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Author(s): Opaque79
total rating:7.83 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Feder 8 9 8 9
Jay 8 8 8 9
manarch2 6 6 7 8
category averages
(3 reviews)
7.33 7.67 7.67 8.67

Reviewer's comments

"What I like in the builder's games is that everything is put together very carefully and there are only few technical mistakes (I found two missing textures and an invisible block in front of a door, though that's not much overall), so one cannot say that the builder didn't care for the outcome. What I don't like, though, is that there is seldom a really creative moment as it's a very traditional game without any surprises or intriguing puzzles or tasks you haven't seen before. I also think that most of the traps are way too easy to negotiate, some didn't pose any threat at all. The lever puzzles are all about trial and error, and the only halfway interesting puzzle including moving pillars was absolutely straightforward so there's no much need to think for the players on what they have to do. Why not at least making some of the elements timed? I found that the overall architecture is quite decent, as well as the skills in terms of visuals, although the lighting in the second level felt a little bland at times. The enemies are very predictably placed and the two secrets are not hard to find. The use of some action sounds was a bit overdone as I expected an epic boulder run in one passage rather than a few scorpions; cameras are also a bit sparsely used. I think that the builder has learned the basics now and should try to create something more unique now, something that can be remembered longer than those solid, but somewhat gray releases. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (22-Apr-2018)

"There's an appealing 'old school' feel to this two part game that I rather liked. It's a bit gloomy in part one, as is always inevitable with the settomb environment, but part two is bright and colourful for the most part and very nicely made. There's an excellent variety to the gameplay, although it never becomes difficult to achieve (in fact the timed runs are generous to a degree seldom seen). Nice traps (again nothing onerous, but entertaining enough). Enemies aren't over used and there's a boss ending with three demigods that isn't of course a problem as they're at ground level so easily dealt with. I liked the way the tasks are compartmentalised in specific areas, so that there's little if any backtracking. In summary, this is a traditional, well rounded game that should be within the capabilities of most players and, despite being a two-parter, my net gaming time was roughly an hour and a half so you won't spend days on it. Recommended." - Jay (05-Apr-2018)

"Opaque79 was already good at designing the architecture, placing textures with care and properly lighting the rooms, but now I can say his gameplay skills have improoved as well from his previous releases. Nothing too challenging or difficult to get stuck, puzzles are rather easy but entertaining. The first level is very well constructed with a "tomb of Seth" nostalgic vibe. The second level has more puzzles to solve, and the Qualopec blocks were a nice surprise. The only thing negative is the abrupt ending, maybe an escape route would've been a nice way the properly close the adventure. Overall, it was fun to return to the classic TR4 for a change of pace. Recommended for nostalgic TR4 players." - Feder (01-Apr-2018)
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