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Author(s): LionGirl_90
total rating:4.94 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 4 3 4 4
DJ Full 7 6 5 4
Drakan 7 7 7 7
eRIC 4 5 6 5
Gerty 4 4 5 4
Jay 5 5 6 6
Jorge22 6 7 6 6
Jose 4 5 5 6
manarch2 4 3 4 3
Orbit Dream 4 5 3 5
PedroTheGamer 4 4 4 2
Phil 6 6 5 6
Ryan 5 5 5 5
category averages
(13 reviews)
4.92 5.00 5.00 4.85

Reviewer's comments

"What I really like about this builder is lack of backtracking - anytime when possible a sidequest is a loop instead of a line so we get back to the place of origin the way which is fast and unexpected. It all comes together very nicely and also applies to the latest release (Egyptian Paradise when I'm writing this). Objects are a bit random, also gotta make sure to always use correct meshswaps, otherwise you get Lara's legs from enemies... but the sound design is correct and secrets are fun. If only this level was easier on the eyes, because architectural simplicity and candy-like colors cross the lines a lot..." - DJ Full (04-Jun-2019)

"To be honest I don’t know what to write. On one hand I liked it but it is quite linear and rooms are very empty. No atmosphere to speak off and what is it with the long crawlspaces? They don’t add much to the gameplay apart from being boring. Textures could use attention and enemies are not hard to slay. Looking for jump levers and some balls you have to shoot. There is improvement though." - Gerty (30-May-2019)

"The builder's second level is very different from the first , with less objects used and a more accomplished lighting. That is quite encouraging. Not very eventful after a while, but rather atmospheric." - eRIC (21-May-2019)

"Poor gameplay this time, only pull some jumpswitches, shoot some balls and pick up some items; poor architecture too and flat texturization. Some musics added but no cameras, a lot of glasses to pick up (secrets???), the rooms are often empty and the enemies are predictable and easy to kill. Not really entertaining for me but still playable." - Jose (20-Mar-2019)

"I played this intending it as a filler, not realizing it would take me 50 minutes even with the walkthrough. Sadly, however, it lacks any pizzazz and is on the order of A Time Foregot 2, only a notch or two down. It's playable enough, with a certain order of progression, but after a while a feeling of sameness sets in with the monotonous blue connective corridors, and there's never any real sense of excitement or accomplishment. Lighting is fine except in the dark crawl spaces, which are few in number, and the enemies are well spaced and predictable. However, you do have to be on the lookout for brass balls and blue globes to shoot. This level is an considerable improvement over the builder's first release, and that's going in the right direction, but she still has plenty of room to grow." - Phil (07-Jan-2019)

"A second attempt by this builder, and a slight improvement in construction terms. Gameplay is again very fast paced and linear with not much to think about, mainly involving using jumpswitches and picking up a couple of items. She does seem to have experimented with the lighting a bit though, as this entire temple is shrouded in a dark blue colour. Not entirely fitting to the Egyptian theme, but I didn't mind. You could do worse if you're looking for a raid that won't tax your brain too much." - Ryan (02-Dec-2018)

"Another level from Liongirl (who has obviously been having fun with her colour palette) very quickly after her debut, and it's a pleasant enough little raid. Basically Egyptian in look and feel with an eclectic and atypical cast of baddies. Gameplay is straightforward and fast paced and there are quite a lot of broken specs secrets scattered throughout the game." - Jay (01-Dec-2018)

"not bad, and a big step for that author anyway, but does she need to improve on blue and green lighting everywhere? and secrets with sound and without sound, incorrect textures in some places, script lazy in some moments but not recommended, has even objects that do not fit in Egypt, this level can be worse than the one that is more decuting, not anyway Spend your time here and skip to the top that is way better." - PedroTheGamer (01-Dec-2018)

"Well, the nc rating is a bit misleading as this is basically Egyptian with just a few detours in some enemies. What else? It's blue all over - not an unpleasant thing, although it makes me wonder why exactly, so it's fine by me. I've lost count of how many broken glasses I found throughout. Other than that, it couldn't get a lot simpler than what it is in gameplay terms, although by that I don't mean it's boring, just that it couldn't get much simpler. The sounds are from TR4 and the textures look ok even though the architecture has a little of that big-rooms- with-not-much-to-show feature at times. Not extremely creative but fun enough nonetheless." - Jorge22 (30-Nov-2018)

"In all honesty, this level's overall quality is generally not much different from the builder's initial debut which came out in early November(containing the same exact issues I brought up previously, aside from environments being more empty now than cluttered and a bit more atmosphere, thanks to the more varied lighting on display). So if you weren't too fond of 'Baboon Temple', than this one isn't likely to change your mind." - Ceamonks890 (30-Nov-2018)

"This level is basically blue.There's no obvious reason why it should be so (there's water;but hardly in abundance),and it doesn't,in itself,create any particular atmosphere.It's also one of those levels where you never have to stop and ponder what to do next,as everything is full ahead at all times.Hang-levers are always clearly located in very close proximity to the doors they open,negating the need to explore.As a consequence,and despite the fact that you're almost always running forward,it rarely excites. The enemies are a characterful bunch,although easy to dispatch;the secrets (if indeed that's what they were) are just lying around,waiting to be picked up;and textures are adequate (a few easily correctable errors here and there). It's not bad though,for the fifty minutes it lasts;and it affords you plenty of time to contemplate other things." - Orbit Dream (28-Nov-2018)

"Yes, this is an improvement over the builder's debut, if only slightly ones. I liked some of the trap sequences in this game and in one or two you really have to be careful; there's also much less backtracking due to decent shortcutting. On the other side there are many rooms where you kill an enemy and search for another jumpswitch behind a pillar to exit, this got rather tedious after a while. More real puzzles and traps would have been a better choice. The enemies are still fairly ... diverse, the "mystic" setting might explain it partly but the choice was a bit too random for me. Object placement is more careful this time, the glasses don't really count as secrets though and only once the chime is heard. The texturing is not very good, with a lot of misplaced textures and generally very monotonous texturing, but the lighting at least slightly helps to create a mystical atmosphere which has a few nicer touches this time, architecture is also getting better. We'll see how this motivated builder is evolving... took me 20 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (28-Nov-2018)

"Nice and quite simple level, the author has improved a little compared to his first. But there are still many textures stretched or packed. I do not know why there were so many broken glasses in the level I found at least a dozen (in the inventory = load). The lions are very beautiful. The gameplay is relatively linear with a little more research in the first part of the level. I did not find any secrets." - Drakan (27-Nov-2018)
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