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Author(s): PedroTheGamer
total rating:4.58 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 3 3 3
DJ Full 5 6 8 7
Feder 4 5 4 5
Gerty 4 5 5 4
Jay 5 5 4 5
Jorge22 4 4 6 5
Jose 3 5 5 6
Lara_Fox_Croft 3 5 4 2
manarch2 2 3 3 3
Orbit Dream 3 5 4 6
Phil 7 8 7 7
Ryan 4 4 5 5
category averages
(12 reviews)
3.83 4.83 4.83 4.83

Reviewer's comments

"This is a bit of a below average recreation of the original Senet level. I usually find games of Senet quite enjoyable if a bit long-winded, but it unfortunately hasn't been very well recreated here. The animations are odd, a few sounds are missing, the textures are sloppily applied in quite a few places and the gameplay itself is flawed in that you have to lose if you want to continue (unlike in the original, where it didn't really matter) and the button on the pillar could really mess up the game if you're not careful. Not the worst debut out there, but problematic in quite a few ways." - Ryan (06-Sep-2018)

"I like the idea of revisiting an original project, for a feeling of dreamy dejavu where all is the same, but... not. This case is similar however the remade parts include at least three potential gamestoppers, which should be fixed in the first order - and in last, since the original map is still nice and the audio usage is remarkable." - DJ Full (20-Dec-2017)

"And return you do. If I am not mistaken this lay-out (where you play the game of Senet) I’ve seen before. You have to push some objects and make your way to Senet’s Hall to play the big game and loose. Getting two Cartouches and one Gem is your goal. Nothing too difficult though. Saw some missing textures and paperthin walls. Also textures in general could have been applied better." - Gerty (23-Nov-2017)

"g&p: the gameplay of this level coulb be as good as Semerket Guardian from TRIV if the builder did not destroyed the original level by removing rooms and addind quite bad gameplay. The point is that the builder took the original map from TRIV and add nothing interesting to it. Should I rate his additions to the original level, or should I just rate it as a full custom level, could the builder recreate a fully working Senet on his own? I really don't think so. Plus the gameplay additions make the level impossible to finish, because you can be ( as I did) get stuck because you don't have one of the two puzzles that you need at the "possible end" of the level, because there is no way to go back at the beginning of the level and find the other part of the needed pick up... There a hole in the building logic, there is a hole in the gameplay... E,O,S: Enemies...Mummies with Baddies as some other reviewers said "a strange team", well it is indeed...Objects were from TRIV, no customs if my memory serves me well.Secrets? Found none. A,S&C:Atmosphere from TRIV is always nice, but as I said the level is not a real remake this a transformation of the real level from TRIV, can I say that the builder made the atmosphere or just took it from TRIV? Some missing sounds, no real cameras...I can't really see any real work in this "remake" about it. L&T: Lighting from TRIV are ok, but the room edit is not a real succes beacause of texture, a part of Senet's head seems to be missing, like some texture in the puzzle room near the "possible end".. To sum up IMO this level is not a big piece of work, just deleting modifying few rooms, and the gameplay is quite bad because of the possibility to get stuck in it...I won't recommend this level, the only thing I could recommend you is to play TRIV, enjoying the Karnak, the Sacred Lake and then Semerket guandian, this part of TRIV is one of my favorite, I can't tell you to play a level that damage the original level." - Lara_Fox_Croft (19-Nov-2017)

"After finish the level I took a look at the walkthrough and I though I was very lucky to lose the game, or I'd be stucked forever. The design is not bad, and the texturization acceptable, but the level was not entertaining for me; no puzzles to solve, shoot some enemies, use some reach-in switches, press some buttons, look for puzzle pieces and few more, so don't expect great features or nice environments here." - Jose (27-Oct-2017)

"I'll go out on a limb and say here that if you hope to complete this level, you must lose the game of Senet. If I'm wrong, someone will surely demonstrate how you can progress after conquering your unseen opponent. If I'm right, there should have been some warning to this effect in a readme. Not being a builder, I'm not in a position to evaluate the technical aspects of this level. But as a player I'm qualified to report that this level appears to have been well designed and provides a half hour or more of solid entertainment. It's all rather routine until you reach the Senet game room, and there things start to get interesting. That cage-raising (or -lowering, as the case may be) button down below can be the source of all kinds of confusion. If you win the game the cages rise automatically and the button is unnecessary. (You're also unable to proceed, but that's another story.) If you lose the game, as I believe the builder intended, the floor trap doors open so you can acquire a necessary cartouche piece, and you can later push that button to raise the cages and move on. The animation and sounds are unconventional, but that didn't spoil my enjoyment of this level. I can't quite bring myself to recommend it because of the quirks I've mentioned, but I did have a good time here." - Phil (22-Oct-2017)

