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Author(s): Danath
total rating:7.54 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 8 6 7 6
eRIC 8 8 6 7
Feder 9 9 8 7
Gorty 9 6 5 4
Jay 8 8 9 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 7
Jose 8 9 8 9
KBoaz 9 8 9 4
manarch2 7 6 7 6
Phil 8 8 8 8
Tolle87 9 8 9 4
Treeble 8 8 9 9
Zebra 7 7 8 7
category averages
(13 reviews)
8.15 7.62 7.77 6.62

Reviewer's comments

"I don't know how I missed this substantial set when it was released several months ago. It's a TR2 release, but I don't shy away from them for that reason alone. In any event, you get three distinct levels of increasing complexity. The first one took me 38 minutes, the second one just over one hour, and the last one a whopping hour and 42 minutes. It got a little monotonous toward the end, but I was entertained throughout and was greatly helped by José's excellent walkthrough. I took the time to acquire all the documented secrets, for by doing so you get ample weaponry and ammunition to deal with the enemies you meet along the way. As I've said before, there's only so much you can do with the TR2 engine, but the builder has done a good job here. Recommended." - Phil (05-Oct-2017)

"Very nice caves/mountains levelset, with a fun and catchy gameplay that slowly increases its difficulty as the levels progress. The author handles enemies, weapons and medipacks very well (there is no excess but there is no shortage). I found the 9 secrets and was generously rewarded but I had to play it twice for that, they were well hidden. It should also be noted that most of the textures are edited, which shows a good job of preparation of the level, creating a unique atmosphere. The negative points have to do mainly with limitations of the TR2 engine itself, especially in terms of the amount of textures tolerated, but in spite of that the author has done a good job. Something to improve perhaps would be the architecture which in some places seemed a little square and the effects of light and shadow on the connections between rooms. I strongly recommend it for TR2 fans and I hope Danath continues to amuse us with his future projects." - Feder (18-Sep-2017)

"A three part old style level that evolves as we move on texture wise and gameplay wise even if it always remains quite simple in ways. If the start doesn't look extremely promising to you, don't give up as you'll find plenty of excitement further on, namely in the final level in which I advise that you should try and spare your health bar and use your ammo as wisely as you can. Entertaining." - Jorge22 (24-Aug-2017)

"A 3 levels game where each level lasts twice the time of the previous one, and where the difficulty increases a notch in each level. Still in the end , this is not a difficult game and so it an be enjoyed by everyone. Well balanced gameplay for a TR2 game , with mostly climbing and jumps and enemies , and then more new situations especially in the last level, pushable blocks , timed trapdoors or various traps. The builder has taken care of providing enough ammos and medipacks , also i appreciated that the noisy traps are antritriggered after usage. Secrets are well hidden , i found only 4 and a bit more work was required to get them. Texturing hurts a bit the eye in the beginning but improves later on , lighting is quite okay for a TR2 game. I can't help thinking that the immersion could have been better , maybe by adding a few more objects or with a more complex architecture , but it was still a satisfying gaming experience." - eRIC (11-Aug-2017)

"I'm a huge TR2 fan, so when I saw that it got some new, more updated hacks this year, I was a bit more than excited. Going through this trio of levels felt nostalgic and refreshing. TR2 doesn't get too many hacks, and whenever it does, it barely gets enough that are considered balanced or "good". I'd be totally okay calling this both, because while it doesn't take any huge risks in it's level design and concepts, it brings just~ enough to the table to keep it unique from the original TR2, and even the official expansion, The Golden Mask. While everything here was your standard, safe design choices for TR, the atmosphere gets a bump up from all that on my front due to just how well it was constructed. The huge, dark cave entrance to the temple itself was the highlight for me, as it brought me back to a time where games as simple as these legit terrified me. I give this game a solid 7.5/10. Even if you're not a TR2 fan, or got turned off by all the bad ones from years passed, I recommend giving this one a try, because trust me: It's good." - Zebra (08-Aug-2017)

"A very fun debut level that keeps itself from getting stagnant with some impressive gameplay variety(including plenty of platforming, some enemy shootouts, devious trap-filled chambers & some breather pushable puzzles), most of which increases in difficulty naturally as players become more comfortable with the controls. General atmosphere was also handled pretty well(even if the texturing & lighting may falter at points and many rooms are utterly devoid of objects). But despite some minor issues, I had a great time playing this three-part levelset. And I recommend this to any player who yearns for a fair & balanced challenge." - Ceamonks890 (27-Jul-2017)

"It's obviously a good time for TR 2 adventures, and this level is another one that doesn't disappoint in creating a properly fun time. The gameplay is varied and rather fluent; perhaps there are too many long platforming tasks and long passages and the block puzzles are a bit too tedious and not as clever, but there are a lot of traps and one or two timed runs (more would've been welcome!) that keep you on your toes and overall the time was quite enjoyable. A minor issue is that you can drop down in almost every pit with non-deadly floor where you can't get out later. The enemies are well enough placed, but I'm not sure if some fit to the location that well (yetis? leopards?)... anyway, the secrets are nicely hidden (a few, perhaps, are hard to miss). More atypical elements can be found in this game as some of the objects (that are quite sparsely used in this game, by the way) and textures didn't fit so much to the setting, in general texturing is not the strongest point of this game although it's surprisingly effective if you don't take a closer look - like in the very first area or in the giant cave in the second level. The third level was fairly monotonous in that regard, the same textures are used in almost all rooms except of the spider cave. The lighting is not bad overall, but sometimes it's a bit too dull. One thing I liked were some of the cameras used in here, they added a lot to the atmosphere of the larger areas. Overall a decent debut level of another builder I'm very much interested to see more from. 1:20 hours." - manarch2 (22-Jul-2017)

