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Author(s): Gabriel Croft
total rating:6.80 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 6 6 6 6
DJ Full 7 8 8 8
Gerty 6 6 6 7
Gorty 7 6 8 6
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 6 7 7 8
manarch2 7 5 6 6
misho98 5 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 8
Ryan 7 6 7 7
category averages
(10 reviews)
6.50 6.50 7.10 7.10

Reviewer's comments

"Sorry to say that this could have been a nice level but for me that was not the case. At my end it was rather buggy at times and I got (apart from the crash at the end) some crashes while playing. I also couldn’t monkey climb past that emitter and had to use a saved game. Some levers were blended in way too well, not funny. Texture wise it could use some TLC and I saw even a missing texture (last room under a pillar that was hanging from the ceiling)." - Gerty (19-Mar-2019)

"This was enjoyable enough, but I think it's a step down from the much more accomplished Neon. There's absolutely nothing wrong with surroundings or atmosphere (these are well crafted and pleasing), but the gameplay left a bit to be desired. The first Mansion level was as tedious as those levels in that class usually are and the proper second level had too much backtracking and movements that had to be precisely made for my liking (the boulder traps and spike jumps mainly). This made it more artificially complicated than it deserved to be and I finished with a somewhat sour impression of the whole thing. Not that it's bad, just a bit disappointing." - Ryan (04-Sep-2018)

"This levelset is a mixed bag for me. It's sad because I really enjoyed the jungle part in the beginning with the waterfall and even the backtracking wasn't as annoying as backtracking usually is, but the level kept getting worse near the end with almost impossible tasks to do. I get that it can be fun when a level is hard sometimes but this wasn't the case here - it just made an otherwise okay adventure frustrating. The Croft Manor part was absolutely unnecessary as it didn't offer anything new at all and even less than what we have seen in a basic home level. I usually love Gabriel Croft's work and I really had a good time with some tasks from the second level but I think this was way too rushed. Can't wait for a new offering from the builder, I believe the next release will be much better! It's good that the house can be skipped and, by the way, the outfit choosing section is not a bad idea at all. The atmosphere of the jungle level was pretty good, very TR3 feeling and that's always a big plus for me and if you feel the same you might as well give this one a try." - misho98 (10-Mar-2018)

"DEJA VU! I've just been in this place before... and at least three times in this builder's games. I see it's shorter and I love the idea of day/night swap but I can't appreciate anything more since there is almost no other change. Therefore rating just the game: it's nice. I like how the rooms are connected together, they're also organic and with varied tasking. I liked the boulder challenge and object/enemy filling however we never get any uzis desppite of the ammo, and since there are no secrets the weapon could be provided as one. But there's a shotgun for a change and we actually have a chance to kill several enemies with that stronger firearm. The final block sequence in a larger scope room was precisely what I'm missing in cramped levels: a place to stretch your legs. Still, this is 25th level by Gabriel and we again get missing sounds, and not even a chance to grab the final pickup, so what can I do..." - DJ Full (18-Dec-2017)

"Another rushed level set made by Gabriel Croft, who should by now be able to make better stuff than this one after 10 years of level building and to compromise his name with ˝cheap˝ level releases just to ˝release something˝. Was not that bad as I excepted it to be. It starts in a croft manor. Supposedly a recycled level set form previous games, but I can’t be sure to take that into consideration. The croft manor is nicely built, good textured with few errors, well lit. Object placement was good but with catastrophic object light applying. The gameplay was something made for pure explorers with sneaky hidden switches and gets boring after a while, but still not that bad. The atmosphere was nice and the music also. Nothing special to say about the first level. Soon the second level starts and I fell that the two levels are not really compatible as the croft manor has a more advanced style and the jungle level a TR3 style. The design or architecture on some parts was nothing less good than some other levels with high ratings. Some rooms were unacceptable cubic, careless and rushed. Texturing had many errors. Has the same light standards like Feders level, maybe even better, but for my taste under average and a huge step back compared to TR salvation levels. The gameplay can make the player quit the game and is sometimes very hard to follow or to manage, but again, nothing too bad. Its best played with a walkthrough. Latter parts of the second level get gradually worse in texturing and design making it something very beginerish and under every standard. At least the music was nice and warm. Gabriel Croft should really try next time to make something proper, one level, but without rushing things." - Gorty (12-Nov-2017)

