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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:7.04 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Drakan 9 8 9 9
Feder 6 8 7 8
Jay 7 8 8 8
Mehrbod 4 4 3 2
Pedros 8 7 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
category averages
(6 reviews)
7.00 7.17 7.00 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"I had some harsh comments for Osvaldo's early efforts, but his recent releases have seen a quantum leap forward. I haven't yet tackled Temple of Seth, but his frequent and less ambitious efforts released over the past couple of months have definitely been fun to play. They're not as taxing (while not being ridiculously easy) and they're definitely not as dark. I don't think I've had to light more than one or two flares in all of this year's levels that I've thus far played and reviewed. The Golden Skull is typical of these, offering solid entertainment easily attainable by players of all skill levels. The two parts take a bit more than a half hour each to play, and they're both cut from Egyptian cloth. The secrets, two in each level, are cleverly hidden, especially in the first level. Rarely have I seen a builder improve so dramatically so quickly. Recommended." - Phil (13-Aug-2018)

"This rather suffers from bloated gameplay. It's very entertaining in parts, but it also involves a lot of repetitive actions ( I found myself thinking if I had to jump through one more circular blade trap in a corridor, I might just scream) and eventually begins to overstay its welcome. Trimmed down, it would have made a far better game. Finding hands and a cartouche in several areas off a hub section involved some nice agility tests, but one room involved jumping to four ropes and could have done with a shortcut on the way back as frankly doing it twice was just tedious. The rather over the top boss ending with massed ranks of demigods was rendered less terrifying due to the lavish amount of pickups provided. It's pretty straightforward and not overly difficult to achieve, although possibly not suitable for very new players. If you can overlook the undoubted longueurs, there is fun to be had along the way." - Jay (01-Aug-2018)

"Osvaldo does a really good job with the overall design. Textures are well placed, lighting is OK, architecture is basic but well done, enemies are nicely placed with enough ammo and medipacks to get pass the battles. It is mostly fun to play, but there is one negative aspect to point out: the gameplay tends to repeat itself too much, and the level becomes tedious after a while. Too much blade rings and fire traps in your way on every hallway, searching for the same Hands over and over. I couldn't finish his first release "The Temple Of Seth" because of that problem, I lost the motivation to proceed after feeling I was spending an eternity on the Tomb Of Seth, but that's not the level I'm reviewing so it won't count on the score, just thought it was worth mentioning. I liked the tower of the first level and the final battle. I'm sure this author could build great levelsets if he chooses to add more variety of atmosphere, textures, places and objects as you go forward." - Feder (30-Jul-2018)

"I seriously loved this level! the author learned new puzzles and flipeffects, I'm very happy with this breakthrough! a puzzle too, the challenges are considerable, the lighting is reasonable, and the architecture is simple but good. One thing that makes me very sad and that Osvaldo only makes levels with classic objects and textures, this is very good, and he wanted that over time that he can do levels NG, or better, levels with more beautiful textures and more objects NG, I have no idea if the author is new or not, but anyway, it would look really annoying if he only did classic levels. We'll see over time! I liked the final boss! varius of them have come! very challenging, the author learned new techniques with theeth_spikes, was interresting, but I get repetitive over the 2 levels, but I can enjoy without time here!" - Pedros (30-Jul-2018)

"Good to see an average level. From my point of view, everything was at it's average. I totally enjoyed the puzzles which brought memories from past to my mind. Enemies were not bad, but not perfect. Somehow the textures were repetitive and made gameplay's atmosphere a bit tiresome. The lowest rating for this game is the "Lighting" element. The lack of lighting and the overuse of ambient lighting somehow made the environment a bit unrealistic, but I encourage the builder about not using too many dark areas, as I've played tons of levels in Egyptian class which they looked boring because of their dark environments. Thank you!" - Mehrbod (29-Jul-2018)

"2 levels very nice to do, many platforms, I have almost never been blocked. So not very difficult. The usual enemies for this kind of levels with a big fight in the end against the bosses. Recommended" - Drakan (29-Jul-2018)
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