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Author(s): Opaque79
total rating:7.61 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gorty 7 6 6 7
Hdoyle11 6 8 9 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 8 8 9
Luc 10 9 10 10
manarch2 6 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 7 7
category averages
(7 reviews)
7.29 7.43 7.86 7.86

Reviewer's comments

"This is a good old-fashioned TR3 jungle setting and quite attractively presented. I did get stuck at one point as I'd missed a key, but otherwise found the gameplay to be straightforward. Despite the fact that Lara spends an inordinate amount of time slaughtering tigers (if they weren't endangered before, they certainly are now), throwing switches and pushing blocks about, I enjoyed myself with this one. In any case, clambering around in the treetops never fails to appeal. Apart from the poor tigers, there's just the odd eagle and crocodile to deal with, but mostly its exploration based and accessible to most players." - Jay (10-Nov-2017)

"This is more of an improvement over the builder's first levels. The gameplay is still not overly inspired and there are a lot of levers to pull, some backtracking (especially towards the end) and the amount of pushable puzzles makes things rather tedious at times, but there are also a few ideas which are presented nicely, the traps are fine as well and the occasional enemy, while also somewhat monotonous, also gives some spice to the whole thing. The three secrets are hidden a bit better this time but it's still hard to miss all of them. The looks have generally improved, the architecture is mostly quite natural looking and the diverse areas are connected aptly, but there are still some quite blocky and also some underlit rooms that lack some lighting contrast; the texturing also is a bit monotonous. Cameras are sparsely used and while mostly faultless technically they really could be a little more helpful at times; the sound was a bit meager and I wished there were more ambient soundtracks here. I also agree that this level feels a bit pointless as there's no storyline or greater goal here and the finale was extremely abrupt as I expected to find out what is behind that large gate, only to see the level end after 30 minutes. Still much to do especially in terms of creative gameplay design, but the builder is on the way I presume." - manarch2 (09-Nov-2017)

"The third level of Opaque79 in just a few months. I’m not really sure if there is a big improvement, but other reviewers seem to have a different opinion than me. The style of building changed a lot, definitely, but the skills stayed more or less in the same category of level building. This time we find ourselves in a TR3 India jungle environment. The author doesn’t provide a story so we don’t really know why this jungle is forbidden and by who, but I guess the forbidden jungle is at the end of the level. One thing did improve. That’s the architectural design. The beginning of the jungle is not blocky, but rather naturally looking and very nice at first. Later the game gets again heavily blocky. Putting the design aside, the texturing is quite good this time, but has really many errors spread all over the level that could be so easily fixed and noticed by the beta- testers. The texturing is also incredibly repetitive. There were four beta testers, so no one mentioned the texturing errors ? No one saw anything wrong ? Something I definitely didn’t enjoy was the light. One of the most monotone designed texturing and lighting I have seen in a long time. Couldn’t bare to walk among this greenish monotone lighted rooms after a while with close to no diversity. Here and there a light bulb with different color is placed. Also, it’s just too dark in many parts. I would say, for the light, texturing, design, that there is an improvement, especially in the architectural ideas of the level, but the light and texturing by itself is worse than in the previous level. Many rooms, besides the texturing and light, looked very empty because the author, for some reason, avoided to place objects ? The inner parts have close to only pushable blocks placed with no other object to decorate the temple. The outside parts looked also very empty. It’s a jungle, stack it up with plants, not with tigers. The gameplay was very basic with not much creativity. Occasionally fun and easy. There are just too many pushable blocks puzzles, too many. No one enjoys pushing blocks. Also, too many enemies. Tigers are popping up on every corner ( not literally ). I which there were more triggered events with music, anything more to this level, anything. It seems like a walk through a very generic level without creativity. I have seen something like this a million times. While I’m writing this review I’m starting to forget what I played. Overall, a step forward for opaque, but a little one, and a step back in some categories. I enjoyed this one less than I did his previous last two works. This level felt so empty and lifeless for me. I agree with Jose what he wrote about flybys, music, enemies, traps. Not really recommended. Maybe for hardcore TR3 India lovers." - Gorty (07-Nov-2017)

"A significant improvement over the authors previous releases,this is an exploration level of considerable length.The gameplay mostly concerns retracing steps to areas you've been to before;but it's all pretty straightforward,and the puzzles (although nicely set up)rarely tax the brain.The outdoor areas feel somewhat enclosed - but convincing jungle levels are always tough to pull off;and this builder certainly gives it a good shot. Textures are placed with care;and the lighting does its job well enough.Camera hints are somewhat erratic affairs,though - on several occasions you're given generous visual clues;at others (especially the first keyhole,which eluded me for quite a while) you're given none at all. There's also something of an air of ultimate pointlessness about the whole thing;as Lara neither discovers any sort of prize to take away with her,nor confronts any type of major enemy as a level Finale. A relaxing adventure to play,though.It's not overly demanding;and provided me with 90 minutes of enjoyment." - Orbit Dream (07-Nov-2017)

"I really enjoyed this level, it gave me nostalgia for the Indian levels in TR3. The layout was good and even though linear, kept you guessing in some spots. I would say this is a shortish but good level if you enjoy classic style Tomb Raider, medium difficulty and lovley jungle atmosphere." - Luc (05-Nov-2017)

"Nice to see the good evolution from this builder. Better architecture and texturization, better puzzles, better lighting... This level is longer than the previous from this author, the camera hints are perfect, but I missed some more flyby, and musics here and there. I missed more variety of enemies too (only tigers and vultures?), more traps and not only the classic rolling balls, and even a final boss to challenge a bit to the players. This involves a pleasant level to take a relaxing time exploring jungle areas. I really enjoyed it. Recommended." - Jose (05-Nov-2017)

"A nice level that has no story,Lara is in a jungle,just that.The Jungle has a great atmosphere,the puzzles were simple,i know it's hard to make nice puzzles,and there're a lot of pushable blocks puzzles that are a bit boring.There're some misplaced textures and i found a missing one but ok.But it is noticeable that you've improved,next time try to create a story it's good and it helps to create gameplay,etc." - Hdoyle11 (05-Nov-2017)
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