"This was an adventure of two halves. The first half (the hoary old 'Mansion level') was as uninteresting as you could possibly wish it to be.Not that there's anything wrong with the texturing and object placement,which is everywhere satisfying - but the gameplay is as dreary as it could ever be in this particular location (especially if the plug is missed before the hedge maze is entered,entailing a lengthy backtrack).Swimming pool;Attic;baking a know the form by now. The second half is an unexpectedly annoying,but action-filled Jungle level - unexpected,because Gabriel Croft is usually adept at putting together straightforward,linear and fast-paced levels.This one,on the other hand,commits two cardinal sins: it forces the player to tediously backtrack from one end of the level to the other;and allows them to go quite far without necessarily having done all the required tasks (I'm looking at you,Underwater Lever). Mixed with this are some rather tricky traps to negotiate,requiring more luck than judgement;a somewhat buggy jump;and one of those hugely irritating sequences when you're confronted by a shootable grate that looks exactly the same as all the solid gates (most of which need to be opened by a lever)...You wander aimlessly around looking for an ultimately non-existent lever;when all you ever needed to do was draw your pistols. Some of the puzzles,although superficially logical,actually made little sense - I get that blocking a waterfall would prevent water from draining into a basement;but how could it possibly make the previously waterlogged basement instantaneously bone-dry? The object and enemy placement was creative;the use of music and cameras assisted in the creation of atmosphere;and the lighting was rather good - so you'll find no technical faults anywhere here.It simply isn't anything like as enjoyable as Gabriel's other recent adventures." - Orbit Dream (09-Oct-2017)

"I found nothing interesting in the house level, like another house levels, go from room to room pulling switches or looking for keys to open doors. At least there is a nice background music. The jungle level is better and entertaining enough, but I can't give a high rating to the gameplay 'cause the hard tasks avoiding the boulders by running into crawlspaces and the timing in the nasty ledge with the spikes in the water room near the end. There is also a serious backtracking to the very beginning when you find one of the keys. The author also could use more cd tracks like in the final flyby when Lara finds the scroll. Even so and all in all, solid levels worth to play with no serious problems." - Jose (22-Sep-2017)

"This starts out in one of the nicest Croft Manor settings I can remember seeing. It combines pretty much the traditional mansion layout with some really lovely textures. Action-wise, it's very gentle gameplay with nothing too strenuous to do apart from collecting keys, running round the maze and, oh yes, baking a cake - as you do when you're not suffering a home invasion! Once Lara heads off for the jungle however things hot up a bit (excuse the pun) and the enemies become quite plentiful. Some of the traps etc., are pretty challenging and enjoyable - I had a devil of a job avoiding one of the boulders and after trying dozens of times I left it for the day, only to come back to it next day and achieve it on my first try. I guess that's raiding for you. Not a bad adventure." - Jay (22-Sep-2017)

"Not much to say about the house level, as it's very similar to previous offerings of Gabriel (and Adriel). I still think it's not too bad to have this included as it's optional to get through. I'm not sure why there's a need for various outfits in a level, but in any way, this doesn't exactly harm anything (except maybe the download size). The main part is a rather decent and overall enjoyable 30 minute that is actually finishable without any obscurely hidden things or dead ends. There are a lot of fine traps included here, some of which take a few tries to overcome, the platforming is enjoyable and there are also a few puzzles and exploration to put enough variety in it. Overall, despite a part with some annoying backtracking, I found this to be the best level of the builder in terms of gameplay lately. I also appreciated that this time the builder didn't rely all too much on overly fancy objects, textures or music choices and created a more authentic level. Still, there is way too much that has not received enough care. The surroundings are sometimes rather crude and a bit simplistic, a few squeezed and even a missing texture (in the pool near the end) are present as well as mediocre lighting, but there are also a few nicer views and decently created larger areas. No secrets to find and some enemies are again not fitting to the location (tigers in South America? Did they escape from a zoo?). I think that it should have been possible for this builder to create something more refined than this, but at least the gameplay is more enjoyable this time. Overall 40 minutes." - manarch2 (12-Sep-2017)

"Now, I previously had a review uploaded for this release. And unfortunately, it turned out to be objectively inaccurate to the experience proper. So for that, I greatly apologize to Gabriel Croft and any potential players for misinforming what was to be expected from this levelset. Having gotten that out of the way though, I still find the multiple outfit variations of both the Croft Manor & Amazonian Jungle levels to be entirely unnecessary (considering the real-time engine triggering tricks uncovered by other builders in recent times). And I stand by what I previously stated on the Croft Manor side of things as well, finding the recycling of the builders first part of his Tomb Raider Salvation project to be quite uninspired (with only minor alterations made to the overall structure like pushable boxes in the robot training area room or both maps taking place at night, while removing other gameplay tasks entirely from the original).
But thankfully after scouring through some beneficial hints provided by others in the forum, I've managed to successfully proceed through the Amazonia level completely and while it isn't exactly as vague as previously assumed on my part, it's not exactly a bad level either on its own merits (despite several rooms feeling a bit more empty than they should and some of the traps being a tad strict on the window of opportunity to successfully bypass them). Overall, the Amazonia level is worth the price of admission alone. But next time, I hope the builder doesn't pad out the amount of maps, with as much blatant copy/pasted content in future." - Ceamonks890 (11-Sep-2017)
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