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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:3.69 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 2 2 2
DJ Full 5 5 6 6
Drakan 4 4 4 4
Jay 5 3 3 4
JesseG 3 2 2 3
JoeTheCrazyGamer 6 4 3 3
Jose 2 3 5 6
manarch2 4 2 3 2
Orbit Dream 4 1 3 6
Phil 3 4 3 5
Ryan 4 2 3 3
Wolf7 6 5 6 5
category averages
(12 reviews)
4.00 3.08 3.58 4.08

Reviewer's comments

"At least, this time the author tried to release an original level, not the classic style to which we are accustomed, but it was not very funny for me looking for phantom walls and floors or run without sense looking for a trigger tile in the floor you can't see without hints. Not bad at all, but for me was not entertaining. Take a try anyway." - Jose (15-Mar-2019)

"Well that was weird! Yet not entirely a bad level. I can see a psychological meaning inside of this, the author is trying to make us aware of his frustration in level building with showing a repetitive textured room and some weird geometry, but he is showing also something good like that room with a puzzle, immediately cut of by the absence of ideas. Well that's probably not what Osvaldo was thinking, but I really liked this apparently-meaningless level, although I can't give a good marks ... Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (11-Jan-2019)

"I don't really agree with the complaint about the repetitive design of this level because it's interleaved with sufficient variety of other setups and the entire thing is designed in a clever way. It's of course short but still gives you a nice break if attempted in the right moment. I definitely don't regret taking a look at it." - DJ Full (30-Dec-2018)

"This is just over 11 minutes of Survival of the Fittest type "raiding" i.e. see how long you can spend playing this level until you go berserk. It's not a bad concept, but unfortunately in this case it doesn't make for much entertainment. You just have to run around a few monotonous looking rooms until you stumble upon the next walkthrough wall or fallthrough floor or trigger something to happen, and as it's repeated ad nauseam it gets tedious after a while. Enemies are just a couple of flying crystals, but objects and secrets are nonexistent, making the appearance even more bland. I guess you have to appreciate the idea behind it, but for me the actual fun factor was low." - Ryan (20-Nov-2018)

"Lara accidentally enters a cursed temple that saps her sanity, and must throw away all concepts of reality in order to escape the faces of doom. Gameplay is heavily skewed toward exploration with a few traps thrown in. But I say "exploration" loosely, as it is mostly throwing Lara against all sorts of walls and floors to try to find the ones that are not solid. Enemies are some floating diamonds biting at you, not leading to any exciting combat. Decorative objects are scarce. Atmosphere is not at all immersive, considering you encounter a dozen copies of the same face room, just with different fake parts. The more interesting parts, such as a room that looked like a start of a puzzle, only taunt you because when you step forward you just get teleported to the next face room. Audio is okay but a bit repetitive. Camera cues are sorely needed for switches. Lighting is very flat and has very little variety. Textures are very wallpapered, and sometimes missing between randomized floor sections. Overall the level is a good way to experience an existential crisis, but sadly not much else. 12 minutes." - JesseG (19-Nov-2018)

"Osvaldo was on a roll for a while there, with a healthy quiver of high-quality releases. But for some reason he's decided to take a step backward, releasing levels that he built long ago that would have better been left in the trash heap, and now this one, which he is careful to disclaim as a joke level, but joke is the best word I can come up with to describe it. The ubiquitous face tile textures are monotonous and uninspired, the cutely named (in Spanish) artifacts are trite, and I rued every minute I spent writing a walkthrough while playing. The only enemies are restructured bats to resemble blue crystals, and I hope this doesn't become an identifying trademark for his future releases. I hate feeling the need to post a negative review, but this level begs for it." - Phil (17-Nov-2018)

"It's an interesting concept for a level, but hardly the most player-friendly thing you'll ever encounter. It's partly a catacomb style level with those flying gems and traps to avoid etc., but Lara keeps getting transported back to a blank tiled room, whereupon it's a question of either running around until something happens or trying to interact with all the walls to see if there's a walkthrough or push block. It's a real mixture of intriguing and frustrating. So, basically it's full of typical Osvaldo trademarks with added weird." - Jay (14-Nov-2018)

"Not a bad idea which is presented in a game that is more enjoyable than some of the builder's previous releases, even or because it is only lasting for 5 to 10 minutes. Nice flipmaps and a very fast progression through the areas prevent any kind of tedium and the mystery factor of this level actually clicked with me. I'm really glad about the solution for the box puzzle, it even involves some self-irony. On the other hand, there is nothing that really blows you away here and the idea turns a bit old after some time. But as a "joke" or "concept" offering this works quite well, so you might check it out..." - manarch2 (13-Nov-2018)

"Stop messing with my mind,Osvaldo!! Actually,this was a fairly entertaining little endeavour:part mind-bender,and part parody - I really appreciated the humour behind the elaborately set up piss-take of the 'typically long-winded pushable object puzzle'. Against this,it must be said that the builder performs his tricks a few too many times;and it becomes pretty easy to predict when the next mind-f*ck is about to take place.Nonetheless,the lighting (when it needs to be)is decent;texturing is effective enough in its forced repetitiveness;and the other categories don't really matter. 15 minutes of reasonably unique (and memorable) creativity." - Orbit Dream (13-Nov-2018)

"A room, in fact a succession of identical rooms where you have to find the exit, with some surprises but nothing terrifying. 1/4 hour to finish." - Drakan (13-Nov-2018)

"Well, that was an experience. It certainly subverted expectations, but that didn't really make it fun. A lot of running around mainly barren environments, doing incredibly mundane tasks and just when it seems as if you're getting somewhere, you're teleported back to a different but similar boxy room(where you'll have to run around until something happens by chance or a camera hint tells you what to do). I can see what the builder was going for, by essentially mindfucking the players. But that came off more wearily predictable and irritating after a while than genuinely clever. Took me 16 minutes to complete and after playing this once, I doubt I'll ever touch this one again. Give it a go if you want, but don't expect a good-looker or highly replayable romp." - Ceamonks890 (11-Nov-2018)

"At first i though this is just is going to be another Lara in a box type level so i just ran around for a few minutes and stuff started to happen i was unprepared for it, it was a fun little challenge However it did get very repetitive at one stage." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (11-Nov-2018)
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