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Author(s): JesseG
total rating:9.13 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Jay 9 9 9 9
Mehrbod 10 9 9 9
category averages
(2 reviews)
9.50 9.00 9.00 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"Another wonderfully inventive wolf adventure from this talented builder and this time you get to play two characters, each with different physical abilities. Johnny can achieve high jumps and Danny is able to make long sprint jumps and changing between the two is done by way of various cubes dotted around the landscape. It's all clever stuff! Puzzles, timed runs and enemy action are all nicely balanced and the escape run towards the end is a good adrenalin rush. Great fun from start to finish." - Jay (17-Sep-2018)

"One of the most brilliant games I have ever played on TRLE.NET . I enjoyed the main character in the game since it was completely different from any TR4 custom levels I had ever seen before. There was nothing to complain about and I must admit this game was flawless. Congratulations to the builder of this game and well done !!! Top Recommended Level." - Mehrbod (23-Aug-2018)
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