"If you like TR2, this may well be worth taking a look at as it's definitely very playable and quite logical so it's difficult to get stuck. Obviously, TR2 Lara is limited in abilities compared to her modern accomplishments, so the game inevitably consists of a lot of leaping across pillars and avoiding some rather fun traps, plus quite a lot of block pushing. Pickups are not exactly lavishly supplied either and as some of the traps make it hard to avoid losing health, you really will need to conserve the medipacks as best you can. It's a three parter and I have to say by the end of part three it did feel a bit repetitive, but overall it's an enjoyable raid and I never under-estimate the sheer nostalgia factor of TR2." - Jay (22-Jul-2017)

"While the aesthetic work leaves much to be desired (while the TR2 engine is quite limited, there's a lot of room for improvement regarding geometry, lighting and, most of all, texturing), I really feel the need to highlight and praise the game design work here. I've seen and played plenty of games with awe-inspiring aesthetics but that weren't pleasant at all gameplay-wise (either too buggy, or too boring, or too sadistically difficult, or too repetitive, and whatnot). However, this one offers a pleasant experience, as it's challenging but not frustrating; it isn't too hard but it isn't too easy either. Also, the puzzles aren't difficult to solve - they require you to observe and think a bit, of course, but they do make sense for anyone else who's not the creator himself, which is really refreshing. The camera and the sound work were great, making up for the not-so-good texturing and geometry and helping to create an immersive atmosphere and experience. All in all, a great debut from a creator who's already ahead of most in the technical aspects, and who just really needs to improve on the aesthetics. Good job, Danath!" - KBoaz (21-Jul-2017)

"Excellent debut. Really a fantastic tribute to the 20 years of Tomb Raider. As the author says in the readme file, he tried to focuse it more on exploration, platforming and avoiding traps than fighting, so there are very few puzzles with movable blocks, but all in all, the entire adventure is very entertaining and never boring. There are enough ammo for the extra weapons, but not so many medipacks so don't waste them. The enemies are well balanced, there are many cameras to show what are you triggering when pulling levers, but I missed some more musics to create a good atmosphere. Not agree with Tolle87's review about the texturization; certainly not all the textures properly fit, but all they are well applied and the look of the environments is always nice, and the lights are well worked too. Hopefully this builder continue producing more creations like this in the future. Congratulations and many thanks for your effort 'cause I really enjoyed this adventure. Recommended." - Jose (19-Jul-2017)

"Gameplay was fair, mostly good and even interesting to solve some tasks / traps. Everything else was not so good. The texturing was catastrophic. It’s like the author doesn’t even know that it’s possible to use only part of the texture or to rotate it. Many rough texturing errors all over the place … in one word, a really careless texturing approach. Additionally, it was also very monotone with not much diversity. The lighting was close to non-existing. One tone follows Lara through the whole game. The design and architecture was very basic, simple and unnatural looking. It has this beginnerish and amateurish vibe. The atmosphere was like playing an unfinished beta game. The author needs definitely more practice, but future potential is clearly visible. Danath knows already how to create some good gameplay, he just needs to combine it with some more practice in level designing and also take more time to polish his rooms. I suggest building in TRNG style as it will always look better. I’m shocked that someone is giving a 9 for texturing and light. A meltdown of rating criteria. Overall, recommended for TR1/TR3 nostalgic people, otherwise, only if someone is curious how a debut level can look like." - Gorty (18-Jul-2017)

"Here's a fun TR2 levelset. There are three levels in total, but the real highlight is, undoubtedly, the final level. The first two levels work nicely as introductory and transitioning levels, as you make your way through caves in a rather linear progression. When you get to The Lost Temple, however, things change. The all too familiar pushblock puzzles and lever hunts are still in, of course, but you get somewhat strenuous quests for keys. It's all good fun, and even though it makes no sense you get a final showdown against mercenaries inside locked chambers, just before laying hands on the artifact. I quite enjoyed the looks and atmosphere, both of the mountainous areas in the beginning and the cozy Vilcabamba-ish temple, so this is definitely an adventure to recommend. 115 minutes, 5 secrets. 07/17" - Treeble (18-Jul-2017)

"Wow, we have some serious TR2 action here. Although the visuals give away a debut project, everything else is more than enough to keep your attention. First level feels like a mixture of first levels from TR1 and TR2. You go through several huge caves, avoid traps and do some elaborate platforming sequences. It looks a bit empty and textures are repetitive and unaligned at some places, but every builder has to pass through that phase. Second level brings you deeper in the caves where you find the underwater river with many passages. Don't worry, it's much better than it sounds. It's fairly easy to navigate and I had only one minor setback because I wasn't looking careful enough. There are also some sneaky but fair boulder traps. Finally, you reach The Lost Temple and it really gives you some Xian vibes with it's tasks and traps. It doesn't look nearly as good as Temple of Xian, but the gameplay is definitely the best in this area. There are some complex climbing tasks, timed runs, block puzzles and more. There are many enemies that vary between gunmen, Yetis and fishes but they are relatively easy do deal with. There is also a famous TR2 spider cave which is really scary and cool. You get shotgun and the automatics (and uzi apparently, but I missed it) with more than enough ammo, but you should be economic with medipacks because they are very limited (I ended up with none and some 50% of health bar). Audio tunes are all used in appropriate places and there are camera hints for everything, with also some atmospheric ones. The only strange thing I encountered is that it looks like Lara is bleeding while swimming (a bug?). Definitely a great debut and if Danath manages to match his architecture and texturing with his technical skills, I think we can expect great things from him in the future. 100 minutes, 4/9 secrets. Recommended." - Tolle87 (17-Jul-2017)
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