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Author(s): Lima
total rating:9.53 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 9
Jose 8 10 10 10
manarch2 7 9 10 9
Nina Croft 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 9 10 10
requiemsoul 7 9 9 9
Ryan 9 10 10 10
category averages
(9 reviews)
8.89 9.67 9.89 9.67

Reviewer's comments

"Some games should be played alone. This is one of them, it creates a very intimate experience between the player and the author, so I ceased all online activity when trying it. Consistence and profession of assembly places this levelset not only among a few we can call adventures, but even fewer you wouldn't call fanmade, and in the last years it's only Mists of Avalon and this which made me feel so. Of course I never require it, but damn it feels good when you think it has been made by an isolated hobbyist with an entire life aside of Tomb Raider. I got one major problem - I went for the cave dice before pulling the support beam lever, and the switch didn't react anymore - probably a last minute issue since I don't remember it from the beta. But it was worth resetting those 30 minutes so I did and had no issues until the first level (parallel and not). While that one was professional, the second one is just breathtaking, just imagine psiko but acceptably non-random, which is something we've been waiting for since 2004. Those two little chapters already exceed all my possible wishes but what lies ahead is even better - I only thing we need a new exe for that full version because reading the pictures is impossible in Win10 and there was ZERO issue in Windows 7... Paolone, where the hell are you???" - DJ Full (11-Jun-2019)

"Finally the storyline of the great first part of this series is continued and I had really high hopes even for a demo, not all of which were met. The builder really has a grasp on designing realistic surroundings and the technical skill shown here is nothing short of impressive. There are a few flickering textures here and there, missing sounds in the second level and slightly bland lighting, but all in all this is a very professional and atmospheric adventure. Only the gameplay was a bit disappointing, as there is almost no challenge in this game except of exploration. This exploration is still enjoyable and at times quirky, but there's a lack of interesting puzzles and tasks, mostly you are just searching for more or less hidden items around the playable area (the generator room being a negative example). Stunning scenes, yes, but not really thought-provoking. The secrets are not well hidden but of course entering the bonus levels were a nice reward. Overall this demo is showing there are excellent things to come, but I hope that some more attention will be put into the gameplay compartment. 80 minutes." - manarch2 (11-Oct-2018)

"It's really encouraging to finally see a sequel to the already brilliant Part 1, after so long. It's labelled as a demo, but it plays as anything but. Everything here is put together with a touch of genius to make an unmissable raiding experience. The atmosphere and environments are stunningly crafted, the enemies and objects are masterful, the new secret system is well thought (although I apparently managed to miss one, but maybe I reloaded another save and bypassed it, didn't spoil the game), and the gameplay engaging and well laid out. With the walkthrough to hand, I was able to complete the parallel levels as well as the normal ones, and they were well worth it. Maybe a few too many thorns in those levels, but nothing at all annoying. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to the continuation." - Ryan (10-Oct-2018)

"I persaonnaly don't really undersand why this beautiful adventure has only 5 reviews actually. But it's time to change that lol. To be honest, I have been a bit disappointed when I read "DEMO". But as bulder too, I can understand Lima has a lot of works and also personnal life. And I can just say thank you to share with us a sneak peek of his next release. Nevertheless, It's anyway four levels in this demo and it was a pleasure to discovered again the funny secret system of Dark City part 1. The design is absolutely marvelous and I can just imagine the numbers of hours to create alls these caves and underground facilities. Well done ;) !!! The gameplay is sometimes a bit hard and we need to search a lot sometimes but you obtain two beautifuls rewards as two bonus levels. I have always be a big fan of the story of the fall of the angel Lucifer to Hell and the game remember a bit the serie TV Supernatural. News objects are also incredible and I think the best enemies of this game is certainly the Death herself who really stressed me in the two bonus levels. I can just congratulate Lima for this demo and I hope the full release will not be very long. Recommanded for everyone ;) !!!" - Bigfoot (08-Oct-2018)

"This herculean effort was released more than two months ago, yet there have been relatively few reviews to date. I understand that it was a labor of love for the primary beta tester, Nina Croft, for a number of years. For this reason it's relatively disappointing that all we have to show for all this anticipation is a demo version of the finished product. Still, it's a formidable demo, clocking in at more than three and a half hours for me, and thanks to Nina Croft's meticulously detailed walkthrough I was able to milk every single nuance from the gaming experience. On the other hand, I would resent having to go through it all again if the full version is scheduled for release any time soon (although based on experience it may be years more), so I would encourage the builder either to include a savegame with the full version download or release a continuation called Dark City - Part 3 that would not require an extensive replay. As for the game itself, it oozes ambiance. Rarely have I felt so immersed in a custom level. The two main parts are accompanied by surreal bonus levels that mirror the main parts, where you have to deal with poisonous thorns and an immortal Grim Reaper. The visual amenities are simply breathtaking. The gameplay is challenging but never frustrating, and Nina Croft's walkthrough verbal and visual (with YouTube posts) assistance was invaluable to me along these lines. Not to be missed." - Phil (03-Sep-2018)

