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Author(s): Dreamfall
total rating:9.06 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gorty 7 8 10 7
Hdoyle11 9 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 9
Mortensmor 7 10 10 9
category averages
(4 reviews)
8.00 9.50 10.00 8.75

Reviewer's comments

"A very good made level that reminds in some aspects of silent hill, resident evil and some horror movies. After a nice and long intro Lara finds herself on the streets of something. A call it something because it doesn’t look like a city, not even close. I did not had the feeling of being in a town, rather in a lifeless level editor room. The overall area needs more work, more light and more object decorations. Many objects had missing collision ( door frames, persons … ). After few easy tasks Lara gets to a river. I initially missed the motorbike, so I had to go back at one point. The part between the ˝town˝ and villa had some cliff environment that looked way too cubic and unnatural. I have to mention that the texturing is fine as long as there are no curvy parts. Whenever the wall needed to be more grinded to avoid stretched textures, the author missed to do that, instead left the stretched textures. Soon Lara enters the villa where she gets chased by a monster for a long period. The chasing reminds me of the movie the shining. Maybe it would be good to have a new monster made for the level and not something we seen a hundred times already. The villa was nicely designed. The light was monotone, but serves its purpose well, like in other TRLE horror levels. Few times a found the gameplay very hard to follow. Also, the gameplay includes too much key collecting. On the second chasing with the big guy I really wished I had pistols, as this is repeating the same thing from the villa. The overall gameplay was alright, but not to innovative or too interesting. Definitely the greatest thing about the level is the story, cutscenes, atmosphere, music and the overall execution of the author’s idea. Will be rewarded in the rating. Level recommended, especially for horror fans !" - Gorty (13-May-2018)

"I really liked the idea of this level, the atmosphere is amazing, didn't found any error textures, the tasks on the start are easy but then it gets harder later, loved the puzzles and the way to defeat that monster in the church was new for me. The story is also good, the journal was a nice touch the soundtrack and the objects are well put. I love these type of levels and it's hard to find good ones like this." - Hdoyle11 (13-May-2018)

"Still one more game whose exe gets eaten by Avast no matter what... oh well. I used Cakeworld Rebake's exe instead, I guess I'll keep an accepted exe available at all times just in case. Anyway, this was one huge step forward when you think of Rescue Hanna! I love it when builders do listen. Excellent. There are some easy to miss things in the game (crossing the pit near the start, for instance) and the whole area is enormous and pretty complicated if you don't have a fantastic visual memory. But I loved it globally. The atmosphere is good, the sounds are never annoying and the overall gameplay felt great in spite of a few minor glitches. The secrets are findable and highly rewarding and I really liked the grand finale. It takes a while because it's so hard to orient oneself but never boring, quite on the contrary. Recommended indeed." - Jorge22 (08-May-2018)

"A well-paced level with excellent atmosphere. I loved the concept of a journal, as well as the way in which Lara defeats and escapes monsters without weapons of her own. The mansion is pretty well-polished, but I think that the atmospheric highlights of this level are the yard/forest and the church. This is just like TR5 Ireland and I LOVE IT. I also loved the little touches: the elegant font, the secret sound. However, I've also had my annoyances with this level. It's easy to get stuck in some objects, which is particularly irritating after the difficult motorbike jump or when Lara is being chased (fixed camera angles didn't help). There were some minor problems (glitching through a closed trapdoor or through a chain- link fence) which caused me to reload the game. The layout of the mansion is rather complex, so if you're like me and don't have excellent spatial memory, prepare for some more backtracking." - Mortensmor (05-May-2018)
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