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Author(s): PedroTheGamer
total rating:6.44 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
ameliacrofty 5 8 7 6
Baratheon 6 6 8 8
Bigfoot 8 8 9 9
Cbl 6 4 6 4
Ceamonks890 5 5 5 5
Chel 7 9 10 10
DJ Full 6 5 7 6
Jay 6 7 8 8
Jose 5 6 7 6
manarch2 2 4 4 4
Mehrbod 10 9 10 10
MichaelP 5 5 6 5
Mman 6 5 5 4
Orbit Dream 4 6 5 6
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ryan 5 6 6 6
Sabatu 5 5 6 5
Torry 7 9 10 9
category averages
(18 reviews)
5.83 6.33 7.00 6.61

Reviewer's comments

"Not the same quality as another ORC lavels I've played, but playable anyway. Many things to get better in a level I think not properly betatested. Enemies are not well balanced, the "puzzles" are not very original, the objects in the UW area are not properly placed (metallic objects floating?), bad applied textures in triangular surfaces... At least I noticed an effort to create atmosphere with flybys and musics, but the running jumps in the room with the fiery tiles were too tight. I didn't know what the crystals were for: open a high door in the room with fiery tiles? Why, if the other door was still closed? Perhaps there was a way to open that second door and this time avoid a couple of dangerous jumps to reach one of the keys? Take a try, but not very funny for me." - Jose (27-Dec-2018)

"This is a castle theme of the "complex simplicity" style, though it's not so much of a castle as big rooms with castle aspects (but one of my own ORC levels was that with the same theme so that's not really a complaint). The lighting is unfortunately pretty flat outside of a couple of sections, and most of the objects don't have their lighting set right so they're coloured wrong, which gets very conspicuous with how many there are. There are also one or two bits of geometry that look outright bugged (namely a ledge that's seemingly supposed to be collapsed but just looks wrong). There's also invisible walls from unopened doors that get in the way a couple of times.
Outside of one ridiculously hidden key (that I didn't even need due to structural issues of the level), the individual tasks are okay if relatively simple, but there's a lack of coherence to the whole and things just sort of happen without the feel of building towards anything (which makes a notable contrast to the Maria Dora level I just played, where the tasks are simple but focus around a specific obstacle elevates it). As hinted at with the key above, half the objects in the level are also not even needed because something in the design is wrong and you can skip half of what's apparently intended. What's here is okay, but let down by a bunch of design issues that make it kind of incoherent in the end." - Mman (26-Nov-2018)

"Dutchy's walkthrough says the three crystals are intended to enable access to the sword, but since you get the sword at the very beginning I can't imagine what placing the crystals was supposed to do. Anyway, I had the same problem reported by others regarding the load screen, even after I first renamed, then deleted the pix folder. Since the level is brief with no godmode-challenging death opportunities, I simply saved my game periodically in the first slot to eliminate any hassle. With better testing the raid would have gone down more smoothly, probably leading to higher scores, but as it is you get a fairly entertaining level for whatever time it takes for you to play it (no stat screen, remember). Finally, I have no idea why the download bloated out to 102MB, but it didn't take up space on my computer for very long. Probably should never have been entered in the ORC competition, but better held back for polishing and later release." - Phil (09-Nov-2018)

"Not as bad an experience as some might think based on the scores and comments. The Complex Simplicity Castel package is used here and you get a decent little raid around a courtyard for a few crystals and keys, a few knights to battle and a boss fight at the end. I actually liked the underwater area (even though it is a bit too large after all) and can only agree that placing that one key on the roof in a basically invisible fashion was a poor design choice. Unfortunately the author also forgot to remove a lever in the final Version that makes the collection of the three crystals unnecessary, but you can collect them anyway to extend your raid to about 20 minutes in total." - MichaelP (16-Oct-2018)

