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Author(s): deandre
total rating:6.13 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
manarch2 4 4 5 5
Pedros 6 5 6 8
Phil 8 7 8 6
Ryan 7 7 6 6
category averages
(4 reviews)
6.25 5.75 6.25 6.25

Reviewer's comments

"The builder has put a great deal of hard work into this first effort (Demo, my foot) most of which adds up to quite a painstaking but involving raid that took me 135 min to get all the way through. Were it not for a few missteps I encountered, it could have been really good. As it is now, it will certainly please the experienced raiders, but may be a bit much for casual players. The gameplay is actually quite varied, and there's plenty of timed runs, acrobatic sequences, traps and more swimming that you could ever wish for. But I did find the maze sections torturous, the blade traps in close quarters irritating and one boulder trap too tricky to pass to be fun. Enemies are well placed although ammo and medipacks are scarce, so be prepared to either jump around a lot or devise a reliable strategy to get through. I came across one secret, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough or they just didn't register for me. The surroundings are rather mixed, as a few of the rooms are huge, bland and repetitive to look at, but other areas have a quite pleasing appearance. At the end, you're left with a level that is certainly worth a look, but falls short in some ways. Still, give it a go if you dare..." - Ryan (12-Oct-2018)

"I tried this one late after I realized no one was going to step forward and claim walkthrough writing rights. By this time the builder had released two or three revisions to fix assorted game-stopping bugs, so thankfully I encountered none of these while painstakingly making my way through a rather grueling adventure. I have no idea why this is billed as a demo, as it provides a full-fledged raid and then some. The usual suspect has weighed in with his predictably negative early review, and this may explain in part why mine is only the third review to date. And by the way, whenever manarch2 tells you how much time he spent in a level, double that and you'll be in the ballpark. Even with the bug fixes this is no walk in the park, and there are some crippling flaws that I'll get to in a moment, but on the whole this is a well-planned and rewarding raid that most of us will spend at least three hours trying to navigate. Vimmers helped me through some of the rough spots so I could proceed in the game. No thanks to the builder, however, who ignored a PM and two emails I sent to him asking for help. The most irritating flaw is the flare bug that kicked in for me in the room with blue tiles floating in several sections in a lava room. What's more, in that same room if you don't do things in a specific order you won't be able to complete the tasks there and move on. Finally, some of the objects are misnamed, and the noise of the spikes and teeth doors in the final room is nothing short of deafening. These complaints notwithstanding, this level will present a challenge even to the more proficient raiders among us, and I can give it a definite thumbs up." - Phil (11-Sep-2018)

"The main problem of this game lies in its over-ambitiousness. It has many decent gameplay ideas, traps and puzzles, but the whole setup is so confusing and tedious that it just doesn't pan out. Just too much of everything, actually. Way too many enemies, not that there's not enough ammo but they appear in the most unfair situations, like crocodiles and sharks in water where you can't kill them, wraiths that don't follow back to the water room, annoying bats and the like. The choice of enemies is also borderline random if you ask me, but that's another problem of this level. The settings are designed in a patchwork style without much sense of location, texturing is eclectic and wallpapered and the object design pretty random as well. The gameplay could've actually been the level's strength, I really enjoyed some of the passages, but it is strongly marred down by the annoying enemy placement, the affinity to mazes, booby traps and puzzles without hints, tedious to and fro with endless ladder and monkeyswing parts and missing camera hints. The flare bug also appeared somewhere in the game making life even harder here. Less is certainly more especially for debut levels, but as talent is certainly present, I'm sure that with more refinement and testing the builder can do better next time. Spent 1:35 hours in here and found only one registering of intendedly six secrets." - manarch2 (03-Aug-2018)

"I have fun here, but the author has to take more care of the purley switch, sometimes they do not work properly, this was fixed a while, but I did the download a lot before that, the well-formulated level very annoying traps (what and good sometimes) the crocodiles are with an exaggerated collision, and takes a lot of lara life, and there are not many medikits left for lara, some rooms are very square, he could put some geometries from the ceiling to the floor. a temple falling apart, but I learned that the author and novice, and yes you can count on the TRF or the forum from here to help you, you are doing very well! The lighting is still pretty, something that I do not really like at this level. It's honestly the TR1's mixed with TR4's, these things are terrible, although some rooms have repeated textures and a half do not combine are out of order, I hope the author solves this in the final version, that shows me intuition!" - Pedros (30-Jul-2018)
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