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Author(s): Colin Benson
total rating:7.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Jay 8 8 8 8
manarch2 6 6 7 8
McRaider 8 8 9 9
PedroTheGamer 4 5 6 4
category averages
(4 reviews)
6.50 6.75 7.50 7.25

Reviewer's comments

"This is undoubtedly an intriguing idea for a level - miniature Lara trying to repair her computer from the inside and I love all the little electronic bleeps on the soundtrack. There are some rather strange hazards inside Lara's computer and very little initially supplied in her backpack or as pickups. Finding the sapphires to access secret rooms quickly becomes a real priority therefore. There's a lot more space inside this computer than might be expected and exploring can be a touch confusing, but overall it's a fun and somewhat different experience. I just wish I could figure out what some of the enemies were supposed to represent in computer terms - it's hardly surprising that it had stopped working, with huge scorpions and the like running around its innards!" - Jay (07-Nov-2018)

"A creative (even if not unique) idea for a level but apart of the texturing and some objects I didn't really feel like in a PC, it could as well be a base type level of sorts. A lot of the builder's trademarks are seen here, not all of which were welcome, like the large (to oversized) areas, the secret system (this really didn't fit so well here) and a lot of items to be found. I really could've done with less running around, backtracking and tedious progression (going up and down all those halls gets quite annoying after some time) but at least there were more interesting tasks like the long and not too generous timed runs and the clock puzzle was also quite nice (if also tedious after some time). More actual tasks like those instead of yet another backtrack would've helped immensely. Lookwise, it's fairly solid with decent texturing and lighting, sometimes a bit monotonous as well and there is not really a step upwards in terms of audio placement. Cameras are used but there are no flybys or the like I could remember. It's lacking some really outstanding areas as well, it's functional but not so attractive in hindsight, partly also due to the lack of objects (which can be explained with the setting, but then there's not much reminiscient on an actual computer). The enemies look nice, but don't totally feel in place and also were a bit too heavy if you ask me. The secret gems are nicely hidden, though. Overall a solid level but too large and long without enough things to maintain interest. 85 minutes." - manarch2 (06-Nov-2018)

"First of all I would like to see a little more professionalism by someone who claims to be builder, because their levels are less than mediocre and do not like the players at all, does not mean to discharge his anger with others. The level is entertaining and at least its gameplay keeps the player in front of the monitor.. It takes a bit of exploration at the beginning but once familiar with the environment becomes more entertaining. A different delivery from the author with creative ideas. Well done!" - McRaider (05-Nov-2018)

"I have fun here, playing video on my channel, anyway, the gameplay was fun for me, but as it was textured I did not enjoy it very much, and some rooms are texturizing and horrible, with guards here and there, and skeleton freaking you out , and some mistakes here and there, I know that and inside a computer and tals, but the simple lighting more culbe within the level, the puzzles and simple, but I liked everything, some places empty and nonsensical and killable, but I cutir .... separating in parts to finalize recording in video with first impression, it is worth lowering and funny ...... it took 2 days to finish 100%." - PedroTheGamer (02-Nov-2018)
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