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Author(s): BtB 2018
total rating:9.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 10 9 8 9
Jose 9 8 9 9
Lara_Fox_Croft 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 9 8
requiemsoul 9 9 9 8
category averages
(5 reviews)
9.20 9.00 9.00 8.80

Reviewer's comments

"gameplay and puzzles: Well, I don't play BtB very often, but sometimes I try some, and this one made its little effect, I enjoyed it from the start to the several ends. Puzzles from the BtB wad were well used, and the builder also added some "room" puzzles, like a part of a floor to make fall to a room down below, or the creature to kill with a special room. I enjoyed also the "seller", I already had the idea to make on for my next level, but with some script to make more logical. But even with the BtB restrictions it was quite well done. I enjoyed to fly from one planet to another to find some "codecs", and to choose who save, or to use earth coordinate/ selfdestruction mecanism etc, that was brilliant, and pretty fun, more like a game than a trle, which is maybe the best thing that a "not only trle" player could say. Enemy, objects and secrets: I enjoyed the secrets and the placement of the only enemy in the game, I won't rate the quality of objects, I don't know who made them, but some of them were not that well done: for instance the 3D walls, the diagonal walls, we can between them, I'm not a master in object creation, but if I ask something for a level I made, you can be sure that object must fit perfectly the room geometry, or I will modify it, or I will simply won't use it... This is not a criticize of the builder, he used these objects very well. Atmosphere, sound & cameras, I could critize the sounds of the level, but wait they were choosed by the BtB databank,right? So I won't :) Atmosphere was very well made, and cameras were well used, for instance the "space travel". Lighting and texture were perfect, I think, I didn't saw a single mistake, that was perfect IMO. Lighting was colorful, even if I'm not a big fan of "too colored" levels, this one had a kind of "color code", some color for some planets. Well,to sumup this level could be the best BtB I played, but as I said I don't play much BtB, because I use to think that making a trle with too much restrictions is only a way to restrain the builder imagination, except that this builder made such a good work on his/her imagination to build this one. Well thanks for this level, and good luck for the competition." - Lara_Fox_Croft (18-Jun-2018)

"Summary: The most ambitious BtB 2018 level I've played so far! A multitude of worlds to visit, with innovative special effects, an involved story, and a fun (although complicated) secrets system. While the level has multiple endings, I could only seem to manage two of them, and was confused by several of the pickup items including one that was nameless. Overall a fascinating level to play. Details: It took a while to get used to the mechanics of this level, which are unique as far as I know: navigating the level involves trips to multiple planets, including a red metal world, an ice world, a Martian desolate landscape, and a world with a toxic cave and flying saucer. There is also a world to pick up additional secret items. The secret system overall was a little confusing, especially at the end when I wound up with a nameless item in my inventory, and 4 out of 5 secret items. The architecture was a bit repetitive despite the dramatically different lighting on the planets: frequently it consisted of a hall, followed by double passageways that led to another hall no matter which passage you took, and this appeared on the planets and in the station. That said, some of the simple elements of exploration and architecture were balanced by wonderfully engaging puzzles and physics: the magnet room was a particularly good example of this, and I really enjoyed trapping (and harvesting!) the mutant on the ice planet. Other parts of the game were finicky: I had to reload an earlier save because the ice wraith refused to go into the water on one playthrough, and I never figured out what to do with the Poison Canister or how to defeat the boss. Neither seemed necessary to complete the level, since I had at least two different versions of an ending, escaping in a ship and (finally) picking up pistols. The focus on puzzles and the amazing travel system were my favorite parts of the level, while the confusing item placement right at the end, and the blocky rock environments/similar dual-hallway architecture were the things I thought could have been improved. However, truly an enjoyable, and unique, level!" - Cbl (17-Jun-2018)

"Certainly one of the most original levels, not only in this competition, but in general as well! This unique concept really is brilliantly put into scene and the cutscenes, flipmaps and teleports are really fantastically designed. The gameplay starts out calm and ordinary, but once I reached the area with multiple flipmaps (reminding a bit on The Black Lodge and especially the room with the "drop" I knew this would be very special and wasn't disappointed. The magnet room was also a very unique experience, even if the concept might have been enhanced even more. The rest of this level is still great, with some nice cinematic sequences, - noteworthy - a straightforward though fun platforming sequence, a boss battle without weapons and many other things, but the tasks are a bit more "classic" and I really think that the builder could go even further with his very creative ideas. Perhaps, though, a single BtB level isn't even enough for this, so I propose to expand this into a larger levelset. Anyway, at the end you're even treated to an intendedly chaotic but satisfying object hunt and multiple endings. As a personal thing the secret system is a bit odd overall, the coins are mostly hard to miss as well as a few items named secrets, but some "secret" items are much harder to find - somehow uneven. Anyway, the atmosphere of this level is great, mainly of course due to the rapid change of settings and some especially great views like in the alien starship areas. I can't really fault the builders camera and audio work here, they are almost perfect and it's really a level to get absorbed in. Despite of all the praise, I still have to note that some areas are a bit simplistic in their design and the visuals are "only" good but sometimes not very good, but it all doesn't matter so much when you have a level which is so creative and atmospheric. Spent 40 minutes in here and there's only one thing left to say: More of that please!" - manarch2 (12-Jun-2018)

"Extraordinary. Here we have a long and complex level made by a professional and experienced builder. No guns and no flares, Lara will travel a lot of times to different locations with a lot of backtracking. There are a lot of special effects too, and the tasks are not hard, but you'll find many innovative ideas and it's easy to get stucked often. I missed one of the secrets, perhaps 'cause I didn't find a receptacle to use an unnamed item I found or I couldn't pick up the item appearing when usin the poison cannister. There are a couple of possible endings: Lara escaping in a starship and another one if you use the cosmic cube (destroying the city?). Anyway a very complete level with a lot of tasks to accomplish and a huge dose of imagination. Take a try." - Jose (11-Jun-2018)

"Pure "Space Opera feeling". The level of this BtB with the most innovative concept and with several possible endings. The challenges are simple but very enjoyable. The geometry is quite basic compared to other levels but functional and effective." - requiemsoul (06-Jun-2018)
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