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Author(s): Jeff Sadler
total rating:3.39 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 5 5 5 5
Jay 5 5 5 7
manarch2 1 3 3 3
Mehrbod 5 3 4 4
MichaelP 3 3 3 3
Orbit Dream 1 2 2 4
PedroTheGamer 3 0 1 2
Ryan 3 3 4 5
The Snarky Lesbian 3 3 3 3
category averages
(9 reviews)
3.22 3.00 3.33 4.00

Reviewer's comments

"There's a perfectly solid construction here,in a sort of 'January 2001' kind of way.Coastal surroundings;doors opened by picking something up;one randomly placed enemy;quite a bit of swimming underwater,looking for an obscure exit. It didn't really impress much,way back then;it certainly doesn't now. That being said,I rather liked the initial view of the surrealy pretty underwater village - even though absolutely nothing whatsoever was done with it." - Orbit Dream (12-Mar-2019)

"A bit of an odd game in that it appears to be rather unfinished. The two parts in total took me 10 whole minutes to complete, which doesn't really do the word "longevity" justice. You first explore a relatively peaceful coastal in search of a couple of items while performing a not well hinted at timed run. Once you enter the next underwater section, simply find the Pharos knot and the sneaky underwater passage (I had to use Doggett's video to find out exactly where it was) and then the game ends straight away. I can't help feeling that this was released in an incomplete state, and as it is now I can't give it a recommendation." - Ryan (11-Mar-2019)

"Seeing from the reviews that this was a short one, I gave it a quick go for the sake of adding the missing screenshots for the profile page. Indeed a short and very basic offering in coastal style here and the one challenge for me was to get Lara to move that Skeleton - somehow she kept resisting to touch it - understandable somewhat, I guess. The second challenge was then to find that one hole in the ground in a - thankfully not too huge - body of water. The underwater houses looked nice enough as a principle visual idea, but overall not a level that is neither inspiring nor really needed these days." - MichaelP (11-Mar-2019)

"Well, what an extremely odd level. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s in two parts – the entire thing last less than 15 minutes. The first part is a very traditional coastal setting with just a few things to achieve, that don’t have a great deal of logic behind them, but are quite fun all the same. The second, very brief section involves a rather lovely underwater village that I was really looking forward to exploring. Sadly, once you pick up a pharos knot and manage to find an extremely well hidden passage in the floor, that’s it – place the knot and exit the level. Fine as far as it went, but it had so much potential that just wasn’t fulfilled." - Jay (10-Mar-2019)

"All you do here is to pick up a few key items, do a very short (and probably not even noticed) timed run in level one, then swim a bit around a surreal floated city in the second level, finish after no time and wonder what it was all about. Well, it does not look that bad overall, but this does not mean everything is cleanly applied (not even remotely so). Finished after 5 minutes." - manarch2 (10-Mar-2019)

"the first level is simple and simple, and does not have the slightest sense, the skin of lara does not abit the environment, the second level and worse, how bad and done, everything does not make sense here, do not waste your time here, and played another level." - PedroTheGamer (09-Mar-2019)

"Although simple and average, I somehow enjoyed it! Still can't forget the moment I got close to the mummy's coffin and it popped out abruptly. Liked the idea of using the wetsuit outfit, it looked somehow as Lara has just started her journey from a wet place and now the adventure takes place in a dry land. Nothing too special to mention here... Thank you!" - Mehrbod (09-Mar-2019)

"So this level set (2 Exits) is... short, to say the least. The first level could easily fit into one room, and the second level is done in pretty much one dive. I actually kept this review back a few days because I thought, hey, maybe this set is unfinished somehow? But I don't know. On a replay of this level I timed myself, and even failing the first timed run a couple of times, both levels together took me 6 Minutes with ALL pickups. So this set is extremely short. It has exactly 1 enemy, a couple of boxes that need pushing, 1 secret and a couple of med kits. Every single pickup needs to be found for 2 doors in the first level to open. I guess that essentially means the bare minimum of "things" a TR game tends to have are here, technically speaking. But only the barest of minimums. I guess you could argue there are no bugs in these levels and give it an extra point for that, but with how short these levels are, how would that even be done? The second level has some odd flickering and it look like the underwater town is in the middle of an unfinished map that clips in places. While the underwater town looks really pretty, none of those buildings can be explored at all, so they are at best window dressing. Kinda sad actually, I would have loved to run around in that village, find things, shoot things, press things. But the way this works right now, I cannot recommend this level at all." - The Snarky Lesbian (08-Mar-2019)

"In ten minutes, this basic level does what certain pro levels can't achieve within hours: prologue, combat, puzzles, infiltration, exploration, discovery, final artifact and getaway. Short but sweet. Recommended." - DJ Full (07-Mar-2019)
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