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Author(s): Alphonse
total rating:7.30 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Feder 5 7 8 7
Gorty 7 8 9 5
Jorge22 7 7 7 7
manarch2 6 8 7 7
Phil 8 9 9 8
category averages
(5 reviews)
6.60 7.80 8.00 6.80

Reviewer's comments

"This four-level game grew on me as it wore on, but some of the luster was wiped away with the repetition and drudgery encountered in the final level. It also appeared somewhat easy and linear until you start having to go back and forth between levels after you've nearly completed the third level. Still, you get a good, solid raid for the nearly four hours I spent here, and although the reward for finding all the secrets was rather meager, the builder has incorporated most of the basic features common to Tomb Raider. The first level is separate and distinct from the others, taking place in Lara's mansion, and the rest of the game showcases Oriental structures in an eye-pleasing and well lighted environment. Some tasks are performed without any visual clues and have to be done on faith. For example, that book switch in the first level undoubtedly created later access to the secret in that room, but this is never made clear. I used the excellent video walks posted on YouTube in preparing my written walkthrough, and I never encountered any of the possible bugs mentioned in the other reviews. Recommended." - Phil (19-Nov-2017)

"Well, there is some good stuff in there, like the ship and the tower, also the oriental ambience was good and the textures were OK mostly, but all of this is overshadowed by the repetitive and monotone gameplay. I like to search for keys, but in this case there is a huge overuse of (the same) puzzle items over and over again. Also, nobody likes to fight 5 horsemen in the same level. The last parts reminded me of The Nightmare Curse's third level, just killing enemies and picking up keys. I think a little more diversity of tasks along with a more polished design and this could be a nice ride actually, the objects and the enemies fitted the ambience perfectly. I miss some more guns and a better ending perhaps. The secrets were well hidden as I found only 4 (but 3 were hidden in the exact same place)." - Feder (18-Nov-2017)

"I think this level was originally released before Zipangu, but anyway I don't think it matches the quality of the former mainly because of the gameplay. It has its moments here and there but there are many repetitive and dull parts here where you just shoot enemies, pick up items and use them to find more enemies and so on. The pushable puzzle in the first level is the longest and most tedious I've seen in quite a while, it took me 10 minutes to finish although the solution is obvious from the beginning. The creative and fancy puzzles are almost entirely missing here, sadly. The buttons puzzle in the third level was also a bit buggy for me, but not in a game-stopping way. There are again a few nice enemies to encounter and the object design is neat as well, I think the secrets aren't that well hidden this time and it's fairly strange to find three secrets at one place, there's absolutely no point to that. At least I liked the extra gameplay when you find all secrets in the last three levels. The atmosphere is also so-so with a few quite impressive areas (like the ship or the large pagoda) but also very repetitive, bland and empty areas. The texturing is quite clean but the lighting really leaves something to be desired, in many areas it's very monotonous. Secondary to Zipangu but I think enjoyable and something different at least. 1:45 hours spent here." - manarch2 (18-Nov-2017)

"I understand this was an old level that had a few things corrected and was now uploaded (although that's not clear at all in the readme file), so I'll try to rate it accordingly. Despite a few small bugs (and a huge one in which the pads in the Green Kingdom didn't reset and consequently would have had me stuck forever if I hadn't gone back to a previous save)... Despite the slight overuse of horse knights which is one of my pet peeves (but the flawed design made them quite possible to deal with, thank God)... Despite the not-so-good graphic quality... Despite the presence of things such as unclimbable ladders... Despite the room repetition ad nauseam in the last level... Despite the very sudden ending (I don't know what would have happened if I had found all the secret roses because I only found three of nine)... Despite it all, I actually had a nice time playing Three Kingdoms. But I did enjoy Zipangu much more even though the first level, Dracula's House, seems to be improved here. I like Alphonse's general building style and all I can say is I'm looking forward to something better as I believe he can well craft it. In the meantime, as a word of advice, this isn't wasted time and trle is full of much worse levels: just play it for what it is." - Jorge22 (17-Nov-2017)

