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Author(s): DJ Full
total rating:8.86 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Drakan 7 10 9 7
Gorty 8 10 7 3
Jay 9 10 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 10 10 8
Josey 9 10 10 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 7 9 10 5
manarch2 8 10 9 7
Moonpooka 10 10 10 9
Phil 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 10 10 9
SeniorBlitz 10 9 10 9
Talos 8 10 7 7
The Boo 7 10 8 5
Wolf7 9 9 10 8
category averages
(16 reviews)
8.56 9.81 9.38 7.69

Reviewer's comments

"A seriously enjoyable one hour level with the humorous style only DJ Full would achieve. I usually play this once in a while as I can seriously find something new as I replay this. The only real shame, even though it is not a real problem, is the overall texturing that is just WEIRD and 'totally off-topic' (Cit. Lara). Forgetting that it is absolutely a must play!! Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (05-Apr-2019)

"This is the type of level that you'll either really love or not enjoy at all, but you can't deny that it is something different in the custom level world. Personally I loved the experience here, although others might find it not for them. The textures are wonderfully colourful, different and attractive (tactfully overlooking the Merkel images), the custom objects are wonderfully made, the voiceovers and dialogues hilarious (the "tree daddy" one was absolutely brilliant) and to say that the gameplay requires out of the box thinking would be an understatement. The items often have to be used in obscure locations, so I was glad I had the builder's walkthrough for (occasionally cryptic assistance). Very much a matter of taste, but do try it." - Ryan (05-Sep-2018)

"What an Incredible ride! It’s just so full of diversity and creativity that I inevitably feel in love with it, there was just so much care and love put into this, like, and there was even cutsenes with voice acting! That’s just utterly amazing! The texture work is very nice and diverse, the rooms are very colorful and fun to traverse through, and the only section I thought was a bit annoying was the one where you had to use the jeep (I got stuck I few times), but that was it. The level is very creative and full of Tomb Raider\TRLE references (even the secrets), talking about secrets, they’re very challenging (I like the one where you had to use a glitch which had a plate on the wall making a reference to one of the Tomb Raider speedruners). You should definitely play this, while I bit long on the first go, it’s worth it, quiet the adventure with an epic final boss." - SeniorBlitz (17-Nov-2017)

"This is not the kind of level I like to play, but I downloaded it and wanted to finish it. Too bad my English is so poor, because I did not understand everything but at least the little tree made me smile. The arrival of lara is original, the sounds and cameras are very well placed, for cons I did not like the texturing and I found the whole a little too dark.Vers half of the game lara is put to flash. You can easily get stuck in the jeep (which happened to me)." - Drakan (05-Nov-2017)

"G&P: The level was quite nice, but sometimes you get confused because of the new objects, ne possibilities etc etc, the gameplay was totaly DJ full like, kind of crazy and inovative. If you reach the end you could feel quite dumb (as I did about some puzzles during the game) The gameplay was nice, but it was also buggy, maybe some NGLE issues,that I never encounter before, like Lara doing the same thing over and over ( the last thing I did, like running, jumping etc etc) sometimes the only way to get rid of this bug was to press ALT+F4... And I also had some crashes during the game, even when I tried to respect the textual indications. E,O&S: Very nice to see some new objects, but I think that best thing in this part was the graphical effect, "enemy charing an attack", very well used. I was not a big fan of some objets, but its ok. A,S&C: The best part of the game, the scenery was just amazing, even if some animations were not perfect, I'm a builder too, so I won't downrate this part because that was a big piece of work I think. Sounds were nice, even if crazy sometimes, like the screaming pinetree. IMO this level is a big piece of work, this part of the level shows that DJ full is an amazing builder. L&T: I did read in the review thread that the builder said something about some reviews, and as an answer I can say that I do understand some reviewers, textures were such a problem for me, even if this level was designed for TR Forge, still the textures were stretched, wallpaper like, and of course distorded textures, at the end I saw no "stretched textures", but I still understand the point of the review, that was hard to understand why the builder used these textures, and why he used it this way. But I did speak (write)with the builder, and I do understand why he used these textures, I'm still wondering why using them this way? I mean is some shapes that make the level not that beautiful =/ To sumup, the level was a big piece of work from the builder, but had some issues that make the level hard to fully enjoy. Still I enjoyed it. Some of my friends asked me "why are you playing this level?", I just didn't know what to answer, I wanted to reach the end, and enjoy the crazyness and this amazing scenery more than the graphics or the gameplay. thanks DJ full for this work, even if I think that you could be more watchful about the textures, I think that's a very important point in a level." - Lara_Fox_Croft (26-Oct-2017)

