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Author(s): Feder
total rating:9.68 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Cerebralfire 9 10 9 8
DaroRaider 10 10 10 9
dinne 10 10 10 10
Drakan 10 10 10 9
eRIC 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 9
Jose 10 10 10 10
Mman 9 10 9 9
Nephilim 9 10 10 10
OverRaider 10 10 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Roberto 10 10 9 9
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
category averages
(15 reviews)
9.73 9.93 9.67 9.40

Reviewer's comments

"One of the best I have done. I really felt like i was playing a real Tomb Raider game. The levels are smart and nicely created. The puzzles are nice but i decided to give it a 9 because there were just a few times when i didn't know where to go due to bad level design.. but again, it happened just about one or two times. When it comes to enemies and objects, i think they're really great. They fit in the game in a way that you know why they're here and why they look the way they do. What i mean is they're not just random. And that's really nice. I didn't get all of the secrets but whenever i did find one, i felt like i was being rewarded for exploring. The levels are very good looking and they all have an identity, an atmosphere and they are charming i must say.. especially the ones on the island. I highly recommend this." - Nephilim (03-Feb-2019)

"A concrete Tomb Raider game, made of gameplay and atmosphere. There are several aspects that make this series of levels one of the best productions ever published. The structure of the levels and especially the accurate planning of the game experience can be put on the same level of an official spin-off of Tomb Raider 3. Made with low-resolution original textures, decorative-only objects in the scene and without enhanced moves for Lara, the aspect that necessarily emerges more is right the gameplay. The structure of the levels is well planned, taking in account the possible game experiences of both relaxed users and hardcore gamers at the same time, without too obvious areas or too frustrating parts. The level of challenge is similar to the one felt in Tomb Raider 3, that makes the game really tricky sometimes, but intuitive and with helpful camera views, as well as optional doors to reconnect the paths (avoiding brackbacks). The sensation of rewarding after having surpassed a difficult area is granted for everyone and the skills of the gamer are often repayed by useful collectibles and often exclusive secrets that only really suspicious observers can find. The placing of the ammo/medikits/flares/weapons is well balanced. The user will need to choose if to use a medikit or a more powerful weapon in every situation, because the ammo and the medikits aren't too many and this makes them a good reward during the game (still without concrete worries of running out of them). In 8 levels it has been possible to place all the TR3 weapons (except harpoon) giving them a sense and a context, with proper enemies. Unexpectedly, flares become really a needed tool, and this is a rare example of custom level that gives them a real usage, instead of being just optional to the guns to enlight dark areas. During the course of the levels, the new unlocked reacheable areas are never too many nor too big, without intersecting too much with the previous tasks, and so keeping a nice balance between non-linear and non-openworld settings, letting the user explore the new areas with freedom and without big worries about past unexplored paths, closed doors or missed opportunities. The areas are never too little and dense or too vaste and empty. There is an harmonious level of interactivity and space to breath, without forgetting the atmosphere. Over than this, almost all the areas are usually reconnected each other at the end, avoiding backtracking and confusion (still granting some welcomed "getting lost" feelings and doubts when it comes to proceed). The adventure changes a lot of environments with harmony and without making the user bored of the same style. It goes from urban and modern environments to pacific islands and finally to a cathedral and supernatural sceneries. For what it concerns the atmosphere, there is a permanent "darkness" everywhere, even in the pacific island. The colors are well composed and never mono-color. In the urban areas, the outside zone is often blue/green (with some rain) while the interiors are warm, with carpets, marble and noisy wood. This same care of these details is applied all over the levels. The general feelings of the game experience are organized in a climax, that starts with a relaxing feeling of comfortableness, then everything slowly becomes more dangerous, until it becomes obscure, supernatural and cursed. All this climax of weirdness ends with a perfect last part of immense relief, peace and satisfaction, with a blue sky, unoffensive fallen ruins and a friendly helicopter that makes all this anguishing nightmare coming back to the normality. This game is really inspired, well planned, and entertaining. A piece of quality. I never given 10/10/10/10 before." - dinne (25-Jan-2019)

"I find myself in something of a quandary when reviewing anything other than a TR4 release. Do I apply the standards applicable to TR4 levels, which would of necessity result in something less than perfect scores due to the vast inferiority of the TR2 and TR3 textures, or do I compare a given TR3 release, say, with the existing pool of TR3 releases? I'm still not sure what the "correct" answer is, but for better or for worse I've opted for the former position. There are a few accomplished builders, such as Feder, who for some reason do not like to work with the TR4 engine. That's their choice, but one of the consequences of that choice is scores that are likely less than would be the case if the more modern tools had been used. All of this having been said, I found this multi-level series to be quite engrossing and challenging, with many different looks and a variety of things to do, enemies to conquer and traps to avoid. My total playing time was just over seven hours, so there's a great deal to keep the player occupied, almost as much as in a full commercial game. Dutchy has provided a detailed walkthrough that documents the alternate routes that can be taken on occasion to reach a given objective, affording the player the option of trying both ways by saving before getting started. Some of the tasks are quite difficult to master, but I managed to get all the way through without having to resort to any of the provided savegames. Feder has proven that he's one of the best builders out there. I wish he would now turn his attention to the TR4 engine, which I'm sure would be a blessing to us all." - Phil (11-Jan-2019)