"A walking simulator. The maps are huge but they have a low density of challenges. The best: the enemies and the beautiful area with the giant statue and the floating rocks. The worst: the linear and very basic gameplay of the secret maps." - requiemsoul (31-Aug-2018)

"Impressive this levels with a lot of work behind to create new objects, new effects, new textures... I liked the very good architecture and texturization and if I could I'd give a 11 to the fantastic atmosphere, with the great historic details really the best from this game. The gameplay is good too, including parallel levels for advanced players, with an option to avoid those levels if the player doesn't like challenges. The only "but" I found was that it's a game almost exclusively based on exploration, without puzzles and sometimes not very clear situations like the way to obtain the marble block in the second level 'cause the new features. Anyway an incredible adventure very worth to play for everybody. Looking forward for the final release. Recomended." - Jose (27-Aug-2018)

"Great demo, I'm sad it ended already. The general atmosphere (although the creepy sounds are actually looping sounds, luckily not some tune) is amazing even though I like the textures more solid-looking (but that's fine, I can see the looks relation with modern pro games). That's not to mean the textures aren't well done because they are in spite of a wrong animation in which the door opens as soon as Lara starts using her key, that was in the generator area). A grand architecture throughout and the parallel worlds with Death chasing Lara is an excellent touch. Very nice gameplay too even though it can get a bit too sneaky at times - in that sense the forums come in really handy so that one's able to understand what's actually going on. For instance, I wish the builder made it impossible to leave an area without having collected the corresponding four souls and travelled to the parallel area. Or, rather more simply, that he explained that in a readme file. I'd also like the author to eliminate the grenade gun or else make it usable because it's that grenade gun that gets Lara to explode as soon as she pulls the trigger. That's it. What can I say? I actually loved the very original package and I can barely wait for the full story." - Jorge22 (10-Jul-2018)

"As a beta tester and a friend of the builder, I follow closely the development of Dark City Part 2, I can give you some first-hand information about the intentions and purpose of this Demo and also, the entire game. This game (Part 2) has been in the process of building for an entire decade, and already in these two (or more correctly, four) levels we can see why. Lima creates new objects and enemies, new puzzles and traps, everything's new and never seen before. The reward system has several layers, already in these first two levels. Everything you're going to see here is absolutely amazing: the geometry is fascinating, well thought of, the space is cleverly used, camera flybys are amazing and breathtaking (remember the transitional cutscene between the levels), you can climb the scaffoldings and pipes and trucks. When you take out a weapon, you'll see not only the ammo count, but also a picture of the bullet you're using. Milan Penčić Lima is a master of level building, and based on what I already saw and played (levels 3 through 6), I can promise you even better levels and even more amazing vista and rewards and everything. You think it can't get better than Level 2 of this Demo? Wrong, Lima has a lot more to show in this game. Lara descends into the Worm Hole to reach the dig. The gates of the Hell are in the ancient monastery, and Lara is on her way to close these gates and stop the Hell from breaking loose. This Demo gives you the first two levels located in the underground facilities. In next levels, once the full version is released, Lara will go even deeper under the ground and discover an ancient city, so the scenery will change significantly in the full version. For now, we have the high-tech facility (Worm Hole) beneath the Dark City. But I can promise you that the game does not stop there, this is just the entrance to something never seen so far in the world of TRLE. No matter how amazed you are by these first two levels, and in particular with the second level, trust me, even better levels will follow. But let's focus on the Demo version. I already said that the levels are amazingly built and beautiful to see, starting from flying rocks to the amazing glass tubes in the second level, and all the way to the poisonous thorns and the Death and even Soul Captors with levitating skeletons, everything is perfectly built and created from scratch. Gameplay is excellent, really realistic, find three starters to start the generator, air and oxygen control in the Generator area, so that you can proceed and enter the Worm Hole. There’s a lot of platforming, action is well balanced and the supplies are more than sufficient, we have many new puzzles (refract the light beam to open the trapdoor, for instance), the builder is very generous with secrets and rewards, we have two bonus levels in this demo, six standard secrets and two mega secrets plus useful items obtained from the Guardian Angel, so the review for the category of Secrets should be at least 20, but 10 is the highest mark I can give. Lighting and atmosphere and music, everything’s amazing, the flybys and camerawork are breath-taking, and there’s absolutely no reason for me to give anything lower than 10.0 in all categories, not because Lima is my friend and I’m the beta tester, but because this Demo really deserves nothing less than that! I played both levels of this Demo for the first time five years ago, and in the meantime played them again for at least 50 times, and I am still fascinated by how they are built and imagined. And knowing that even more beautiful and amazing levels follow, I can honestly give the highest mark here and sleep peacefully, knowing that it is absolutely deserved and true." - Nina Croft (26-Jun-2018)
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