems. Recommended." - DJ Full (03-Jan-2018)

"This is an improvement on Frank's previous level, but there's still a way to go to provide a really good level. The gameplay is somewhat less annoying than previously, although I was miffed by the tedious ascension up the pyramid and the long- winded climbing sequence before the snowy area. The objects are nice, particularly the retextured bike and the alien enemies and R2D2, but they can be somewhat boring to dispose of. Also, the background music was somewhat intrusive and the environments are crude, although thankfully not dark. Keep the walkthrough handy to avoid frustration." - Ryan (30-Aug-2017)

"It seems a cruel thing to have to write;but I have rarely wanted a level to end as much,as I have this one.I could forgive the over-ambitious design (particularly of the opening lava area);the irritatingly mis-matched objects and enemies (seemingly grabbed from just about everywhere);the over-intrusive music;and the omnipresent end-of-the-world,IF the gameplay had been sufficiently enjoyable.Unfortunately,many of the concepts in this level are not only downright unfair (all those unmarked climbing surfaces,for a start) but actually quite preposterous: Spiked blades which you need to run and jump into;some glass flowers that occasionally blow you up like landmines - but others which are no more than glass flowers;a pyramid which is deadly,except for the unmarked bits which aren't;baddies which may be triggered into existence,or may not;freezing water which stops being freezing beyond a certain point,for no obvious reason;tedious shimmies;those nasty little electricity machines which have no bearing on the gameplay whatsoever.There are signs that the author tried to push the boundaries here and there - but they really ought to get the basics right first.I played this over three consecutive evenings;and was never able to go for longer than fifteen minutes each time,before quitting in exasperation.This level might give some players enjoyment,provided they employ the continual use of the walkthrough,and have the fly-cheat enabled." - Orbit Dream (10-Jul-2017)

"Perhaps this is the builder's best level, but in my opinion not by far. The otherwordly setting works okay in a way, but I also think that it's often an excuse to put in any types of objects and textures in a very eclectic and not always fitting way. The architecture is also quite "random" especially in the outside area and the end of the map is omnipresent. Many mistakes in texturing, objects are floating or embedded in walls (the heli, for example, "drives" through the stairway), sounds are overlapping badly. I liked some of the actions - there are some excellent traps here - and puzzles in this level, but there are many obscure (like the invisible ladder) or tedious (very long ladders or the shimmy session right at the start) tasks that really take away a bit of the fun. Most of the "secrets" have to be found in order to progress, which is not bad as you can't progress without them either and they are not really hidden, but why call them secrets then? The enemies are quite nice but at the end they definately become too many and too hard to kill and I just got through by ignoring them and taking several health kits. Nice were the few dialogues with Franky himself and thus a bit of storyline is carried on here. On the whole, more work in terms of polishing and also a bit more creativity and fluentness in gameplay would help to come up with a larger step up in the builder's evolution. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (17-Jun-2017)

"This is a nice little alien raid with only a few wrinkles that required me to resort to the stuck thread. After a fairly difficult series of jumps in a lava room, you're left to figure out how to reach a higher opening while hanging on the wall. The solution is rather obvious in retrospect, if a bit tiresome. And in the area with the sliding spike columns I would never have thought to run against them while they're moving back toward you. Totally counter intuitive, but it works. Most of the time, so save often during this sequence. There are eight secrets, most of which are fairly easy to find, but I managed to miss one. Probably in that last room where there are four numbered wall switches, only one of which has any apparent function. The surroundings are a bit crude, but the lighting was quite good and allowed me to see everything clearly. Franky is definitely improving, but he needs more experience with the level editor." - Phil (29-May-2017)

"Well, what a pleasant surprise. This is far and away the best level Franky has come up with - certainly a big improvement on the last one. The otherworldly atmosphere is well created and the background music is excellent, helping to set the mood nicely. Gameplay-wise, the frequently irritating aspects of his previous level have largely been avoided here, with some interesting challenges and a cool bike for Lara to ride (albeit briefly). Perhaps there is still quite a reliance on mazes, but they are cleverly done and not too interminable. Enemies are effectively used and, although the aliens at the end really gang up on Lara, they are not too difficult to avoid and nothing like as frustrating to deal with as the hydras in 'Franky's Castle'. I also liked the secrets being cats - a fitting tribute to the late, beautiful and clearly much missed Leo, whose picture briefly adorns the load screen. Most enjoyable." - Jay (21-May-2017)

"I think the best level from this author. A lot of new and cool objects (the bike is great!), new textures, good musics and many traps along the way. Not very hard tasks, there are some errors in the design, but perhaps they are intended so: you can avoid trigger the giant worms in the first water area by jumping into the water from the very right side, near the big pyramid; if you lose time after pulling the high jumpswitch, it can't be reset and you'll have to reload. I didn't like the unmarked ladders or the very elongated textures in some places; also in the room with the invisible pole rope I was able to pick up the cat from the room below, not a hint in the area with the cold waters to know the end of the dangerous area, but usually the gameplay is good and entertaining. Good work." - Jose (18-May-2017)

"As a tester of this level, I will try not to be biased in my opinions. This level is both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Lara gets teleported off to a far away world which resembles ancient Egypt in some ways, and something that those who believe in the ancient astronaut conspiracy world find interesting. The best parts of the game are finding a way into a pyramid, the maze with the shiny floor, the room with the queen, avoiding the giant snakes, and fighting the aliens. The reason I say some parts are quite ordinary, is because the gameplay is not too difficult and there are not a great array of puzzles here, I strongly feel that the level builder has some wonderful ideas to begin with but they still need to gain more knowledge of the editor to implement all these ideas, some parts are fairly simplistic as a result. On the other hand, there are some aspects of the game which are very special and some things I have never seen before in a level - and these include the ambient soundtrack which is well chosen and very epic in places, the brand new vehicle, the actual design of the game which is very 3D and has a nice sci-fi feel to it, there are the epic fights with the aliens, and you even have R2D2 joining in on the fun! I really wish the LD had made some use of a certain object in the game but it didn't work due to a bug. The rolling balls you can shoot are something I have never seen before. The texturing and lighting are in most places very good but other places need a little more work, I mean some textures need to be less stretched and some lights are too bright or too dark. The secrets would be better if they were hidden away more, rather than in plain sight. There is also the clicking sound underwater, the LD needs to gain confidence with the sound part of wadmanager, I've provided instructions for next time. All in all, this is a very nice adventure which took around 50 minutes to play, and is well worth playing - just be patient and use medipacks if you have difficulty, especially in the icy area! Good work." - sonnyd83 (17-May-2017)
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