"Perhaps it doesn't deserve a 10 in all fields, but in a global view this is a fantastic TR3 adventure very worth to play I enjoyed a lot. I only can say the same what I said when reviewing the beta release so you can read my comments there. In this final version I found better and fresh puzzles, and the Abyss level is not for beginners, but all the tasks were always doable for me with no much backtracking and a excellent design. Extraordinary work, Feder!" - Jose (09-Jan-2019)

"This is a TR3 set with eight levels split across two main "episodes", with the first four maps having a heavy urban/modern style, and the latter half being an island with original design based on multiple classic themes. The general visual standards are high with interesting geometry and good object use. There's also great use of edited material and textures to create themes and objects that feel fresh despite being based on old content (especially as it makes the mix of multiple different texture sets feel very natural). The occasional area is a bit blander, but given the more limited engine it's working with it's amoung the best in that regard.
The gameplay is also very good, with a variety of styles, various puzzles and non-standard tasks. It even includes the TR3 feature of the occasional mutually exclusive path split, adding some extra replay value. One level is also based on optional stealth segments. One or two tasks were a little weaker than others, and one push-block felt a bit too hidden, but overall it stays constantly engaging. There's even a couple of TR3 bosses included. Feder has gradually become one of the best designers of non-TR4 custom maps, and this set continues that trend. It's probably a contender for the best non-TR4 map set around." - Mman (30-Nov-2018)

"I join in the praise of other comments. I do not play a lot of levels like tr3, but I recognize that it has thrilled me. I do not know at all the way of building a tr3, but it is really well done. I only regret the long endless ladders and maybe also the lack of ammunition. To kill the boss in his throne, it was quite long and difficult, I think that if I had recovered all the secrets (that half of found) I would have done better. Congratulations to the author." - Drakan (10-Nov-2018)

"This is probably the the highest standard that can be reached using the TR3 engine, so the builder should be commended for doing a good job here. Throughout these eight levels, you get to travel to a variety of different locations, from some Parisian streets (including a museum and laboratory offices), to a forgotten island in an unknown location, then onwards to an impressive cathedral before Lara escapes with the Spear of Destiny. The surroundings are extremely well presented for this engine, music is used well to aid the atmosphere and the gameplay is consistently engaging and packs quite a challenge, while never becoming frustrating. I did manage to miss at least one secret (or maybe more), but that just means that they were extremely well hidden. I absolutely loved the experience here and I recommend it highly." - Ryan (27-Oct-2018)

"What an amazing tr3 adventure set in various locations all full of surprising moments, excellent puzzles, creative ideas and perfect atmosphere which drags you in, though I think that those two short levels inbetween are a bit dull in gameplay and visual aspects, but those are really minor weaknesses and don`t really matter because the main levels are always lenghty and never boring, always exciting and I think that the author used the dxtre3d editor to alsmost its full potential he even included two possible ways in one of the levels both containing same amount of secrets and speaking about secrets I can tell just one word: masterpiece! This is exactly how secrets should be hidden, this is exactly how classic styled levels should be like, its "only" tr3 engine but Feder showed us that it is still possible to create enjoyable game even in older editors, even not using fancy TRNG features. Though music is nice even background sound effects are fitting to the surroundings but I think some music pieces are a bit out of place and not really fitting, maybe because the whole adventure looks so nicely tr3-ish that those tr4 and tr5 music pieces and even some not TR soundtracks didn`t really fit into this game. To conclude, this is really amazing adventure which all tr3 lovers should play, well it should not even be missed by any tr lover. My statistics: playtime 5:20, secrets 25/25, medipacks used 2.5" - OverRaider (27-Oct-2018)

"Templar secret in the fixated version. A series of levels built on the basis of the legendary TR 3 with references to the TRAOD museum. We fight against SL INC Sophia in search of a lost relic.Many rooms with puzzles and secrets. An old-fashioned gameplay, sometimes repetitive but effective, with external jumps, switches that open doors, keys to look for, enemies to guard, blocks to move, windows to break, tunnels to go and sub water corridors in the best tradition tombraider of the first episodes 1997 - 99. Optimally built the search for 25 secrets in 8 levels. A pleasant return to the past,revised and increased in the general plot by the author." - Roberto (20-Oct-2018)

