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Author(s): DaroRaider
total rating:8.77 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 8 10 10 10
Feder 9 10 10 9
Gorty 5 8 10 8
Jorge22 8 10 10 10
Jose 5 8 8 10
manarch2 7 8 9 8
McRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 8 9 9 8
requiemsoul 7 8 9 8
Ryan 9 9 10 9
SeniorBlitz 8 9 9 9
category averages
(11 reviews)
7.64 9.00 9.45 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"It's absolutely wonderful stuff. I don't get the revievs accusing it of repetitivity while it's more bearable than in other levels. The only repetitive thing is another Hall-of-Fame-worthy masterpiece destroyed by whining, probably to be forgotten and skipped by many players who would enjoy it... it's just ridiculous, those stories make me really sad and some people should really think about the damage they are doing." - DJ Full (28-Jun-2019)

"This is a well constructed TR3 level and uses the assets of that engine very well to create a nicely designed and visually pleasing space environment. There were a few annoyances in the gameplay section that I'm sure I'll not be alone in not liking very much. Firstly, the stealth elements were a nice touch, but probably weren't such a good idea to have right at the beginning, as it might confuse the player too much and they may go off attempting to find an alternative solution. One of them actually got me stuck as the lasers in the crawlspace could never be turned off otherwise. Also, the pushblock puzzles went on for far too long and the long crawling sequences were rather boring. I also wasn't fond of the slightly overdone backtracking, but the earthquakes actually weren't too bad. Apart from those negatives, it's well executed in the TR3 style and since we only have two artifacts, it looks like there could be a continuation in this series and I'm looking forward to it, maybe with a bit less backtracking." - Ryan (15-Sep-2018)

"I enjoyed the excellent architecture and design, with a very good work with the texturization and placing objects. The atmosphere is good too, even with the intermittent earthquakes in the final part of the level. The secrets are quite hard to find (I've missed all) and I missed an extra gun to shoot the enemies and not only the pistols. On the other hand, there are a lot of tricky tasks only suitable for expert players like the very tight timed run in the room with the crates, and I found very repetitive taks with numerous crawlspaces, many ladders to climb, too many switches to pull and sometimes serious backtracking forcing players to repeat the same tasks several times. A fantastic design, yes, but not a level for everybody." - Jose (31-Jul-2018)

"A very surprising return after almost 15 years of absense we have here. The builder stayed true to his style in this level with a great spaceship atmosphere and good usage of cameras and sounds that add a lot to it, decent visuals and gameplay that is somewhere between brilliant and obscure. Some of the stealth scenes are really clever, but the one including the pushblock is very unintuitive to say the least and causes serious stuck moments. On the other side, there is a very clever timed run, good usage of the electric machine and overall nice and fluent progression through the spaceship, with a few longer backtracks towards the end. Pushables are certainly overused in this game, it's really not so fun to push them through entire rooms. The secrets are also very hard to find, bordering on being unfairly hidden but I thought slight hints were present at least. The enemies are well placed, but I missed the shotgun actually and couldn't use the ammo I found at all. Maybe in the next part of the adventure, as this cries for a continuation. 50 minutes." - manarch2 (04-Jul-2018)

"The atmosphere is nice but the gameplay is not as solid with many frustrating moments. The stealth sections are confuse and some timed-runs is too much tight. It is not for everyone." - requiemsoul (25-May-2018)

"Pretty nice level. I thought it was kind of cheap in the beginning since the author doesn't state that there were stealth mechanics so I spend some time trying to run away from the guards that caught me thinking that the situation was suppose to happen, but, thankfully things get better after you get your guns. You enter a big room and you have some space to explore and open certain switches and in the order you wish, which felt nice, I liked the puzzle where you had to push a block at the same time you had to be careful of a machine that was trying to kill. The atmosphere was also pretty nice, the textures mesh well with the setting and it really feels like you're exploring a space station. The only major complaint I have is that the secrets are way to cryptic, like who was I supposed to know that I had to jump into a random light to get a health crystal? Or that one specific slope opened a timed door?" - SeniorBlitz (30-Apr-2018)

