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Author(s): Sabatu
total rating:9.50 Gameplay &
Objects &
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Lighting &
TheStig 10 9 10 9
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10.00 9.00 10.00 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"I'm back again to reviewing after a long absence, and I'm not sure I could of picked anything much better than this to start with! Sabatu has managed here to really give one of the most authentic TR1 experiences I've played since the original 1996 game. Proper TR1 ring menus...YES!!! I love the non-filtered, ever so slightly over-gamma'd look to whole thing which just brings memories flooding back of playing the original PC game in 256 colours and software rendering. Considering how much the tweaks to the game's engine effect the character and look of the levels as the series progressed it's impressive just how close this TR4 engine version feels to the original TR in terms of look, right down to the perfect black draw distance and every proper TR1 sound correctly mapped. Normally I spend a fair bit of time tweaking levels for widescreen or even ultra-wide resolutions but this time I felt to respect the author's efforts I'd play 4:3 for the full nostalgic experience! The two levels featured here take you back to the typical tried and tested early Tomb Raider formula namely isolation and exploration, with a few animals to nibble at you when you're running around unawares! The distribution of enemies just gave that feeling of slight tension I always remember from the original game about wondering what was ready to leap at me from the next corner. It's nice that the author thinks vertically as well as horizontally and you'll find yourself scaling spaces to make progress whilst looking down on your prior track below. There's also a tight timed element. Music is entirely from TR1 along with the ambient sounds which is absolutely perfect for the setting. If there was one criticism of the game play it's that the 'surprise' boulder mechanic was perhaps a smidge over-used, and I'd of liked Pierre to be a bit more of a challenge at the end. All in all it took me 2hrs 45min to finish Secret of Mount Parnassus. Absolutely brilliant and loved every moment. Highly recommended. Stiggy" - TheStig (18-Feb-2019)
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