"This level could have been so much better with a little more effort put into it (and possibly a more thorough bout of testing beforehand). Taken on its own, it's not such a bad level, but I encountered a fair few missteps and annoyances during my time here. To begin with, I ended up pulling the lever to extinguish the fire before going for the crystals, thereby doing things the wrong way. I'm not sure what placing the crystals actually would have done (whether that would have put the fire out instead), but it spoilt my experience a bit. I also found that, despite some nice textures being used, the surroundings were quite bland and chaotic. As a whole, it just feels that were a few missed opportunities." - Ryan (16-Oct-2018)

"It's the first level build with Tomb Editor I play and this one is correct even if it contain some mistakes. Title says The lost temple but it remember more a castel than a temple lol. Nevermind, I have liked the various "smalls rooms" created here and how the author use the main room. But I think the water room can beeing more attractive than only swim and swim. I have liked the ennemies who give a good castel atmosphere to the level but I also miss some cristals and finish the level without use them. It's a pity because I'm pretty sure the level will be perfect. There are a good lighting but very big textures are apply on walls sometimes and it's a pity too. But because I don't know Tomb Editor, It's maybe normal considering this editor is not really finished ... I don't know. So even if this level contain some little mistakes I would like congratulate Pedro for this game build with another editor than winroomedit. Recommended anyway for everyone ;) !!!" - Bigfoot (08-Oct-2018)

"This is a notable step-up from Search in the Lost Temple as far as basic design goes, but ultimately, its still a fairly mediocre experience. Gameplay relies on a lot of dull keyhunting(with a bit of platforming, swimming and an irritating 'jump to the right spot' puzzle which can crash the game if you die), lighting and texturing are serviceable, objects and enemies feel thrown in for the sake of it and general atmosphere is all over the place, in terms of intended tone. Pretty sure the builder violated the rules of the contest through having more than one room to explore however. But overall, not really one that I would personally recommend." - Ceamonks890 (29-Sep-2018)

"This was one of those levels that I really couldn't get into,despite being competently made.The silly placement of the key on the roof;the gap which you were invited to jump to,but which served no purpose;the relentless 'locate key;open door' gameplay,which became uninteresting very quickly.There was an over-abundance of objects;and the lighting was everywhere rather dreary,preventing the creation of much atmosphere.As a location,it didn't create an impression of being anywhere in particular;especially not the Lost Temple that the builder (to judge from the level title) apparently intended. Nevertheless,I enjoyed the variety of enemies (especially the positively huge Boss);and that lung-busting swim was well paced. A definite step up from the builders previous levels,though." - Orbit Dream (28-Sep-2018)

"Another totally standalone project of Pedro, and too bad he misunderstood the rules so the entry cannot count in the voting, because despite of a heckload of random stuff (too much to mention) it's a big, big, BIG step for this builder, and in the right direction so please more of these steps." - DJ Full (27-Sep-2018)

"The enemies and object placement was the best of the level, there are some textures errors, the lighting is ok. But unfortunately you can break the fire puzzle by just using the switch." - ameliacrofty (26-Sep-2018)

"This is quite short at around 40 minutes and is a bit of a key finding exercise. The atmosphere is good, albeit a touch gloomy, but apart from a knight or two to shoot and a very basic puzzle, there's not a great deal to get excited about. Not bad, but I was left with a feeling of unfulfilled potential - there were a couple of flooded rooms that I expected to interact with a lot, but there were only a couple of basic actions required. Ah well." - Jay (24-Sep-2018)