"I’d like to start the review the most positive point of this level. It’s the masterful design of the area that has also an amazing atmosphere. You really feel like you are in a space station and not in a level editor. The rooms align perfectly together and are connected falwless together. Sometimes I would call a few parts breathtaking in design and very creative. In my opinion the level doesn’t satisfy in other reviewing categories. Right at the beginning the first frustrations in gameplay kick in. I entered a room without weapons and with three enemies rushing at me. Two of them shooting and taking the health bar really fast down and the third one punching heavily Lara’s kidney with his bare fists. So I jumped around trying to figure out something. Pushed a switch that got me killed spontaneously. I took a look into the walkthrough where it says I need to crawl. So I restarted the game ( because I had no savegames before the event ) and know thing were different. But I keep wondering how I’m supposed to know that I need to crawl and if there is a way to ˝reset˝ the dead end without starting the game from scratch ? I notice that there are too many pitch dark parts in the level. I spent too much time walking around with a flare and when they get out nothing can be seen. Just pure darkness. Did some crawling around, found a switch without any hint what it opened, and went back to a dead end. There is a trapdoor activated in a pitch black room. Another bad move from the author. That called unfair gameplay. I can’t read the mind of the author. Now a very bad gameplay cycle starts that’s barely enjoyable. Lara needs to do a very long and painful pushable puzzle that involves pushing a block from one end of the room into the other side on an obvious spot. After that Lara needs to do some backtracking and then, again, do a pushable puzzle. And later, again, another pushable. She finds a switch, pulls it, does more backtracking … and … of course … needs to push again something. Push, push, push ! This repeats itself several times through the level with more backtracking, pulling switches and doing pushable puzzles. I can’t remember the last time a played a levels with such a bad designed gameplay. It’s crazy how repetitive and boring the gameplay is. The atmosphere was really great and is the only thing that keeps the player from not quitting. I praise the creativity in this level. Really a great job in that part ! Really love the big room near the end and the ˝aquarium design˝. Also, a great job with the little cutscenes that add much to the overall feeling. The light could be more diverse and more dynamic. Too many pitch dark areas. Texturing was good, since it’s a ˝blocky˝ level not much space where you can go wrong. So, overall, a good creation by the author, recommended for its design and creativity !" - Gorty (30-Apr-2018)

"Here's how to put the TR3 engine to good use. Great design, a huge map and an interesting storyline. Unfortunately, gameplay wise, I felt it was basically not intuitive and I'm glad there was a video walkthrough so that I could take quite a few looks - otherwise, I wouldn't have been so smart as to have finished by now. That's where my 8 comes from in the gameplay and puzzles category. There is at least a rather difficult monkeyswing passage with fires and there may be more hardships, but that's the one I can think of right now. The horrid earthquake in the final part lasted for too long and I really don't enjoy getting all dizzy just because it may suit the story somehow. Other than that, it's all quite well done really. Thank you. And there are still two more objects to find, so I guess there will be a second part that I'm looking forward to playing - only this time less cryptic and no earthquakes, please..." - Jorge22 (20-Apr-2018)

"This is a well-done TR3 level, but in my mind it falls well short of deserving top scores. The repeated backtracking is its most serious flaw, and I couldn't refrain from commenting on it in my walkthrough. The three secrets I found are well spaced and well hidden, but your only reward for finding them is having your health topped off. I recall two shotgun ammo pickups, but the only weapons I found were the pistols, and that was well into the level. My total playing time was close to two hours, so you get considerable bang for your buck. The enemies are two varieties of aliens (one inanimate and the other possibly animate), but I referred to them collectively as sentry robots. There's much swimming to be done in this sprawling game map, which seems rather unusual for a vessel docked out in space, but for the most part everything flows along quite smoothly and I found this to be a fun and moderately challenging playing experience. Recommended." - Phil (14-Apr-2018)

"After 15 years, Dario comes back with another incredible space adventure. I have to say I'm impressed with what he has accomplished here. The space station is very well built and textured, it gives a perfect atmosphere to the game, so does the enemies. There is much care for details and the storyline is well implemented. Gameplay is complex, never gets boring, but there are some places where you can get stuck. I missed another weapon besides the pistols, but that wasn't really a problem. The down point is because there are a few places where the lighting gets cut (and one missing wall texture). Overall, it is indeed the most innovative level I have seen using the TR3 engine. Definitely recommended." - Feder (14-Apr-2018)

"A great level without a doubt..kept me moving constantly since the gameplay is very good, which caught me from the beginning.. The textures used are excellent that fit perfectly with this type of level and makes it very atmospheric, the enemies are ideal for this environment and fulfill a specific mission and deserve to be.. The gameplay is very good in general and deserves to be played, recommended! Thanks Dario for this incredible game!" - McRaider (08-Apr-2018)
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