"As a tradition, DJ offers us a level beyond the schemes, with situations at the limit of the surreal and motivational worthy of a pounding advertisement that you will not forget easily: "Fight, fight, fight" will resonate in your head for a long time, as well as dialogues between "Daddy" aka Christmas tree and Lara. If you look for a classic level, here you will not find anything of this. Instead, you will play a level-up at Christmas-time levels, but with the grotesque DJ's taste. Try it absolutely! And Christmas levels will no longer be the same. Fight, Fight, Fight!" - Talos (26-Oct-2017)

"I'll say it right away - it's once more impossible to score DJ Full's levels and the scores I decided to give are not doing it full credit. For once, there's hardly anything negative to say about creativity, story telling, enemy and object design and overall humour which all give this level the very special taste you only find in this builder's releases. The gameplay is extremely quirky and fun as well, perhaps with a few slow parts where it's hard to know what to do next (the placement of the kitchen handle, for example), and perhaps there could be even more "real" puzzles instead of (better: additionally to, as the others are great as well) those where you are almost led to the correct solution and just have to find and place various items (which was good fun as well, though). All the flybies are really perfectly set up and the surreal setting really lets me forgive some things like the really a bit too eclectic and wallpaper-like texturing and (even if intended) parts where you can see the darkness or other rooms - still the atmosphere really works like a charm in most parts and there are some truly great sights throughout. I found 8 secrets myself but returned for the missing one as the walkthrough came out, and must admit that most are very sneakily hidden. Finished this of course highly recommended and - once more - different game in 75 minutes. And now I go to a cure to be able to bear so many Merkels..." - manarch2 (25-Oct-2017)

"Incredible what an expert builder can do with the LE and another tools. I take my hat. As usual, not agree with another reviewers 'cause for me the gameplay was really confused; not very challenging except in the room with all those... modified big scorpions? The numerous new (an amazing) objects make difficult to advance through the game 'cause it's very difficult to figure out when you need to shoot, move or the places to use something: the way to place the handle from the lateral, fill the cup to lower the elevator, use the jumpswitch ammo... Another times I found weird/odd situations here and there, like: had to run through the long row of spikes, the jeep got stucked in the big cup when I went out slowly (reload), the tip of the compass needle looks the same in both sides, I got the revolver and the sight before I filled the computer with the wallpaper (I could trespass the big wallpaper???), some ilegal slopes... Anyway the player can get some help with the on-screen texts and even the inventory texts, the atmosphere is very good, according to the style of the level and all the new textures (what an effort!) are well applied, but it seems ramdomly applied in many rooms and the general aspect is not very nice. All in all an "out of the ordinary" level you must try. Sure it will not leave you indifferent." - Jose (24-Oct-2017)

"Whether or not you choose to play this game, I really recommend taking a look at the readme. Well, it made me laugh anyway. This is such a quirky, inventive, funny game I hardly know where to start. It's confusing at times admittedly and I was glad when the walkthrough came out because I had to dip in quite a lot. The custom objects and textures are extraordinary, as are some of the animations. The voiceovers are brilliant - Lara sound so authentic and the 'treedaddy' voiceovers are hilarious. Only one word of warning really - play very carefully if you are in any way allergic to Angela Merkel. Seriously!" - Jay (17-Oct-2017)

"This level is just crazy! Sometimes it's perfectly made, full of funny moments, well designed objects and creative "happenings". But on the other hand .. at times it's just badly build, for example the textures: It's one thing to use many different textures, but some rooms look like the builder just randomly applyed them. Also the architecture here and there is needlessly complicated ... maybe overly intellectual. Dont get me wrong: I loved to play this game! But it is like day and night ..." - The Boo (12-Oct-2017)

