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Author(s): TRLEquack
total rating:2.40 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 4 5 4 3
Gerty 2 2 2 2
Jay 3 3 3 2
Jorge22 3 2 3 2
Jose 2 2 2 2
manarch2 2 3 2 2
Orbit Dream 2 1 1 2
Phil 3 3 4 4
Ryan 2 3 3 2
category averages
(10 reviews)
2.40 2.50 2.50 2.20

Reviewer's comments

"Clearly a dabbler who tried the editor out; lets see if he/she continues. Rooms are rather boxy and bare, wallpaper textures and lighting is non-excising. Biggest mistake in my book is: loads of ammo I didn’t need but what I needed wasn’t there for a pick-up, namely flares. Oh and by the way, mazes are for lazy builders (a good friend of mine told me that in his height days of level building). As for the audio files, I couldn’t understand a word, pity though. The best was the last room." - Gerty (08-Nov-2018)

"Even though the eight levels in this "game" are markedly short, they become and ordeal fairly quickly for a number of reasons. This is a first effort by this builder and I hate to be negative about debuts, but this is really poorly done. The gameplay is stretched very thin and doesn't instill much enthusiasm in the player, with pointless backtracks from one area to another, annoyingly dragged out maze areas, far too many switches to pull and huge, barren rooms with nothing else to do than gallop on through. Darkness is definitely overused, but it's beyond me why the builder was so generous with ammo and weapons, but so stingy with the flare pickups. The textures are also repetitively applied and get boring after a while. Not my cup of tea." - Ryan (22-Sep-2018)

"A collection of small levels without interest. No puzzles to solve, only pull some levers/switches and step on pad traiggers, simple architecture and flat texturization, very few enemies to shoot, no objects to ornate the rooms, not a single camera, and only in the level with Seth there is an extra music and an earthquake to create atmosphere. Even more, many black rooms and only three flares to use, I had to light my way shooting with the pistols. Not the kind of levels I like." - Jose (02-Aug-2018)

"I just wish when the builder was providing such lavish pickups in the initial mansion segment that he had thought to provide a few flares. No, make that a heck of a lot of flares. There are some excessively dark areas in this game and it's not much fun having to run around shooting pistols all the time. Not that fun and this particular game are exactly synonymous. There's very little eye candy, even in the areas that are well lit (yes, there are some) and the gameplay is embryonic to say the least, consisting mainly of throwing switches and standing on a lot of trigger tiles. I hate to be so negative, but it's hard to find much to recommend here. Frankly, it felt like a retrograde step to the early days of TR when there was an abundance of rather bad debut levels being churned out." - Jay (27-Jun-2018)

"A dreary and pointless introductory Home level ,filled with empty and irrelevant rooms (topped off by an equally empty and irrelevant hedge maze)successfully presages a succession of remorselessly awful levels;generally linear in fashion,and consisting of dreary and wallpapered rectangular rooms.Lighting consists mostly of hundreds of shadow bulbs;while the choice of textures clearly indicate that the builder had not the slightest notion of what it was they actually denoted.Somewhere along the line,someone hit upon the idea of using voice artistes in an attempt to engender some semblance of world (and character)building - but as it was impossible to make out almost any word that was actually spoken,it became as dreary and pointless as everything else.The inclusion of a dark maze near the end was almost the last straw;but it just about pulled itself up from the deepest depths of ineptitude,by a Seth encounter - which was very nearly interesting. I would sincerely hope that the next level from this builder could only be an improvement...but I'm not counting on it." - Orbit Dream (01-Jun-2018)

"It has been quite a while since I played a really bad level, and I suppose this one bears a - uh - striking resemblance to one of that variety. It's not as if there's nothing to do here, it's just that everything is so predictable and unimaginative. At the very beginning you're given more firepower than you'll ever need, as the enemies are nearly nonexistent. But on the other hand, you're given no flare pickups whatsoever, and there are so many dark areas throughout the game that you'll be constantly shooting your pistols for light unless you take the easy way out like I did and cheat up an unlimited supply of flares. Some attention has been given to the surroundings, but very little to gameplay, so I'm unable to provide the builder much encouragement in any of the rating categories. If a walkthrough hadn't been needed to keep our perfect record intact, I wouldn't have bothered." - Phil (24-May-2018)