"In this level, Lara must navigate a dark castle chamber with a variety of deadly hot traps in order to gain armor and a green stone as prizes. I enjoyed figuring out how to navigate the chamber, which has a staircase that branches off into two gallery spaces higher up. However, the level is marred by numerous technical errors involving textures and triggers (misaligned textures, repeated music cues, and a crystal puzzle and switch that didn't seem to work with one another), odd placement of objects and lighting such that at least one important pickup is invisible (if you happen to read this, when you're on the roof with the slides where you could end up in a perpetual sliding loop, look closely at the one square where you can stand. It's nearly impossible to see), and geometry that stretched textures or created odd or awkward walls and floors. Several objects cannot be picked up unless you crouch due to their placement in proximity to other objects. Unlit torches led me to image there would be a torch puzzle, but this never occurred. While the level script is in English, the in-game language is not (translations can be found in the ReadMe, although they don't add much to explaining the level). Several times I bumped into invisible objects or got the camera caught on something and had to press look to snap it back to Lara. While some switches initiate cameras, the camera position is often tight enough that it remains unclear where the camera is pointing. I would have enjoyed this game more if, in addition to fixing the actual errors, there had been an internal logic to the world and space. While it's a castle, the switches and keys don't seem to be placed in a way that would ever have rendered it functional as a place in the past. There's an interesting torture set-up in one of the upper galleries, but it's not clear how this relates to the flooded rooms beneath or the room with the hot metal floor, or to the final boss for that matter. I wan to encourage the builder to continue, since I think there were some good ideas for traps here, but work on creating a logical atmosphere in the future." - Cbl (23-Sep-2018)

"Very solid level of around 40 minutes of game play. The first key is extremely difficult to spot but once located the level moves along nicely. Enemies tended to trap themselves against a brick wall facing away from Lara which made this a turkey shoot with no real challenge. Voice overs are in some language other than English so I have no idea on the story line. Sub titles please guys. Textures and atmosphere were very good though." - Torry (21-Sep-2018)

"Very visually impressive level. Atmosphere, textures and objects are top notch. A few minor issues with odd spaces where Lara became 'forever stuck' in a slide & stumble loop that could have been prevented. It was also frustrating that the very first key was nearly impossible to spot, even though I was standing right on top of it. I pressed action to prep for a safety drop and was surprised when she scooped up something. After finding that key everything just moved right along. The puzzles are very linear and consist of finding keys and key-objects then opening the door and finding the next key to use. The builder is obviously a talented person with a lot of potential and I look forward to what he does in the future. If he wanted to even expand on this level and add to it I would play it in a heartbeat. He has a good grasp of atmosphere and dramatic timing that draw in and engage the player." - Chel (20-Sep-2018)

"I wonder if I and the other reviewers have even played the same level, because this is (of course subjectively said) not a level earning 10s and 9s in any category. The first time around, I finished this level in a couple of minutes because instead of finding the three gems, you can easily just use the lever just right of the receptacles (!) to extinguish the fire. The readme lists four beta testers, including the builder himself. I wonder what went wrong there. Anway, after noticing that, I played the level using the intended route, and it wasn't that much better to be honest. A lot of key items are to be used, a lot of to and fro and also a nastily hidden key is around, also no real puzzle (except of pushing a block a straight line to a marked tile, no platforming, ...). There are dozens of beginner-like mistakes including fake floors, texturing mistakes whenever there is a not exactly quadratic tile, strangely placed objects, odd geometry... this is far from being a large step up in the evolution of the builder. At best, the lighting in this level can be called "creative", with some quirky usage here and there, but it's not very consistent and fairly amateurish most of the time, as well as ... probably everything else. The cameras were okay, but the sound was fairly annoying playing much longer than the situation it was placed for, and it's sometimes also not one shot. Except of the major shortcut, nothing is disastrous in this game, but far from most other ORC entries. Found no secrets in 10 minutes." - manarch2 (20-Sep-2018)

"Honestly, I am speechless. I will be completely honest. This level was better than the last levels from this author. But still, there were errors. geometry was good, textures too. Some errors, especially on the floor. bad rotation of textures. Really? three hard enemies on the start? I know this is ORC so there are not too many places to use enemies, but still, you should place your enemy wisely. Please do not take this personally, you are "freshmen" in level editing. I am not perfect too. but you need put more care in levels :) I believe your next levels will be better and better." - Sabatu (20-Sep-2018)

"I personally enjoyed playing this level with the rebooted Lara Croft model. Gameplay was nice, enemies were cool, atmosphere was stunning, lighting was done pretty neatly. Thank you! Top Recommended ORC." - Mehrbod (18-Sep-2018)

"I could see great potential in this level, but unfortunately it fell flat and felt like a huge mess of a million ideas and models/textures. I think a little more thought could have made this level something really special." - Baratheon (18-Sep-2018)
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