"An enjoyable change of pace from a builder who continues to demonstrate a firm grasp of the level editor. An earlier criticism of the textures is completely lost on me, as I found the colorful surroundings to be refreshingly inventive and eye-pleasing. Some places are too dark to navigate comfortably, but more than enough flares are provided. With the walkthrough provided by the builder I was able to find all nine secrets, although in a few places I got hopelessly confused and had to resort to the Doggett D. McDog online video for some lead-the-player-by-the-hand visual guidance. The quirky names for familiar pickups threw me off occasionally as well. For example, even with the walkthrough I had no idea you had to shoot an incomplete wall switch with a poisonous arrow to create the handle. ("Draw the crossbow, fit it with jumpswitch ammo and shoot the empty switch slot" would have been more helpful than "use the jumpswitch ammo.") Similar unfamiliar situations stretched my playing time to a little more than two hours. I also got stuck in a crawl space and in the small pool next to the dragon room near the end, forcing me to reload each time. There's much to like here and little to criticize, in my opinion. A level like this may not be your cup of tea, but you have to admit one thing - there's nothing else like it out there. High recommendations." - Phil (12-Oct-2017)

"Normally this kind of levels wasn't really the categorie of levels I play. But like Sheevah's Simply Purple or EssGee's TR Rude and Crude after ten minutse through it it was impossible to not finish the game. I always want to know what happened next. It's maybe a bit confuse sometimes and there are many many roads so I hope I have not forget or cut a part of the gameplay. I think one of my personnal favorite moment is when the daddy pine tree attack Lara with the funniest background and when Lara plays cards with the bull man. The cutscenes are amazing and very well build and the various voices are exellents and synchronize with Lara's moves. Just terrific :O ... like a real movie. I have just found 6 secrets and I wait the walkthrough just for see where the 3 other are hidden. To conclude a great level by Dj Full and very recommanded :)." - Bigfoot (06-Oct-2017)

"DJ Full certainly loves his jokes (after all, he has made the hilarious "The Eggning", if I remember correctly), and this game is another big, good, lovely proof of that. Play it, please: it is a wonderful display of talent, creativity and humorous, different gameplay. The objects and "people" are sensational: I simply loved the daddy tree and his children, and also that crazy, funny dragon, not to mention the spiders. Lovely! On the down side, I found the gameplay somewhat confusing, with the novelties in terms of actions (a good thing) and a labyrinthic, sometimes dark environment full of cranies, details and possibilities. Nevertheless, a different, funny, mightily interesting, brilliant game; don't miss it." - Josey (03-Oct-2017)

"A level that should be classified as a ˝joke˝ and that tries to justify its mistakes in building by using the ˝joke˝ as an excuse. First of all, this is an extraordinary, innovative, original and sometimes funny level ( which will be rewarded in the rating ), but unfortunately it fails too often in some other aspects of level building. The texturing was just catastrophic. It’s one thing to make the texturing ˝funny˝, but it’s something completely different to texture the level completely careless, unfixed, stretched, rough, repetitive and so on …. One of the worst texturing I have seen since I’m reviewing. The lighting is fair, could be a lot better and with a lot more work in it. The architecture is somehow same as the texturing. Again, the author implies that if it’s a joke level the rooms can look terrible. The most positive point about this level is definitely the innovative, funny enemies, scenarios, objects … The gameplay was ok. Often too cryptic for my taste and sometimes some logistic errors ( why is the same texture not climbable all the times ? ). I was often lost with my gameplay in that ˝cake mess˝. Also, some sound effects gave me ear bleeding …. Shouldn’t have played it with my headphones on. I’m sure DjFull has many forum friends and that I’m probably in the minority of the reviewers that will play the level. But one thing is sure, I’m giving a fully honest review based on my standards or criteria I always use in reviewing. Sadly, in some categories the levels fails heavily. Definitely recommended, but don’t except some breathtaking environments. Just a well made joke level." - Gorty (02-Oct-2017)

"There's just no way one can downrate a level as visually interesting, well designed story wise (although I did struggle to understand a few things at times, which is what happens when a level is *that* different to the usual stuff), with great added sounds and music (namely the "fight-fight-fight-fight-fight!"), sheer originality from the start to the end and actual fun - I did laugh at the treedad area, which isn't that common, normally I'd just grin. All that in a package of just below 100 Mb when you sometimes get much bigger packages that eventually amount to... very little. I know something comparable only comes every once in a while and I'm grateful for having had the opportunity of playing it. Extremely recommended." - Jorge22 (29-Sep-2017)

"What a great level this was. Not only does it look good, the game play is superb, as are the amusing elements such as the trees and audios. I missed 3 secrets so will play again some time. Lighting was perfect on my PC and apart from a couple of missing textures, it all looked so nicely decorated (apart from that Merkel woman's images; did i see her face on the enemy in the vehicle room? All in all, a lot of fun to be had here, so well done DJ." - Moonpooka (26-Sep-2017)
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