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Author(s): PedroTheGamer
total rating:4.08 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 3 2 3
Cerebralfire 5 5 5 8
manarch2 3 4 4 4
category averages
(3 reviews)
3.67 4.00 3.67 5.00

Reviewer's comments

"It's somehow a step upwards for this builder, but a rather small step. The very basics are present here, with a few halfway passably desgined rooms, but then there is also very flat or too dark lighting, eclectic and faulty texturing on some places and paper thin walls are also prominent here as well as odd fixed cameras and an annoying background audio. The gameplay is mostly okay, but mostly consisting of finding levers and items and progressing to the next part very quickly. Apparently the lever on the balcony (the one with the horrible fixed cameras) can open a door too early so you can skip a part of the level. What I liked, though, were the few atmospherical touches with the ghosts that were also effectively placed as enemies. Found two very easy secrets in 13 minutes." - manarch2 (10-May-2018)

"A simple level with easy gameplay. Has some awkard camera moments, but some seem to be deliberate. There is a bug with a floor lever; you can activate the lever before the block is lowered, but you will still need to lower the block and return to the lever again to get the result. Most of the lighting is ok, but some areas could use a revamp in a full version. A few more enemies & some atmospheric music can't go astray. The builder is definately on the right path (IMO) to becoming a top builder. Hopefully Pedro will add a more puzzle saturated style to his future builds, nevertheless, my thanks to Pedro for this level." - Cerebralfire (09-May-2018)

"While its good to see Pedro craft something original from his own mind at long last, this demo doesn't offer anywhere near enough substance to justify the filesize(which can be blamed on the audio folder containing a significant chunk of unused tracks within it, that should have been removed prior to public release). Gameplay is practically a cakewalk from start to finish, with nothing really standing out here beyond a passable 'jump to the right spot' puzzle near the end, to open a door(in-between gunning down a few spectre ghosts from TR5 inexplicably & collecting a couple of easy secrets respectively). Atmosphere doesn't fare any better either, on account of an out-of-place jungle environmental ambiance track playing throughout, questionably dark lighting in most areas & some badly-placed fixed cameras at a specific point(with background objects obscuring required wall switches from your vision). And while the object placement & texturing utilization are appropriately done in some rooms, it is noticeably a bit lacking in others. Overall, a slight step in the right direction. But not really something worth playing at the end of the day." - Ceamonks890 (09-May-2018)
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