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Author(s): LoreRaider
total rating:8.35 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 7 8 8 7
Feder 8 9 10 9
Jay 8 8 9 8
Jorge22 9 9 10 10
manarch2 6 7 9 8
category averages
(5 reviews)
7.60 8.20 9.20 8.40

Reviewer's comments

"I'll admit that after a while I was a bit bored after the start when Lara goes to bed and falls asleep. Too much lever searching and using and nothing else really. Still, I have occasionally read one book or another that I had to force upon myself up until the middle, only to read the rest of it in one go as it became too thrilling to stop by then (which is quite risky on the author's part as I don't normally keep going if I find it to be boring for too long). Such is the case. Well, not exactly. It started gathering pace well before that and evolved quite interestingly to the point in which I was fully enjoying this excellent return to TR3's jungle. The lighting may be a bit dark at times but it's convincing, TR3's music and sounds are well put to use and the general architecture really appealed to me. It's more about discovery (even though it's a basically straight path) than it is about fighting enemies or solving heavy riddles. And I liked it that way. I loved finding the secret room with the incomplete textures in the pirana lake. I loved the most dangerous moments because they weren't dangerous at all, they just added a lot to the atmosphere (the skeleton out of the wall, the slow boulder down the ramp and the short zip line ride over the spikes, for instance). Very good, I find... I fought the shivas in the last room using only my pistols: one of them because there was no door closing as I got there, so I could easily fire from the corridor, and the other one because it actually got its back stuck against a wall. So unfair on the poor things! Recommended, of course." - Jorge22 (12-Apr-2018)

"Much better than the builder's last level and in terms of atmosphere there's quite a step upwards. The jungle setting is very atmospheric and a few areas are rather stunning to look at (like the first ou, all with good care for details, realistic lighting, rather clean texturing and apt music and cameras. It is quite dark overall, but I didn't find it oppressively dark and it rather adds to the atmosphere. The enemy and object placement is what you'd expect from a Jungle level, but the five secrets are mostly well hidden. Gameplaywise, it initially is little more than the worn-out lever hunt, but it does improve slightly later on with more platforming and minor puzzle attempts. While the setup is solid, there's nothing really new added here and this is why the game felt rather uninspired in that regard. In most others, however, it is really well done. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (05-Apr-2018)

"A nostalgic trip, with beautiful nighttime jungle scenery purposefully reminiscent of Tomb Raider 3. Hopping through tree branches and racing spiked walls is always fun! At times, the geometry, objects, and lever-pulling made progress feel slow or predictable. The secrets I found were engaging little puzzles, and one in particular was quite memorable (I only found 2 though). Textures were nicely applied in most places, although sometimes (like the multi-idol textures in the temple interior) were upside-down or repetitive, and the lighting was pleasant. Some static plants and triangular openings made the platforming difficult. The low point was probably swimming through tight corridors looking for levers: by this time, I had grown tired of pulling levers to open doors, and was in the mood for some other kind of puzzle solving, and the twists and shortcuts in the corridors made it difficult to remember which one of many similar levers had already been pulled. The highlight was emerging out of the nighttime temple and into a beautiful dawn-lit waterfall valley, very atmospheric and something that felt both Tomb Raider 3 and fresh at the same time. I particularly enjoy night jungle levels, so it was fun to add this one to my playlist." - Cbl (03-Apr-2018)

"To begin with, this seemed like little more than a lever throwing exercise, but as it progressed it became much more interesting with some puzzles, timed runs and route finding elements that made it much more fun. There are enemies in this Eastertime offering - tigers, vultures and a couple of Shivas for the boss ending. Where this level really scores though is the recreation of the TR3 India/jungle settings - all the joys of the look without the cumbersome nature of the TR3 engine basically. It's very atmospheric, albeit a bit dark in places, but sufficient flares are provided. Really, the only thing I didn't particularly enjoy was the underwater lever maze. Otherwise, I had a good time." - Jay (03-Apr-2018)

"This is a fun level made with much care in details, such as the changing horizon, the cuts and the jungle atmosphere. It recycles some parts of the original India levels as well. Gameplay was simple but entertaining (consisting in the old search for switch style, mostly), and the final fight is rather easy if you get there with all the ammo you picked up. It was pretty dark in that jungle, but I guess it makes sense since it takes place at midnight (and in a dream). Find 4 out of 5 secrets. Recommended." - Feder (02-Apr-2018)
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