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Author(s): Baddy82
total rating:8.20 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Beaewa76 7 8 9 9
Gorty 7 10 10 9
Jose 5 9 8 9
MrXenomorph123 7 4 9 9
OlafRaider 9 8 9 9
category averages
(5 reviews)
7.00 7.80 9.00 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"An extraordinary debut. Really this builder knows how to build fantastic worlds very near to reality. The atchitecture and texturization are excellent; I liked a lot the new objects too, the good use of the musics and flybys to create atmosphere and the absence of hard tasks. But this is a game only for pure explorers; where are the puzzles? where are the entertaining tasks? Your only goal here is to look for an exit to advance, advance and continue advancing. Evenmore, I found too many crawlspaces in the Egyptian levels and too dark rooms, slowing down a lot the gameplay. In Guatemala and Bahamas was better in that sense. Not an entertaining level for me, but you can take a try even if it's only to admire the marvellous landscapes." - Jose (24-Jul-2017)

"After a long intro story sequence the game starts in a cave like environment. Some fine texturing errors are immediately noticeable while running through the maze. Soon another nice flyby kicked in. I have to say right at the beginning that the level feels very very atmospheric ! A great achievement ! I took me a long time to figure out that I had to push the block out of the wall. A little bit too cryptic for my taste. After pushing some more hidden pushables I finally got a first pick up item that started a flyby sequence showing me where to push that thing in. The fyby was nice, but a little bit clumsy ( going through walls, fighting against rotation … ). I have to add that I find it very hard to navigate through the level. Even after the flyby I still had no Idea where to go. Also, its sometimes very hard to tell which of the walls is supposed to be climbable ? This wall climbing turned out to be big problem . I got stuck a million times just because I couldn’t figure out what wall I was supposed to climb up. Such a big mistake by the author. The two problems, searching for pushable blocks and climbing walls made me run through the whole level with the flare on and constantly jumping on everything because I never knew where I could climb. Some important routes are so easily to miss that’s crazy. Like when I got the crowbar, went further down and opened a door. After that again a long cryptic run through the level in search for the next path, but of course I missed something in the narrow pit before. So I finally arrived in that cave that was shown in the flyby and used the box key. After reaching the other levels I was so glad I didn’t quit playing. The outside part looked just magnificent ! Really a masterpiece of level designing ! Same for the forest (?) –raining part and temples ! Some gameplay problems continued later on that I already mentioned for the first level, but the gameplay does improve. The atmosphere is kept on highest ground through the whole game with always nice flyby sequences. I have to add that the inner parts are a little bit too dark. Overall, everything expect the gameplay is made incredibly good and atmospheric. The design and architecture is also incredibly. Maybe a bit too dark and with some easily fixable texturing errors. I can’t say for the gameplay that I enjoyed it that much ( especially not the first level ). I have nothing against atypical gameplay that involves exploring but this I feel it’s made too cryptic. The walkthrough was written badly and often confused me more that it should. I’m sure this is not the author’s first attempt in creating a level. Definitely recommended!!" - Gorty (23-Jul-2017)

"I always enjoyed Lara's egyptian adventures the most, so the first level in the Cheops pyramid was quite unique and well done, I really enjoyed it.I noticed some difficulties in the giza levels but with the walkthrough I had no real troubles. The Guatemala levels have beautyfully made landscapes. Secrets and objects that can be used are quite rare and strictly about the storyline the author referres to (the Atlantis story). The Bahamas levels look great." - Beaewa76 (23-Jul-2017)

"I really enjoyed this first release from Baddy82! It does have bugs that can be game breaking at times as they prevent further progression, this is primarily in Giza 2. However, I emailed the creator and they sent me a save file which made me able to progress from one point one of the game mechanics was very broken, this consisted of a crawl space where I could not exit and it was also a wide open space and Lara would not stand. Thanks to the save file I was sent, this was resolved and I believe they mentioned this will be fixed. Despite that, loved the atmosphere, the puzzles were rather unique. Enemies mainly consisted of bats and alligators, general wildlife. My favourite section has to be the Guatamala levels, I really love jungle temple style levels in Tomb Raider! For a first level, this was fantastic! I hope to see more from this creator in the future." - MrXenomorph123 (21-Jul-2017)

"The eight levels are quite lenghty and some of them not easy, so there`s a bit of a challenge. I really liked the allover atmosphere and gameplay. A very realistic pyramid design( first level). As the builder describes himself, the complete game is not an action shooter,and I liked the more classic adventure or archeologic approach. After the first technical 'hickups' of the level 'giza 2' the atmosphere develops even more ( Guatemala, Bimini). The caves and diving situations in the Bahamas levels look awesome. Considering this is the first levelsets from the builder I really had some fun.I used the walkthrough, too. I look forward to the next levels." - OlafRaider (21-Jul-2017)
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