"Well, well, well... I did play the entire set of levels but I have to admit I was hoping it would come to an end after each level change. The textures, the atmosphere, the gameplay, all seem more than lazy, they do seem idle - at least to me. Nothing special to do throughout the entire adventure except for opening doors and proceeding mostly while Lara's and someone else's voices say incomprehensible things in the worst recording ever since the 1920s. I don't think I found any secret anywhere. And there's even a boring maze just to find a jump lever at the end of some long hallway. All that coupled with much darkness and no flares throughout 90% of it. I think the best of it may be the Croft manor because, at least, you get a lot of goodies that will serve you later there. You may, of course, choose to play it, but I recommend the builder not to build anything else before he learns the basics (well, not the basics but something that may be of actual interest) and understands this isn't 2001 anymore." - Jorge22 (23-May-2018)

"It's really an oddity that a levelset with included voiceovers carrying on a bit of a storyline, differing locations, two (?) level designers (as shown in the last room) and others things going around is actually that poorly executed. I really hope that the builder intended this as a joke (especially with all those overdone comments on plain and simple blade traps), as otherwise he must really believe this is a decent game... which it isn't. Sorry, but the gameplay is incredibly monotonous, the vast majority of the time consisting about running through hallways, finding trigger tiles or levers and returning to the opened door and so on. There is only one halfway nice puzzle in the entire game, but even that one is better done by trial-and-error. The texturing is crude and mostly wallpapered (the texture-all button is abused here) and the lighting is sometime entirely dark without any flares provided in the entire game, very annoying. Some enemies are decently placed, but the customization of enemies and objects is rather a negative thing as they just don't fit the environment anymore. Found no secrets in about 25 minutes, after which I was more than glad to have finished the whole thing." - manarch2 (08-May-2018)

"Not even remotely as bad as the current rating suggests. Absolute lack of flares is of course a devastating game killer but the only serious one I could think about, and everything else is much closer to average, with occasional scraps of custom thought put into it. Notable is the choice of skipping the manor yet getting rewarded if you don't, and voice lines are always fun even if barely understandable. 4/10 as for me." - DJ Full (01-May-2018)

"For a debut levelset, this has to rank among the worst that I've ever played. Pretty much every game design sin that you could possibly think of, is present here in some form. And it persists in doing so repeatedly throughout the entire 58 minute playthrough, to the point of utterly infuriating me at how unbelievably smug the builder seems to be towards his own work. At least, that was the vibe I got whilst playing anyway. Gameplay is close to braindead with no real challenge to offer and feels arbitrarily padded(with unnecessary placement of all your equipment at the start that includes almost patronizing handholding at points), while environments generally look awful across the board, with wallpapered texturing, dreadful lighting that is made more unbearable by being limited to three flares across the whole game, nonsensical use of ambiance tracks & tons of wasted room space within consistently blocky areas(making one of the core game design principles of classic Tomb Raider, the exploration, feel completely unfulfilling as alternate paths or rooms either contain absolutely nothing to reward your curiosity or a lever/jumpswitch/specialized floor texture 'trigger point', seemingly placed with little thought behind them, much like the few stock TR4 enemies and objects used). To add even more reason to stay completely away from this release, the builder tries to add a story(as derivative as it is), through a few sporadic voiced conversations between Lara & an unseen male associate, presumably communicating through an invisible headset. But the way TRLEquack went about this, is handled so poorly that you'll cease to care after the first couple of voiceovers(as the audio is filled with so much background noise that its difficult to make out what the characters are saying half the time). And what little bits of dialogue I could make out through the shoddy recording quality(which could have been easily fixed up in Audacity), make it noticeably apparent the actors are reading right off the script without any proper vocal direction and don't convey any actual emotion whatsoever, sounding so bored & uninterested in general proceedings. But in conclusion, everything about this release just reeks of amateurish planning & a designer who is way in over their head on their ambitions, basing their entire design structure around what little details they could be bothered to skim from the manual or what experimentation they could be bothered to do. If TRLEquack wants to have any hopes of attracting players for the right reasons & realizing their full potential as a builder, then they need to spend more time actually learning more about what the TR4 engine has to offer. Because merely resorting to the bare minimum of effort isn't enough to satisfy anyone, let alone yourself." - Ceamonks890 (30-Apr-2018)
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