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Author(s): Alex Chap
total rating:7.72 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Chel 7 7 8 8
DJ Full 9 9 10 8
Laras Boyfriend 7 6 9 5
manarch2 5 7 9 7
misho98 8 8 8 8
Mortensmor 7 7 9 8
Phil 7 7 7 7
TRTheoP 9 9 9 8
category averages
(8 reviews)
7.38 7.50 8.63 7.38

Reviewer's comments

"A next-generation train level with lots of new stuff and elements. During you run, sometimes Lara feels dizzy, her movements change and her hp is running low. Scattered tranquilizers through the level can help you deal with it and get back to normal. Lara also hallucinates being transferred to other places which is a bit weird but interesting at the same time. You have to face some buddies to acquire health packs and increase your hp and Uzis were really helpful through the level since most enemies would die easily with them and the balance between foes and ammo was good. The interesting fact is that you also find some colorful drugs which help you progress through the level by activating them in the levels that have the same color as the drug. Except from the drugs, there are not many puzzles in the level except one where Lara has to follow certain steps in a dancing floor for her to open a door to the next room. As you progress, you keep hearing the same soundtrack repetitively, which was not so bad since it was a nice song. The only drawback of the level is that lightning and textures of some rooms were sometimes a bit obstructive. Conclusion: A very creative level that introduces a lot of new elements to deal with. Although it does not resemble a train level as the ones we know, the designer certainly deserves lots of commendations for his hard work and creativity." - TRTheoP (21-Jun-2018)

"Creative level - that's for sure, it's just that some things don't go so well with the tomb raider engine I guess. The slow walking fit very well with the concept of being drugged but it could get irritating at parts, especially when you are low on health and out of medipacks. Also, after some of those episodes, Lara would occasionally say no to drawing her weapons or trying to heal and then you should reload - idk what caused that bug, it's frustrating but fixable, thank god. The swimming was also weird. Otherwise, very unique as I already said, I like how at some points Lara was teleported under water and the whole idea of her having flashbacks of last night is outstanding. Texturing could've been better but I guess a train level can't offer much of a variety. The music didn't bother me at all, it fits the concept. It can get repetitive but not as annoying as other reviewers said it is - I was expecting something much worse. The mixture between the club and the train settings was a good idea and it comes refreshing instead of running around the train all the time. I enjoyed the level, it has a few problems but it's very creative and overall fun to play. Recommended, especially if you're looking for something that makes you think out of the box." - misho98 (07-May-2018)

"I like the concept of reality-altering drugs, the dancefloor part was really fun, and the hints were well- placed. You are provided with enough ammo and the fights are enjoyable, but I feel that the choice of enemies was random. A level like this could use some crazy monsters known from LSD/bad trip stories, or at least enemies which have identification marks of the secret society mentioned in the storyline. Did the soldiers drug Lara? Without an explanatory introduction, it felt like shooting clueless innocent soldiers and workers. There is a really nice secret which you can actually use. I liked the soundtrack. It does become a bit repetitive, but it fits the mood perfectly. The texturing is coherent and the lighting is mostly satisfactory. All in all, it is a solid effort. Despite some flaws, I didn't want this crazy journey to end!" - Mortensmor (06-May-2018)

"An anti-drug campaign in form of a TR level. It's this kind of unique stuff people first don't try to make and then don't try to copy. The disco track may feel repetitive but the author has managed not to use the one from Le Serpent Rouge (finally!!) and, while the graphic overlay is as minimalistic and undetailed as possible, the entire style is coherent enough to deliver the message. Of course I took all the drugs in every single room, just to see if it makes something happen. FOR SCIENCE!!!" - DJ Full (24-Apr-2018)

"I can take brightly flashing lights, slowed-down animation that makes you feel that you're walking through quicksand, wild and repetitive music, and pulsating surroundings, but not all at the same time. I therefore did away with the music files at the very beginning to retain a small part of my sanity as I tried to make my way through this wild train ride. Much of the early disorientation is cured by taking tranquilizers you'll find scattered here and there in the early going, and I found some practical use for three of the colored drugs (but not for the Green Drug, if I recall correctly). There's nothing remotely linear about this level, because your next step is as likely as not to carry you off somewhere that's far from anything resembling a train. Some raiders may enjoy offbeat levels such as this one, but I was a happy camper when it all came to an end. On the other hand, it displays the builder's imaginative bent, hence my fairly generous scores." - Phil (24-Apr-2018)

"This was certainly different. There have been a lot of levels lately that require thinking outside of the box, and this one stands out among them. It's also more unforgiving than the the average level. Don't react fast enough or solve a puzzle fast enough? Be prepared to load a previous save. It's best to treat each trippy segment where Lara's health is drained as if you had a timer ticking away. Much different than the typical raid wherein one has the leisure to look around and decide what to do next! I was stuck at a few points until I looked 'around the corners' and saw how to proceed. I have to give kudos to the builder for originality, and I'm looking forward to future efforts." - Chel (23-Apr-2018)

"Just ... wow. This level will make you feel different at the end. Play it if you dare. But don't blame me I haven't warned you. \br \br I don't even want to talk too much about the level itself, as basically any rating category just doesn't fit here, but the, ehm, "special effects" are certainly worth a high score in at least one, but it's basically arbitrary and a matter of tast which one. Maybe the concept could've been pushed even more including some more puzzles but I guess it's thrilling enough. Not to forget, the game lasted 25 minutes for me and I found all well hidden secrets. Overall, while I won't give perfect scores as it isn't literally perfect in many senses, I think the builder achieved exactly what he wanted and this is almost as good as it could've been. Hats off for that." - manarch2 (21-Apr-2018)

"The level overall was pretty good and unique when it came to finding secrets. The progression of the level flows nicely. My only problem with it was the music was really loud and the repeated use of the music was somewhat obnoxious. In the end it was a short and fun level." - Laras Boyfriend (18-Apr-2018)
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