"Alphonseos Zipangu, I mean, three kingdoms starts in a very similar looking forest like his previous work and also continues very similar. Things I complaint about in the last game stayed unfixed and untouched. The author offers one of the worst title flybys I’ve seen in a long time ( showing literally a wall ) and a very bad loading screen. The first level heavily reminds of the Dracula house from Zipangu. The rooms don’t go into any complex building, stays very simple and empty. The monotone light is broken down by a few shadow bulbs and torches. Texturing is good but has so obvious, eye picking errors that I really can’t believe its beta tested. Few camera hints are missing so I basically had to search the whole house after pulling some switches. I still don’t know what the book switch did ? Tasks were just too easy. The level ends with a long, painful, pushable quest, long and slow … just how we players like it, a dream comes true when I push something from one end of the room to the other … and ends same as Zipangu. I liked some atmospheric parts in the first level ( like the Dracula popping out ). The second level has some better design, good architecture, less texturing errors, but it was in the gameplay part not really enjoyable. Again, very simple and I would say, even boring. Some tasks are getting repeated from the first level. Involves just too much picking items and inserting them. I liked the monument on the blue water. Very atmospheric with some nice flyby. Later parts of the second level get more interesting with those ˝boss fights˝. I literally feel dumb when I have to pick 3 blue stones and insert them one square away. The second level really had its highlights in design and architecture intersected with areas less pleasant for the eye. The light was flat, bright, pale and monotone with no diversity. Same as the previous game. Nothing changed, not even a bit. Nothing improved. Some might say it’s a Japanese / Asian style, but I say no work for the light was done. The third level starts in a good looking cave with an overall good looking design. I liked the shore very much, but if I compare it to the shore and caves of ˝Runes of a dawn˝ by Sponge, then I must say this doesn’t even come close to that. The gameplay stays somewhat same as the previous two levels. Involves too much pickups, enemies and inserting the pickups to open doors. Later inside parts were nicely design and overcrowded with enemies. The roof parts were interesting, but why do I have to collect again red stones ? There was a nice flyby I have to mention. I even had to return to the last level, the pale kingdom, to insert something I had to remember where and kill more enemies, pickup more red stones and insert them to open doors … fun, fun, fun. Oh and there was another stone to pick up, insert and open a door. The fourth level looks like the second one, pale and monotone, with some rooms looking like copy-paste from previous ones. Rooms look still very empty and some of them were just so cubic, it’s unbelievable. ( a cubic cave pit or spike pit ). Tasks were also very similar. When I had to insert the 4 green stones I really lost it … like, really ? If you don’t have any ideas don’t make four levels. So, what to say at the end. I think the gameplay was something I definitely didn’t enjoy. I don’t know, but it was very repetitive with too many enemies and other reasons already mentioned above. The architecture and design was sometimes incredibly good but the end result was not that good because of many parts looking just bad or even beginerish. Some parts of the second level and third one offer very good design. Many rooms needed more objects ( or any objects ) to decorate them properly, so the object use was not something to be proud of. For the enemies I would say that there is an overuse. The atmosphere was nice. Texturing was good, but had its errors ( especially in the first level ). The light was catastrophic. I will use again those words, pale, monotone, flat, uninteresting and so on ( ˝Three pale kingdoms˝ ). Am I allowed to compare this levels to similar ones I know, have played or have reviewed to give a proper rating ? For the oriental part let’s take a look at ˝The Crystal Skulls - Part 1˝ ... just look at it !!! The light, texturing, design … and now look at ˝three kingdoms˝ … Can anybody confirm that Alphonsos level is equally good or better than this one ? Another levels to compare to are ˝ Mongolian Adventures˝, ˝Tomb Raider Salvation (Part 4)˝ and ˝Jade empire˝. Even Gabriel Crofts level has better light, texturing and design. The outside shores and the ship can be compared to Sponges level ˝runes of dawn˝. This level would bomb 10 years ago, but now it’s just out of date or feels like it. Good design and architecture is reflected in the rating of the second and third category." - Gorty (11-Nov-2017)
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