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Author(s): Franky
total rating:5.67 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gerty 6 7 6 5
JesseG 6 6 6 5
Jose 5 7 7 7
manarch2 3 5 3 2
Phil 7 6 6 7
Ryan 6 6 6 6
category averages
(6 reviews)
5.50 6.17 5.67 5.33

Reviewer's comments

"Lara trades in a broken stargate for a new one. Gameplay is a decent balance of traps and combat, but I would have liked more puzzles and exploration. The experience is marred by strange areas where specific tiles give you low gravity, or invisible barriers that randomly come and go without any indication, so there is a bit of unnecessary guesswork needed while playing. There is also too much running from one switch to the next in a row, where simply having one switch would do the job fine. Enemy density swings wildly, some areas having no enemies while others have an overwhelming amount. Decorative objects are decent but some of them have collision issues. Immersion is somewhat there, but suffers from the blocky architecture and "edge of the world" moments. The epic audio music seems fitting but the trouble is that it is consistently playing, instead of being timed to appear with the intense moments happening in the level. More camera cues are desperately needed to show when things like invisible barriers are changing, and flyby moments would have helped showcase key moments in the level like the stargate opening. Textures are very wallpapered and stretched throughout the level. Lighting shows some color variety between areas, but is rather flat within each area and the ambient colors are too intense. Overall a raid that shows some creative sparks but lacks user- friendliness. 55 minutes." - JesseG (26-Nov-2018)

"Apart that I had a good time to go through this nice adventure there is stuff that could be approved upon. Like textures, they for sure could use more attention; I even saw some missing ones, as well as some paperthin ceiling/floor ones. I had enormous lagging at the pool areas and with the pyramid I even could not jump up that thing (because of the lagging), thanks Ryan for doing those jumps for me. Oh well, there are some nice puzzles/traps in here and although one could say this could have been a shooter, the enemies were easy to kill, although the parrots were not in the mood to die that easily." - Gerty (17-Oct-2018)

"Not a bad little adventure at all, despite a fair few annoyances. The gameplay isn't anything extraordinarily, mainly involving using a lot of levers and avoiding quite a lot of traps, but for me it didn't descend into unbearable tedium and at least made me want to see it through to the end. The textures are bland and repetitively applied in most places, although I thought the high-tech textures were a nice touch in the indoor areas. In terms of enemies, the demigods are far and away much easier to dispose of than the tigers and birds encountered early on, which I thought was odd, although it still balances the quotient out. I also thought that the buttons you could activate for assistance and the anti-gravity jumps were well executed. Not an absolute must-play, but an enjoyable enough level for about 50 minutes." - Ryan (11-Oct-2018)

"Even with some defects like the ilegal slopes or the fires out of the torches, the level is playable and enjoyable. The same style from this author, not an interesting gameplay but you can find some advanced skills like the anti-gravity areas or the final animations where Lara uses the controls to activate the stargate (I have to learn to do that). The animals are hard to kill (so many bullets to kill a parrot?) but surprisingly the demigods can be defeated with few pistol shoots. Hidden secrets but not hard to find. As usual, a lot of heroic background musics trying to create a cool atmosphere and this time you'll find some help buttons to activate flybys showing the right way to proceed. I liked the high resolution textures, but they are not well applied in many places. If you've already played previous levels from this author and you liked them, you'll like this one too." - Jose (31-Aug-2018)

"I really wish that the more sophisticated among us would refrain from rushing to be the first to review a new level that didn't meet their elevated standards. I can think of one positive effect of such a review - it can warn potential players away from a level that probably should not have been released in the first place. Conversely, I can think of a number of negative effects, for example: (1) new, enthusiastic builders become discouraged and unwilling to continue investing the hard work necessary to hone their skills; (2) the early scores tend to establish the standard for later reviewers; (3) the disparaging early review dissuades other players from giving the level a fair shot; and (4) to the general playing audience - people like you and me - the level may not really be that bad at all. Having gotten this off my chest, I can report that Lost World is not Hall of Fame material, but neither is it a level that most of us wouldn't enjoy playing. The surroundings aren't the most eye-pleasing that I've ever encountered, but a variety of settings are provided to keep boredom from setting in, and some of the tasks are quite invigorating even for seasoned players. There are some new concepts, such as optional help buttons for those who want to know ahead of time what to do next, and boulders that can be shattered with pistol fire. There also are some annoyances, such as the builder's penchant for withholding the compass from players (which I felt deserved mention in the walkthrough I prepared). I also encountered more than a fair share of game crashes along the way. But on the whole I found this to be a decent raid that certainly deserves exposure in our community, and on the DJ scale I would give it a thumbs up." - Phil (03-Aug-2018)

"The builder can surely do better than this. It's just a very amateurish and careless level with wallpapered and stretched textures everywhere, no real sense of location (a surreal label alone cannot be an excuse for this), weird architecture and lots of mistakes only acceptable in beginner levels. The gameplay is not enjoyable either. At the start it's just about finding a lever somewhere in the random geometry, a few more decent traps and jumps follow but all in all it's pretty uninteresting and tedious, with many and sometimes large mazes that even downgrade the fun factor some more. The few puzzles are not really logical (e.g. the one in the big snowy hall) and I really dislike those unmarked ladders and doors that open on approach. Of course there are some nice objects, but this time they don't really save the level as they are mostly have been used in other levels of this builder as well. The audio tracks are just placed one after the other without any relation to the settings, cameras shamelessly go through walls, there are endless illegal slopes and end of the world moments and the like, it's really a shame as there's certainly a talent in the builder but it very seldom shows. The only halfway decently looking room was the Egyptian room with the skeletons. I really think the builder needs to change his attitude to level building (please care a lot more for your levels instead of "just building something" without any sense of atmosphere or thought about the enjoyment factor on the players' viewpoint!) as the results are getting worse IMO. 35 minutes, all four secrets found (one was necessary to finish)." - manarch2 (17-Jul-2018)
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