"The Tomb of Semerkhet level was one of my favourite levels in TR 4, but the way it is remade here is almost libelous. The gameplay is messed up completely by items you either don't have to use or can use too early, screwing up the progression, an item you can't get if you win the Senet game, confusing usage of the fire reach-in-switches (I managed to get through here completely by chance, but I think it's possible to get stuck for good here as well) and a very abrupt ending. Lara's outfit is also messed up, as well as a lot of sound files, some animations (also a plea to all builders out there - get rid of this annoying backflip where the midair turn is not working properly!) and even if most rooms are a copy and paste from the original there are still a lot of texturing mistakes and even some missing textures. One flyby camera goes blatantly through a wall as well. There's actually not much I liked about this level, to be honest. Perhaps the charm of the original level is not totally lost everywhere and a few areas where the builder has done something new are visible. I hope that the builder actually invests some time to create something of himself next time, also with much more care, as otherwise it will be a waste of time to create or play levels like this. Found one secret in 20 minutes." - manarch2 (21-Oct-2017)

"Whilst I always enjoy a game of Senet, I must say I can't entirely recommend this one. For one thing, the game is rather buggy and bears a lot of hallmarks of a debut work. Apart from playing Senet, there are a few enemies to fight and some artefacts to find, but nothing really memorable. I don't at all wish to discourage a new builder from future projects, but I would certainly recommend that he enlist the help of a beta tester or two the next time." - Jay (20-Oct-2017)

"This is a textbook case of what happens to a level when it hasn't been properly beta-tested.From a texturing and lighting perspective,all seems superficially decent - but just look around,and you'll notice a wealth of missing textures high up in the corners of rooms and on the roofs of corridors.Enemies are diverting enough,although the mummies seem a little out of place.The atmosphere is solid enough;but the camera flyby in the final room not only hurtles through walls,but continues to swirl around while a ninja attacks you.It's the gameplay,though,which irritates the most.Despite many puzzle pieces and round- the-house searching,I'm not at all convinced that the builder himself had any concrete idea of what was actually supposed to be happening:a case in point being the titular game,which seemed completely arbitrary;failed to activate the relevant trigger the first time around;and had a set of rules that wasn't even issued to you until long after you'd finished playing it. All in all,this is a 'Walkthrough at your elbow' level. Hearty recommendation to the builder: you seem to have the basics mastered - make sure you get a good beta- tester before releasing your next endeavour." - Orbit Dream (20-Oct-2017)

"Hmm... I wasn't expecting much so, the truth be told, I got more than I was expecting throughout most of the level. The bugs Pedro mentions in the readme are there but they aren't actually game-killers, so they aren't really an issue and I think that although there isn't anything sensational about the level it seems fairly well designed for what it is and the game of Senet is entertaining (although most of us will probably end up playing it well before finding the instructions - not that they're anything new). The sudden, absolutely rushed ending was a true disappointment as I *think* I'd seen a receptacle I never got to use after winning the game of Senet and there was a door by the crystal receptacle too. So, it's the work of a 13 year old who isn't sure how long he'll stay (sorry if that sounds condescending) and it's entertaining. Well, he still has a long time to learn and put his learnings to good use if he so wishes as I think thre may be some potential there. Maybe we'll still find a good builder here eventually. Hopefully we will." - Jorge22 (19-Oct-2017)

"I know it’s the author’s first work, but it seemed too careless overall. Sounds are missing, animations have errors, enemies badly placed (mummies and ninjas at the same time, like a weird team), really rough texturing errors, among many other things. All of this is easily fixable though, just need to appropriately test your game before the release, to see if everything works fine. I win the game of Senet and reached a dead end because the trapdoors only open if you lose and I couldn’t get the other half of the puzzle. There was also a button that raised the pillars, but if you push it after you win (like I did), it lowers them down and you get stuck. As for the gameplay, it doesn't add anything new to the original Tomb of Semerkhet, even the rooms are all the same, with some slight alterations. I hope the author takes the time to polish and test his next level to make sure there are no errors and dead ends." - Feder (18-Oct-2017)

"Putting aside the fact that this newcomer 'builder' has become fairly infamous within certain groups of the TRLE community as a full-on plagiarist, this is nothing more than a blatant copy-paste of the Tomb of Semerkhet level from the main TR4 game at the end of the day, only with many aspects done significantly worse. The following differences involve questionable gameplay design choices(such as more pushable objects & switches to open doors or an arbitrary timed trapdoor when you can just walk a few steps down a small corridor and easily bypass it long before it even closes), many sound effects missing, buggy Lara animations, clipping objects, blatantly obvious texture errors, lazy scripting, out-of-place tunes from other Tomb Raider games that don't really fit the environment in question and bizarre object placements/enemy changes within rooms that previously didn't need them, among numerous examples. So in conclusion, don't waste your time with this one and play something else instead." - Ceamonks890 (17-Oct-2017)
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