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Author(s): Franky
total rating:8.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Jorge22 9 9 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 7 7
category averages
(3 reviews)
8.33 8.33 7.67 7.67

Reviewer's comments

"I echo the comments of the earlier reviewers. Alien levels are a bit offbeat and we don't see many of them, and this one doesn't appear to use the same package as the one in the recent BtB competition, but it provides a fun and relatively stress-free raid. You get the revolver early on and find scads of ammo for it as the game progresses, but I have no idea why the builder provided the lasersight as well. I had some trouble with that pushable boulder, as Lara was stubborn about pushing it more than once. The secrets provide nothing but a shiny ornament and the pleasure of having found them. The gravity well feature was used to good effect here, and it was nice to have Kurtis around to help deal with assorted enemies (especially the baby spiders, which he dispatched one at a time with a single slash of his knife). But with all the available revolver ammo you didn't really need his help. A solid level, and lots of fun." - Phil (15-Feb-2019)

"I must say I really enjoyed this ET level, with all its little side quests, enemies and "tricks" (namely the jump use and the invisible walls or so), quite a lot - never a dull moment throughout. Visually well done (I'm not even thinking whether anything's stretched or curved or ocasionally dark or blah-blah), rewarding as for finding secrets and very helpful with ammo and medipacks, imaginative and adventurous. To sum it up, entertaining and player-friendly. I only thought the very ending was rushed but that's about it. Recommended." - Jorge22 (11-Feb-2019)

"What a pleasant surprise this was. I wasn't expecting much after Frank's previous efforts, but I admit to finding this one more enjoyable than I expected. Gameplay, while still a little too reliant on backtracking and exploring overly large rooms, has been much improved as it is more confined than last time, and it contains a few neat touches like the anti- gravity pads, a boulder puzzle and a couple of nice block puzzles, while the enemies, although a little overwhelming in places, are easily overcome thanks to copious revolver ammo. The secrets are just little trinkets that are more souvenirs than anything else, but a nice hark back to the original TR1 game nonetheless. The environments are still a bit bland and crude looking in places (like the engine room which had too much of a dark grey appearance to it) but not an eyesore like in previous levels. It's always great to see improvement from a builder and this is definitely worth a shot." - Ryan (08-Feb-2019)
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