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Author(s): BtB 2018
total rating:8.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 7 7 10 9
Jose 7 8 9 8
manarch2 8 8 9 9
category averages
(3 reviews)
7.33 7.67 9.33 8.67

Reviewer's comments

"Summary: Heavily inspired by Atlantis and The Great Pyramid, as the title might suggest, this level has classic gameplay and numerous pickups, along with a fun secret system. The repetitive enemies and straightforward puzzles detracted a bit from the nostalgic architecture. Overall, this felt like Tomb Raider 1, if there had been an extra level set in space. Details: Lara could have taken out an entire planet of Atlantean baddies by the end of the level, given the plentiful Uzi, Crossbow (Laser Gun) and Magnum ammo to be found throughout the level. Unfortunately the most common enemies are some of the most annoying in this year's BtB, souped-up psychedelic bats that would be fun to combat occasionally (and have a propensity to knock Lara off of any ledges she happens to be on), but they seemed to appear every single time a new lever was pulled or door was opened. Taking them out with the Uzis made me grateful I had so much ammo. They, along with the frequent surprise slicer-dicer doors, made parts of the level frustrating. The level shines best in the moments when Atlantis is specifically referenced, such as the central multistory chamber, the mirror room, and the final battle against the alien Abomination. TR1's Atlantis was weird and pulsing with an organic technological creepiness that has made it stand the test of time as a game setting unique to Tomb Raider, so I enjoyed the echoes of that here. I only found three of the secret plugs, and would have enjoyed seeing behind the door. Cameras and music definitely helped the gameplay, and while I got stuck every now and then, I could always figure out where to go next with a bit of exploration. I liked some of the puzzles that relied on geometry and timing, such as the two chambers after the mirror room with slides and crumbling floors. I'd say this is a fun level to play, possibly best for those who most enjoy the early Tomb Raiders. 2 hours on first playthrough, 3 secrets found." - Cbl (19-Jun-2018)

"Until now this is my overall favourite level of the contest. The atmosphere of this level is really a strong point, with a giant main shaft to climb up (reminiscent on the classic Atlantis levels) and a lot of side areas that are all quite beautiful to look at, with nice lighting and a good colour scheme. The texturing is not bar of mistakes but overall it's quite strong as well and the issues are really minor in comparison. The gameplay is also quite enjoyable. The builder seems to love timed runs (as I do), there is quite a bunch of them here but nothing is excessively hard; even the fire at the item near the end can be "redirected" if you can't pick it up in time before going up in flames. The gameplay is overall very much task-oriented with many puzzles and traps and most of them are quite fun to absolve, perhaps none of them is very ingenuous and one or two are even a bit boring (especially a part that basically is an extended shooter), but overall this was a quite satisfying level. The only thing the builder should've avoided is placing that super-super-fluous amount of items in this level, it's really ridiculous. Tip for players: Never use pistols for anything, you don't need them. Tip for the builder: I wouldn't do that again, it gives a slightly odd note to your work. The seven secrets are fun to find, two or three perhaps a bit too easy but the rest is nicely hidden. It took me a total of 65 minutes to finish this level - with 25 (!) medipacks in my inventory ..." - manarch2 (18-Jun-2018)

"The last BtB level I played and none of them has disappointed me. In this case you'll find a very very long level with a lot of tasks and traps and a lot of enemies. There are hundreds of pickups too. I think excessive pickups, most of them hidden in vases, and excessive "bats" to shoot. Lineal level without backtracking, the timed runs are not very hard, but I've got a lot of problems to pick up the Atlantean Totem over the fire emitter; the time is too short but at least you'll previously get enough medipacks to be able to reach the nearby pool. The secrets are nice to find, and there's a big effort with the musics and camera shots to help players and create atmosphere too. No much care with the texturization but the enviroments are good anyway. Entertaining and enjoyable." - Jose (12-Jun-2018)
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