"Great aventure ! This set of levels is very well made , the difficulty level being almost right for me (only at the end of the Edge of Abyss , the timed trapdoors gave me some trouble). Mostly the progression is very fluent with a few more subtle moments, and inspired as you won't encounter twice the same idea in the very intelligent and varied progression well balanced with exploration , enemies, actions , traps and puzzles. Excellent atmosphere also. Feder has added some other musics to the usual TR3 audios, also i appreciated the good work done with the texturing, or with some of the enemies (the knights placed in the shiva slot or the shootable skeletons). I wonder if it is possible to come up with something better with the TR3 engine, probably not. I know I missed a few areas and half of the secrets but that will be for another play (yep Templars secret has great replay value). I don't give 10 marks easily but this game is worth it (and it's easy to do just this when i see some of the top rated TR4 customlevels released recently that can't compare to the amount of fun received while playing Templars secret)." - eRIC (18-Oct-2018)

"As I started playing this a sense of dejavu overtook me as I was sure I had seen these strrets before so I checked Feder's levels and yes, I had played the beta release of this consisting of only four levels some six months ago. Remembering the angst from that game and how hopelessly lost I became i gave this the ultimate test and decided to play without consulting a walk through to see if Feder had actually listened to the complaints raised in the reviews and lo and behold he had. I managed to stumble my way through this entire level set without the walk through so hats off to Feder. Sure, I missed many a secret but that's ok as they are and should be a reward for effort, not a way forward in the level. This is a MUCH better release than the first and the raiding is true raiding with difficult but not impossible jumping sequences, timed runs and puzzles. My favourite was the floating islands type level. Textures are really really good considering this is a TR3 level set. I spent five and a half hours here. I really cannot fault this and can only imagine the work that went into it. Well done lad and a perfect score is well deserved." - Torry (17-Oct-2018)

"Well, this one is a must for any TR3 fans out there. It's an 8 level set that takes you from Paris (and jumping on rooftops) to meeting some of Lara's most classic enemies (no, not Willard the Spider) and finding the item of your quest, the Spear of Destiny, while adventuring in a museum, an industrial area, Sophia's office, some forgotten island, the Templar's cathedral and cleverly designed floating isles style level. It's well worth it and enough player friendly so that you'll never be actually stuck (except for a specific fight at the end of the penultimate level in which I had to make do with pistols because, well, at least I didn't find enough ammo, nor the bazooka, nor enough medipacks to get me through without some resilience). The atmosphere is great, especially in the (creepy) sounds department, even though I thought the lighting could have been more inspired. It flows pretty well and there's never a dull moment. It's all actually rather professional. So, yes, recommended without a doubt." - Jorge22 (15-Oct-2018)

"I'm still surprised that there are designers who can go beyond the limitations and capabilities of an engine as old as it is TR3. This excellent adventure has everything in favor. The diversity of scenarios that make the plot and the central story of the game, as the details that give a lot of originality to each of the levels. Something new is the use of design programs such as metaSeq to customize objects to the needs of engine adaptation. A combination of cameras, triggers and effects to create even more original situations than those that have already been seen in the original games. The gameplay is normal, there are no moments where you ponds and you can not continue. And the points of return are well done without having to have the need to retrace long stretches. The variety of weapons and vehicles is well implemented. The story gets exciting in the last levels of the game, when one is increasingly aware of the outcome. The point against may have to do with lighting. The dxTre3d editor never had a good lighting module and therefore may not finish the levels of being at 10 points. Anyway, the saga could easily be a Gold version of TR3. The best work done for Tomb Raider 3 so far!" - DaroRaider (12-Oct-2018)

"It's for me a very good levelset. A bit like if you play and official TR3GOLD adventure. The first part in Paris is very well done and have challenging and fun gameplay. The first level is my personnal level of the Paris aeras because I have liked jump through buildings and houses. It remember a bit the Paris level of Tomb Raider Requiem I have really liked too ... so it was a pleasure to discovered a new level with this kind of atmosphere. The second part in the lost island was very impressive. There are an amanzing quad sequence through canyon, water, church buildong, ... The rest inside the cathedral is awsome, specially the doomed world and the textures of Reunion level of tr3Gold. I have enjoyed encounter boss of the official tr3 level like the india one and the pacific one. It was a great pleasure to kill them again lol. I can just conclude if you search a good tr3 unofficial levels, this level is certainly for you. Very recommended !!!!" - Bigfoot (08-Oct-2018)

"One of the longest custom level sets I've ever played. From beginning to end this was a really fun adventure with good level variety. Enemies, puzzles & game play are all nicely done. There were few texture glitches, but nothing too bothersome. Atmosphere & Sound are all good adding to the overall feel of the game. All in all, a very well put together custom build with Feder showing excellent skills and imagination. Thanks Feder for the hours of fun; awesome job :)" - Cerebralfire (01-Oct-2018)
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