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Author(s): JesseG
total rating:9.11 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 10 10 9 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jose 8 9 8 9
manarch2 9 9 8 8
Mehrbod 10 9 9 9
Phil 9 9 10 10
Ryan 10 10 9 9
category averages
(7 reviews)
9.29 9.29 8.86 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"First of all congratulations for making an entirely new control set which doesn't get tiring for a second, that's extremely rare - and it seems you made a good choice starting with the less limited character (if it was inverted the game could be ruined) - at first I was like "why are there so many eases of access if I can access stuff anyway", then I was like "aha, so it's like that" and everything came together with a now self-explanatory purpose. It's just admirable. So again a simple yet well executed idea wins my heart, but aside of that the game sounds and looks cool, and one cannot miss the meaningful plot which gathers and concludes all previous episodes, inducing the will to replay the whole series one day. I only hope the "retirement" isn't permanent ;)" - DJ Full (14-Jun-2019)

"After several months after the release it's very strange to see very few reviews for this level. It's very innovative, with a solid story and new features and ideas, like the movable statues puzzle or the square with 9 pads, but I think many people is not agree with the new moves, even more if you are forced to use them when trying tight timed runs; also you continuously have to think what kind of wolf to use in each situation. For me was interesting even with the added backtracking 'cause the changes of the wolves; the enemies are cool and the environments are nice textured, but I think people prefers a more classic style. All in all, another fine work from Jesse with a good final animation after the escape with the starship. Take a try." - Jose (19-Dec-2018)

"The (so far) final part in the Wolf series showcases yet more creativity from this builder. This time, you have the opportunity of controlling two wolf characters, whose moves differ in various ways: Danny can perform sprint jumps, while Johnny can perform wonderfully high somersaults to reach higher areas. The gameplay, both around these moves and away from them, is nothing less than brilliant. It manages to incorporate timed runs and puzzles in a manner that is creative, but not difficult or obscure for anyone to figure out. I found that the textures and surroundings were more pleasing this time around, although again not a primary focus. Enjoyable from start to finish." - Ryan (14-Oct-2018)

"A really fantastic level duo (actually trio) you shouldn't miss out. Gameplaywise there is lots of ingenious stuff including character switching in the level to be able to perform different kind of jumps and the like, this was a really fun affair. Also, there is a lot to do and see otherwise, the puzzles are excellent (especially the statues' and the pads' ones) and the storyline is just great as well. The timed runs are outstanding as well, only the last one in the first level was way too generously timed. The only real issue I had was in the statues puzzle where the trigger tile directly right of the entrance isn't deactivated after a statue is pulled off it, so that the puzzle can actually be done in no time. Without that issue (that might be easily corrected I guess) I'd give it a 10 in the first category. The technical skills of the builder are present with those "wolf out of box" parts, the custom objects are quite nicely done as well. Perhaps there's not too much variety in terms of enemies, but they were well placed. All four secrets are also excellently hidden. While there's a solid design in all levels, I think the looks are somewhat less inspired than the gameplay, architecture is rather functional for gameplay concerns and less refined. The usage of sounds and cameras is solid; perhaps I'd place a high camera over the whole pad puzzle instead of breaking it every time the wolf runs off one, but that's only a very small thing. The texturing is solid and there are few mistakes, but the high end of the map is sometimes quite near, creating odd views. But when that much care has been put into creating an inventive and plainly enjoyable gameplay, slightly less good looks really don't count that much. Highly recommended; and more of this please! (40 minutes)" - manarch2 (05-Oct-2018)

"This builder consistently comes up with fresh surprises in the form of new moves or, in this case, different protagonists with talents unique to each. This is all presented in eye-pleasing surroundings with ample lighting, such that I cannot recall a single instance where I needed a flare. The concept of changing back and forth from Danny to Johnny was interesting the first couple of times, but it started wearing thin as the game progressed. I would have preferred that all the available moves be combined into one character, but I acknowledge the possibility of game engine limitations. The timed runs in the first level were invigorating but fair to the player, although I found the sprint jump somewhat daunting due to the awkward combination of keys. I was also unaware until the builder's tip in a stuck thread post that rolling through crawl spaces is possible only when you're in a crouched as opposed to a crawling position. I decided to bag that three-minute trapfest at the end, as by that time I had invested an hour and fifteen minutes in futuristic New Hampshire and felt that this was quite sufficient. My scores, therefore, are based on the first level alone, which provides yet another feather in the builder's cap.
Edit: I went back and played the Strabo Starship mini-level. I'm glad I did, not only for the adrenalin rush, but to see the wolf protagonist mutate into a human being and drive off in the purple sports car." - Phil (21-Sep-2018)

"Another wonderfully inventive wolf adventure from this talented builder and this time you get to play two characters, each with different physical abilities. Johnny can achieve high jumps and Danny is able to make long sprint jumps and changing between the two is done by way of various cubes dotted around the landscape. It's all clever stuff! Puzzles, timed runs and enemy action are all nicely balanced and the escape run towards the end is a good adrenalin rush. Great fun from start to finish." - Jay (17-Sep-2018)

"One of the most brilliant games I have ever played on TRLE.NET . I enjoyed the main character in the game since it was completely different from any TR4 custom levels I had ever seen before. There was nothing to complain about and I must admit this game was flawless. Congratulations to the builder of this game and well done !!! Top Recommended Level." - Mehrbod (23-Aug-2018)
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