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Author(s): Nicolas Lepy
total rating:6.67 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Feder 7 6 7 2
Jorge22 7 7 8 7
Jose 6 7 7 7
manarch2 5 6 6 5
Mehrbod 9 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 7 6
category averages
(6 reviews)
6.83 6.83 7.17 5.83

Reviewer's comments

"Not a bad little adventure in the style of TR2 and pleasant to play. I did get the feeling that the enemy attacks were too frequent in the middle part of the game, making it too much of a shooter for my liking, but you'll find that ammo and medipacks are scattered around pretty much everywhere, reducing the enemies to average target practice. I thought that the windows and grates giving you views into areas you'll reach fairly soon was a neat touch, and the boat in the first level was also nicely used (and quite a rare occurrence in custom levels). The textures could have used some more work (although nothing hideous or ugly to look at) and the repeating music was somewhat of an annoyance, plus it was odd that I only managed to find two of the artefacts (despite the storyline mentioning at least three), but despite all those, this six- level adventure had enough enjoyable sections to make me want to see it through." - Ryan (14-Oct-2018)

"I don't know what Intef vs Writings means even though it's one strange name but what I do know is it's a nice, absolutely TR2 retro adventure with all the stuff that you'd expect from a TR2 set of levels:keys, switches, trapdoors, swimming, jumping, hordes of enemies for which there's more than enough ammo, even though slowly acquired, even the pistols (and it's a joy to watch the baddies go up in smithereens when you decide to use the grenade gun - "Did you ver kill anyone?" "Yes, but they were all bad"). It's pretty straightforward excepting the first and last levels that can make you get kind of stuck at times. It took me a while to play because it wasn't "amazing" and got tiring after a while. Still, I enjoyed its several locations and tasks and can definitely recommend it in the TR2 department." - Jorge22 (17-Sep-2018)

"Not agree with other reviewers, the game is decent textured but sometimes and depending the camera angle you can get strange views. Entertaing but not very funny, there's a classic style with (in my opinion) excessive switches/buttons to pull and few puzzles to solve. There are also excessive enemies to shoot but fortunately you'll find enough guns and ammo to deal with them (perhaps excessive pickups too); the secrets are nicely hidden. There are some defects with the texturization or the repeating musics, but the adventure is quite enjoyable and recommended for all TR2 nostalgics. Good work." - Jose (11-Sep-2018)

"Certainly the builder's best work until now. The first level has quite a lot on offer concerning gameplay, including an interesting door puzzle with a double timed run, nice usage of the boat (I never had to open the boat door actually) and decent pushable puzzles. While a few bugs and obscure moments are present, it is the most enjoyable. The majority of the rest is much less fun, though, as they are basically plain shooters with a lot of levers and items to find, only the last level was better in that regard. Anyway the enemies and also objects are well placed and secrets were quite nice to find. The looks are sometimes fairly crude with bad room connections, a couple of missing textures and many cracks, but overall passable; the last level was probably the visually most consisent in that regard. Sounds were used well but the builder forgot the one shot trigger so that they always played again when you run over the tile, not very nice. A bit of experimental work has also gone in cameras being placed on enemies rather than being static, but it didn't work so well yet. All in all an enjoyable levelset, but perhaps the three middle levels were just too plain shooters for my likings. Spent 2:30 hours here." - manarch2 (05-Sep-2018)

"There are several positive and negative aspects about this level. First the good ones: gameplay is one of its highlights, the other is the architecture of some big rooms that looks nice and intriguing especially with all the windows showing you other rooms. Tasks are entertained, mostly in the first level (which is my favourite of this levelset). Enemies are plenty, ammo and medipacks too, but you won't need much more than the good-old uzis to get through all the combat present in this adventure. There is good use of soundtracks (although they keep playing every time you step on the trigger), and cameras as well. Now to the -really- negative side: textures and lighting are terrible. Found a great amount of missing textures, wrong ones, stretched, etc. Lighting cracks are present at almost every room. It's not a debut for this author, so he shouldn't be so careless by this point. Also the level jumps make no sense; from a base to a village, to a snow base, to a hotel and to the same base again. I couldn't follow the story and I only got 2 relics (maybe Lara picks up the third one off-screen?). I would advice the author to build his levels more neatly, because he's got potential and this vasts problems are easly fixable with a little extra care." - Feder (26-Aug-2018)

"This was a pretty neat and joyful debut from the author, set within a TR2 game system, which brought tons of elements from the past of the tomb raider series. The gameplay was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot, Enemies were perfect, and I must admit that all of the enemies were properly placed, based on the environment they have to dealt with Miss Croft, Atmosphere and sounds were perfectly fun, and thank god, the builder had put cameras for each lever you pull or each switch you use, in order to guide you more throughout the game. Lighting and textures were neat, and they looked the exact same way as the original TR2 game. Thank you very much. Well done! Recommended level." - Mehrbod (19-Aug-2018)
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